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Vitalic - Poney EP
posted a comment on Vitalic - Poney EP. over 4 years ago
Fucking love this EP. The energy of a thousand raving nutters in one record :D
Cervo Boys - Porteghetto EP - An Italian Summer
posted a comment on Cervo Boys - Porteghetto EP - An Italian Summer. over 5 years ago
The flip side, Samy Boy & See You, are fucking ace ;-)
Piece - Free Your Mind
posted a comment on Piece - Free Your Mind. over 5 years ago
Jeez, I've got this. For years I thought the track was actually WPA 'Kamikaze'. Then a record shop I frequented had some dug up copies of the proper pressing. I was like, 'this isn't Kamikaze'. They said I was mistaken. They were correct! It was this... See full review
posted a comment on CiM. over 6 years ago
Amazing material. A great time in Electronic music I think - late 90's, early 00's. CIM typified the sound and feel of UK electronic from this time.
Biosphere - Black Mesa
posted a comment on Biosphere - Black Mesa. over 6 years ago
Same here. Been a while since I listened to a track over & over again like that. Amazing tracks.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
Claude Young / Shake - Begin EP
posted a comment on Claude Young / Shake - Begin EP. over 7 years ago
Agreed. Massive, massive tune when it came out. Was it Colin Dale's Outer Limits segment he used to play it on? The epitome of Detroit Techno up there with the best stuff from Derrick May, Juan etc. Amazing track.
Stasis - Point Of No Return!
posted a comment on Stasis - Point Of No Return!. over 8 years ago
Fantastic EP. Totally transported when I first heard it. Amazing. Now I'm transported back to that time. Good times. Nothing mattered but the music :-) I wish they would re-release all of this classic old stuff. It's time.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 10 years ago
Bitstream - Crab Nebula
posted a review of Bitstream - Crab Nebula. over 12 years ago
Crab Nebula is one of my favourite tracks of the genre. Absolutely sublime. But I've just re-discovered flip side 'Stream one'. Played at 33rpm this sounds amazingly laid back & cool. I'm sure it's meant to be played at 45rpm but for me it makes a... See full review
David Kristian - The City Without Windows / La Dernière Voix / Original Soundtrack Score
posted a comment on David Kristian - The City Without Windows / La Dernière Voix / Original Soundtrack Score. over 12 years ago
This is one of the most sublime amazing pieces of Electronica I've ever heard. Easily one of my favourite records of all time. It's just superb. Music from my favourite dream. So good I have to watch the record going round to convince myself that it's... See full review
E.R.P. - Event Related Potential
posted a comment on E.R.P. - Event Related Potential. over 12 years ago
One of my favourite records of the last 10 years or so. It's a near perfect take on Detroit Techno, or at least ERP's vision of it. There's a nice old school quality to the productions on this EP. It's not too bright & flashy. It sounds more old... See full review
Razor Boy/Mirror Man* - Cutter Mix / Beyond Control
posted a comment on Razor Boy/Mirror Man* - Cutter Mix / Beyond Control. over 13 years ago
My version is different to the current five listed!! how many (slight variations) does this have?!! My copy has A. Cutter Mix AA. Beyond control at the top of the label. At the bottom it has 'Production & construction Razor Boy/Mirron Man. All stamped... See full review
Glory B.* - Friday Island
posted a comment on Glory B.* - Friday Island. over 13 years ago
This is a superb 4-tracker. Every track is a top draw. I can't believe this sells for so little!! Great EP & clearly under-rated.
Model 500 - The True Techno EP
posted a comment on Model 500 - The True Techno EP. over 13 years ago
I was listening to this last night whilst going through stuff to list on here. This is so, so good. It's absolutely timeless. A masterclass in proper Detroit Techno from the master himself. It just sounds so fresh today. It's probably matured with age... See full review
Force (2) - The Beginning
posted a comment on Force (2) - The Beginning. over 13 years ago
I was just thinking the same thing! Going through my records now & just came accross this one. A side is pretty atrocious. B side is quite cool apart from the piss poor bass overload production. But I guess that was of the time.
Paldrame vs. Anorak - Crusaders
posted a comment on Paldrame vs. Anorak - Crusaders. over 13 years ago
Man, this is a cool little double pack of deep, dancefloor Techno. Some of it sounds like the Downwards stuff. Other tracks are a bit more 'dancefloor' if you know what I mean. Very good double pack. Bargains to be had on Discogs as well. Going cheap!
Disco Revisited - The Fish Tail EP
posted a comment on Disco Revisited - The Fish Tail EP. over 13 years ago
Awesome 4 track EP of Disco sampling grooves. The tempo is quite fast on this but it's a really cool EP. Produced by Terence Parker. Say no more. Fantasic ;-)
Unit 2 - Sunshine
posted a comment on Unit 2 - Sunshine. over 13 years ago
Holly s**t! This is a fantastic track. Just re-discovered this aftr going through my crates looking for music to sell. I'm selling a lot of my old stuff ...... but I'm not selling this. This is a real Gem. One of the best examples of the Detroit House... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 13 years ago
Dave Clarke - Red. 1 (Of 3)
posted a comment on Dave Clarke - Red. 1 (Of 3). over 13 years ago
This is a real Techno classic of classics. One of the first & best Dave Clarke tracks by far. His music was pretty banging but this is the one it's all about. I wonder what Dave Clarke is doing now? Probably talking some poor c***s ear's off!! I... See full review
Man Made - Space Wreck / Industry
posted a comment on Man Made - Space Wreck / Industry. over 13 years ago
Bloody great track this. The Advent do it again. I wonder if people who like The Advent know about this track? I think it's one of their best.
Dave Angel - In Flight Entertainment
posted a comment on Dave Angel - In Flight Entertainment. over 13 years ago
I've got a real love/hate thing for Dave Angel's music. On the one hand I think his stuff is awesome & he is deeply under rated as a Techno artist. On the other hand I think he has always tried to hard to be Detroit if you know what I mean. Saying... See full review
Literon - Lock Down
posted a comment on Literon - Lock Down. over 13 years ago
A side is a phat little tune. Nice squelchy bass sound & rolling beats. Very cool little track. B side not so good.
Photek - Ni - Ten - Ichi - Ryu
posted a comment on Photek - Ni - Ten - Ichi - Ryu. over 13 years ago
I was never a huge Drum & Bass/Jungle fan. Some very cool stuff out there but on the whole I could take or leave the majority of it. However Photek absolutely killed me! Some of the best stuff I've ever heard. This record in particular is just... See full review
D-HA / Mad Mike* - Happy Trax Vol. III
posted a comment on D-HA / Mad Mike* - Happy Trax Vol. III. over 13 years ago
This is a classic House EP. Really cool stuff that I still like now even though I've lost interst in most of the US House/Garage from this period. The Mad Mike track on this EP is a real undisocvered gem. One of my favourite EP's of this genre.
Mark Fell - Multistability
posted a comment on Mark Fell - Multistability. over 13 years ago
Awesome stuff. I love the SND material but this is even more out there. I love the way the rhythms have been chopped up. It sounds like all the rules have been thrown out of the window but it works really well & makes sense rhythmically. One of the... See full review
RAC - Doublejointed EP
posted a comment on RAC - Doublejointed EP. over 14 years ago
This is a bloody awesome EP! Just rediscovered it after going through all my records for stuff to sell. Not worth selling this because it's going very cheap on here & all 4 tracks are excellent. Grab this one people ;-)
T++ - Worn Down / 100 Bar
posted a comment on T++ - Worn Down / 100 Bar. over 14 years ago
This is one of the most devistating bass heavy tracks I've heard. Makes the cartridge on the 1210's wobble about so much that you have to stick 5p on the top of it to hold the stylus in the groove! Fantastic deep, bass HEAVY electronic dance. Awesome ;-)
AM/PM (2) - The Ends
posted a comment on AM/PM (2) - The Ends. over 14 years ago
Amazing record & plenty of bargain prices on here at the moment. I'm keeping hold of my copy ;-) Fantastic stuff.
Air (2) - You 60:00
posted a comment on Air (2) - You 60:00. over 14 years ago
Fantastic & timeless album from the brilliant Pete Namlook. But the cover/artwork on this version sucked big fat ones & made it look like a 10 in a dozen trance album! I mean what's with the skinny metal micky thing on the front cover?! Artwork... See full review
Sha-lor - I'm In Love
posted a comment on Sha-lor - I'm In Love. over 14 years ago
This is another one of my favourite tracks ever. Just re-discovered how good it is after going through all my records whilst listing some on Discogs. Don't want to sell this one. How much is it worth? A timeless House classic of classics ;-) 5/5
Aphrodisiac - Just Before The Dawn
posted a review of Aphrodisiac - Just Before The Dawn. over 17 years ago
This has to be just about my most favourite House track of all time. I love everything about it - the beats are sublime (they were sampled countless times). The sounds are awesome, the feel of the track is fantastic & it's completely timeless. It... See full review