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I developed a genre system based on 3 features and time period. See my lists.
My lists are never finished, so I am open to suggestions; but please do set the bar high.

I collect, buy, play and sell for fun and to make space not to make money.
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posted a comment on Greg Lee - Got U On My Mind. 9 days ago
Originally a Freestyle House song, the best mix imo is the Garage City Mix. This mix transforms the track into a Garage House track.
posted a comment on Neurotron - A New Dawn. 13 days ago
"Drift" drove me to this record. Restless, deep uptempo Dub Techno. Works for me.
posted a comment on Calvin Harris + Disciples (5) - How Deep Is Your Love. 2 months ago
These kind of tracks are desperately in need of a vinyl release. The music industry is killing off vinyl by not releasing this.
There is a commercial viable demand for this on vinyl, but still they dont. Totally rediculous.
posted a comment on Various - Urban Classics 3. 2 months ago
The Isaac Hayes is the one you want....... the rest is a bonus.
posted a comment on Martin Garrix - Animals. 2 months ago
I understand the copy rights issues that can arise. However how difficult is it, if the publisher wishes not to issue tracks on vinyl, to mandate this to a quality issuer/distributer of vinyl in cases that the song becomes a bigger hit. I do think it is ... See full review
posted a comment on Martin Garrix - Animals. 3 months ago
I am no fan of Martin Garrix, however the trash talk below is not justified. The introduction of new sounds into EDM is innovative enough. The track is probably hated because it is annoyable ENJOYABLE. Yes he is as limited as MOST other artists, but he ... See full review
posted a comment on Cygnus X - The Orange Theme. 3 months ago
They normally do a good job but this gets bad press for bad pressing.
posted a comment on Front 242 - Interception. 3 months ago
I could not agree more. Spot on imo. Yes it is Industrial Techno. If you are a neo-punker with a no-future attitude, the labeling "Techno" might offend you as the limitation of your scope prevents you to enjoy or appreciate the place this music has in ... See full review
posted a comment on Grand Tour - On Such A Winter's Day. 3 months ago
Am I the only one that love the Grand Tour? Dreamy, lush and well arranged sweet Disco.
posted a comment on MN8 - Tuff Act To Follow. 4 months ago
Silks House Mix is the killer track here. Check it out... this rare R&B House combo mix.
posted a comment on Two Sisters - Destiny. 4 months ago
This song is definately HI-NRG disco and no Electro (at best 5-10% electro elements).
posted a comment on Various - Upfront 9 - A Sign Of The Times. 4 months ago
The difficult to get Runaway of Loleatta Holloway (no remix) is on this.... Along with 3 serious House classics....
posted a comment on La Bouche - Be My Lover. 5 months ago
If taste for the genre (Euro House) is the problem of Wadsy; no problem but then dont bother to comment. If you do like Euro House your comment is strange as this track is a great example of what Euro House is about and for sure above average.
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - 3-D (Der Katalog). 5 months ago
For all who want to catch up on the roots of EDM and/or Hip Hop and/or Electro. Or just Krautrock and/of electronic music in general. Or for all who already acknowledge their immense contribution: it is a must have.
My entry point was Das Model (1978-12 ... See full review
posted a comment on Jean-Michel Jarre. 6 months ago
The kraftwerk dishing doesnt serve your knowledge and "facts" in your comments.
posted a comment on Jewel (3) - Jewel's Groove. 6 months ago
Top tune and a very important one in the development of R&B in the late eighties. Groundbreaking for the later New Jack Swing. As I am not into R&B very much, this one is the exception of them all. Yes it is Funk, however the R&B aspect is so strong and ... See full review
posted a comment on Baciotti - Black Jack. 6 months ago
1977 Space Disco, proto Italo, proto HI-NRG depending on your point of listening. The middle piece (4:00 - 5:00) is very Giorgio Moroder alike Techno-Disco. Quality track.
posted a comment on Major Problems - The Effects Can Last Forever. 6 months ago
Rush also samples: Yellow Magic Orchestra and De La Soul.
posted a comment on Kinski Music - True (Tell Me). 7 months ago
In my opinion of Orlando's many productions is "True" one of the most important. It is raw, pure and abstract in it's genre. Of course Flirts Passion and Divine's Native Love are signature tracks. True is what it says, true Orlando style HI-NRG. 1986 is ... See full review
posted a comment on The Supremes - High Energy. 9 months ago
The title track is a neglected lovely Disco tune of post Diana Ross Supremes.
posted a comment on Tender Aggression - Power Sandwich. 9 months ago
High quality Disco LP. Especially Cryin' Wind is very enjoyable.
posted a comment on Kool Dj Dust - The Disco Opera. 9 months ago
The Magic Record = Tender Agression : Crying Wind. I got the first one who is next!
posted a comment on New Order - Blue Monday. 9 months ago
A non rare record of great importance. It is Industrial Disco to me, you may call it Synth Pop, but it is no Electro. It slammed all other stuff in 1983 and still is very strong and with little to compare. It just stands on it's own.
It crosses the ... See full review
posted a comment on Philly Devotions - I Just Can't Say Goodbye. 9 months ago
This Moulton Mix is a very nice addition to the early Disco tunes I collect. Without knowing it is produced by John Davis I would have said it was the Salsoul Orchestra who played it...
posted a comment on Various - Northern Soul: The Soundtrack. 9 months ago
Being born in 66 I never took notice of Northern Soul. Digging in the past this genre is a real treat and this double LP fills my gap from where I can build some to my Motown section that also needs additions ;). Never ending collecting ... See full review
posted a comment on Round One - I'm Your Brother. 9 months ago
At first I thought this was an overrated and hyped record. Boy I was wrong. It keeps growing on me and people who are not into music as I, react to it pleasantly suprised all the time. Now I play this as THE example for Soulful House/Deep House. If you ... See full review
posted a comment on Alma Negra (2) - Tabanka EP. 11 months ago
For me Ramboia made me buy this record. The African soul attracts...
posted a comment on Kerri Chandler - Back To The Raw. 11 months ago
Very strong and in the tradition of real Deep House. (Not that rediculous labelling of other 'nice' House as Deep House).
posted a comment on Various - Ron Hardy #32. 11 months ago
Get while you can as this will run as it contains 2 all time (and expensive on original vinyl) classics.
I dont sell it.
posted a comment on Paris Red - Good Friend. 11 months ago
Completely stolen (not credited) from:
1989. Still nice mainly because of the original.
posted a comment on Noise Maker Gigi D'Agostino* - Tecno Fes. about 1 year ago
The ultimate SKI-HUT hit of 2000/2001. Italo introduced the summer hit and much later the ski-hut hit. This is one of the best examples.
posted a comment on Daniel Solar - Dirtiest Clean EP. about 1 year ago
Dirtiest Clean (Delano Smith's Dirty Dub) can get you high without substance.
posted a comment on Sequential One - Angels / Moments In Atmosphere. about 1 year ago
Moments in Atmosphere is at the very least inspired by Jam & Spoon.
posted a comment on Mandar - Shrim. about 1 year ago
Astral Victory is the one in the Detroit tradition. Very enjoyable deep floating on constant bass & beat. And now I have listened to all up to 2016: it is their best track imho.
posted a comment on Darryl Pandy - Animal Magnetism (The Chicago House Remix). about 1 year ago
An average quality track, however the rare combination of HI-NRG Disco and Early (Chicago) House makes it interesting for the way music for the charts changed in the late eighties. (also the piano break is above average quality).
posted a comment on Julian "Jumpin" Perez Featuring Valentino (4) - Stand By Me. about 1 year ago
This is one of the great Jack House records from Chicago. Only the vocal version can be defined as Deep House. The only relevant mix is the Jumpin Dub which is no Deep House.
Check also: Kraze: The Party and Pako: Pakito Lindo.
posted a comment on Various - DJ Floorfillers Urban Vol. 2. about 1 year ago
This DJ essentials series is really a help for me entering the 1992-2004 Hip Hop top tracks. Some are too much R&B to my liking but a lot of hard core Hip Hop and Dancable Hip Hop is there. A real short cut for my collection.
posted a comment on Tom Moulton - Philadelphia International Classics: The Tom Moulton Remixes - Special Vinyl Edition. about 1 year ago
Very good pressing quality. Harmless pressings are generally very good.
posted a comment on J.M. Silk - Music Is The Key. about 1 year ago
The reason why this record is in so many lists is: Music Is The Key (Basement Key)
This mix captures the essence of the birth of House music in 1985 when House was just about to become a genre.
posted a comment on Sweet People - Et Les Oiseaux Chantaient (...En De Vogels Zongen). about 1 year ago
Funny song. Mostly used as background sounds in the elevator or in a shop. Easy tune for the stressed out.
posted a comment on Critical Rhythm Featuring Jango Thriller & Vandal - It Could Not Happen. about 1 year ago
Funny how this track grows on you. Still solid 4 stars.
posted a comment on Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing. about 1 year ago
You Sexy Thing was back in 1975 the top of the top in popmusic experience. The unique voice, almost perfect song; modern times a long time ago.... It still sounds great today.
posted a comment on The Mackenzie - Rhythm Shot. about 1 year ago
No, this is not the first Trance record. That was the 1989 remix of Age Of Chance
posted a comment on Jürgen Marcus - Nur Liebe Zählt. about 1 year ago
Ein Festival der Liebe is one of the best Schlagers ever. This Album came in different variations.
posted a comment on 94 East - Minneapolis Genius. about 1 year ago
The artist dies and we double the price..... Lets wait and see the prices drop for non rare items...
posted a comment on Pet Shop Boys - West End - Sunglasses. about 1 year ago
I disagree with the trash-down reviews. The original is a cheesy Rock Pop with a typical '80s Industrial side that part was mixed with more Synths. It still is cheesy but it sounds 1984 and I enjoy the sunglass part in the mix where they could have done ... See full review
posted a comment on Ten Walls - Gotham EP. about 1 year ago
This really is original and strong. Very much enjoyable on my 2010+ fav. list. Anything is called Deep House these days...
posted a comment on Ry* & Frank Wiedemann - Howling EP. about 1 year ago
Overrated been there & done before, for the likes who have no experience in music it can sound fresh,.... but really it isn't.
Not bad; 3 stars. And yes I know Deep House.
posted a comment on jasonbye* - Dub Town Hip House Ep 1. about 1 year ago
Great use of :
Very enjoyable and keeping Hip House alive. (B1. Living Hip)
posted a comment on Ahzz - New York's Movin'. about 1 year ago
i am happy with the sound of the 2016 release.