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submitted Gui Boratto, Maurice Aymard - Home. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Dinky - Take Me / Polvo. over 6 years ago
Anyone care to enlighten me as to the origin of the female vocal sample on Polvo? Its something baleric sounding early 90's.
posted a review of Factory. over 17 years ago
Without doubt the most influencial British music label of
the 80's.

Without the talents of the Factory Artists and staff, i'm sure that we as a collective of music lovers,
would be less enlightened without the likes of Tony Wilson,
Rob Gretton, ... See full review
posted a review of Twisted Pair - Horny Hustle. over 17 years ago
Joeski & Dano bring their East Coast touch to some awsome
Horn work.

An assult on the sense's that Nrk have a keen ear for.
posted a review of Codename John - The Warning. over 17 years ago
Deep subs rumble through the two tone analogue strikes,
switched breaks moving in and out of the sequence as the
vocal announces, calmly, that this is "A Warning."
Very Deep Stuff From Grooverider.
posted a review of Playtime Toons - The Shaker Song. over 17 years ago
To the best of my knowledge, this is the song that they would close the night with at the Hacienda, Manchester.
posted a review of Paul Johnson - In Motion #3. over 17 years ago
As one of the most consistant and well tuned producers on
the scene, Paul Johnson's production holds its own against
anyone. On this occasion sadly his mixing leaves a little
to be desired.
posted a review of A Man Called Adam - Barefoot In The Head. over 18 years ago
True baleric chillout house from the early 90's.
A Man Called Adam reveal a treat that is chilled and peaceful.
posted a review of Duke - So In Love With You. over 18 years ago
Very soothing yet uplifting vocals work dukes anthem into a
monster. It builds well then reaches an epic end.

Excellent vocal track that was taken by the Global Gay
community as an anthem for nights across the world.

Mincing apart, an excellent ... See full review
posted a review of Mr G* - Get It Got It Good E.P. over 18 years ago
Deep progressive beats from Defected as they move more tribal with the release of Mr G's 'Get it got it good EP'.

Gladesmen was hammered on Radio 1 [UK] to the point of insanity, yet still remains a quality houser.
posted a review of Defected. over 18 years ago
Special label bringing quality UK and US House music to these shores.

With some of the best producers and DJ's already on their books the quality of future releases can only look positive.

Subliminal Records and King Unique influences are all good, ... See full review
posted a review of Armed Records. over 18 years ago
Armand's own label, that seems to bring out quality house and US grooves on a not so regular basis. Quality releases from the man himself [Armand V. Helden] yet poor media coverage and a website that provides as much info as a burnt out match.

Even so ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Sneak - You Can't Hide From Your Bud. over 18 years ago
The original disco S-man releases another disco house corker. The deep drumloop that inspired a hundred thousand bedroom producers and DJ's. the 'bud' u definetly can't hide from.A perfect example of the Sneak doing what he does best with a little bit of ... See full review
posted a review of Basement Jaxx - Summer Daze EP. over 18 years ago
'Samba magic' grooves to a nice baleric latin theme and caused dancefloor devistation all across Ibiza in 98 and 99. Will continue to gain respect as a easy house tune that progresses nicely. Easy latin house vibes.
posted a review of Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You. over 18 years ago
In my eyes probably the greatest house track of all time.
The smooth french disco feel and a vocal that melts peoples souls.
Huge hit in 1998 when it came together at a small night in Paris where
Bangalter and Braxe were easing out some fine french ... See full review
posted a review of Carl Cox. over 18 years ago
One of Britain's finest DJ's whose years have seen him cover styles to cover any crowd with beats so fine he has remained at the top of his field since the early days.

From playing house and harder house in 94 to techno in 97 and the present day, Carl ... See full review