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posted a review of Hawkwind - Hall Of The Mountain Grill. over 12 years ago
Hall of the mountain grill. What a strange album name for a "space rock" band. In fact, Hawkwind share more than sound or music. On this release, they share an ambiance : London, Moorcock, Idealistic dreams of galactic perdition. And the Mountain Grill ... See full review
posted a review of Blue Öyster Cult - Club Ninja. over 13 years ago
This album came after Revölution By Night, in 1983, which was, to my mind, a very poor and weak album.

In this release, there are only three originals Cult members: Eric Bloom, Buck Dharma and Joe Bouchard. The first impression is that Albert ... See full review
posted a review of Blind Guardian - Tales From The Twilight World. over 13 years ago
Released in 1990, this album begins the new Blind Guardian's style. Compared with the two precedents: Battalions Of Fear and Follow The Blind, the sound is better and the compositions more technicals.

Nevertheless, I have some difficulty to enter ... See full review
posted a review of Blind Guardian - Battalions Of Fear. over 13 years ago
After two demos under the name of Lucifer's Heritage, Blind Guardian, just signed on No Remorse Records, release their first album Battalions Of Fear. Some years after, Virgin Records reedit their release on a cd.
They were, with Helloween, actually the ... See full review
posted a review of Blind Guardian - Follow The Blind. over 13 years ago
Blind Guardian's Follow The Blind is one of the most underrated Blind Guardian album. I was deceived the first time I heard it. Nevertheless, when I put the ear a second time, I loved this album.

In fact, this Blind Guardian release is the essence of ... See full review