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Collector of EDM 1973-20xx preferably on 12".

I DJ on special request. Vinyl only and need to hook my 2x sl1200 and mixer on existing sound system.

I developed a genre system based on 3 features and time period. See my lists.
My lists are never finished, so I am open to suggestions; but please do set the bar high.

I collect, buy, play and sell for fun and to make space not to make money.

I do not answer request for buying items from my collection. I do not answer requests for digital versions.

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Im Kellar - Im Kellar EP
posted a review of Im Kellar - Im Kellar EP. 6 months ago
One can make elitist, snobby, wanting things for the have happy too and reissue as many copies as there is demand for it. Just change the color of the label for any reissue and everybody should be happy except of course the greedy traders.
The artists... See full review
Breakwater - No Limit
posted a review of Breakwater - No Limit. 7 months ago
It's fresh for the young. I have kids and they have no knowledge to be able to compare with the library we old guys have. So let it be, the enjoyment of freshness they experience for us is harder and harder to find. But I think you are absolutely right.
Jax Jones Feat. Raye (3) - You Don't Know Me
posted a review of Jax Jones Feat. Raye (3) - You Don't Know Me. 7 months ago

Dingetje - Kaplaarzen (De Rubberen Laarzen)
posted a review of Dingetje - Kaplaarzen (De Rubberen Laarzen). 8 months ago
Fun track as reaction to "Rode Schoentjes" of Booming Support
Bakermat - The Ringmaster
posted a review of Bakermat - The Ringmaster. 8 months ago
Really well crafted and catching the zeitgeist. Baiana is sticking out and will stay on the playlist for longer.
Alex Puddu - The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography
posted a review of Alex Puddu - The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography. 9 months ago
Easily could have been the score of one the Oceans (11-12-13) Movies.
Mo Shic Da Silva* - Gibberish
posted a review of Mo Shic Da Silva* - Gibberish. 9 months ago
I never thought I would love the sound of a closed railway crossing. Am I on the train or is it just passing? A very nice dreamy almost melancholic track.
DJ Phenix - Do U Luv Me?
posted a review of DJ Phenix - Do U Luv Me?. 9 months ago
I like the original more. It sounds like the progression of mid-late 90’s club (garage) house. Not Tribal, Tech-House slightly. Losing some of its club casual and pretentiousness but not all, the ever rising BPM does it.
Culture Shock (2) - The Vega EP
posted a review of Culture Shock (2) - The Vega EP. 9 months ago
Flight path took me to this record to add an affordable quality dnb record.
Phats & Small - Feel Good
posted a review of Phats & Small - Feel Good. 9 months ago
Decent example of House Disco. Bit underrated, perhaps due to their excellent Turn Around which may sound like a superior version of this one. Still it can stand on its own.
Carlos (3) - Big Bisou
posted a review of Carlos (3) - Big Bisou. 9 months ago
This is a nice cheesy fun tune. All about b-side Big Bisou (Part II). 3.5 stars (gave 4).
Various - RAW.1
posted a review of Various - RAW.1. 9 months ago
Luv Jam brought me to this record. Sort of connected with HI-NRG Disco, not in a retro sense. Just a layer.
Other tracks are decent.
Age Of Love - The Age Of Love
posted a review of Age Of Love - The Age Of Love. 10 months ago
I know newbees who like the remix very much. They didn't know the original or even the Stella remix. It is very nice to see both classics on this remix (I can keep the originals at home). I still think the Stella is stellar, however both the original... See full review
Patrick Juvet - Paris By Night
posted a review of Patrick Juvet - Paris By Night. 10 months ago
Où Sont Les Femmes? Is enjoyable and stands a bit out from the regular disco. Maybe a bit under-appreciated?
Jomanda - Drifting
posted a review of Jomanda - Drifting. 10 months ago
Sorry but Garage House was the logic progression of Garage Disco which was named after the NY club called the Paradise Garage. Garage House is soulful but also more clubby than Early Chicago Deep House and a recognizable NY style.
Liz Torres Featuring Master C & J - Touch Of Love
posted a review of Liz Torres Featuring Master C & J - Touch Of Love. 10 months ago
Excellent and rather unique track. Early deep Club Garage, get it cheap.
Virtual Symmetry - Mammal
posted a review of Virtual Symmetry - Mammal. 10 months ago
It's about Mix II. Hard to categorize as Trance. Hard Trance maybe, up tempo Club House could be. Just enjoy.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
Patrick Cowley
posted a comment on Patrick Cowley. 11 months ago
I collect any period of dance music from 1976 (12” era) on. To call music garbage after a certain date is typical for resentful old people. There is absolutely no reasonable argument. Why? Because I see people say this over and over again in... See full review
Cube (2) - Concert Boy
posted a review of Cube (2) - Concert Boy. 11 months ago
A year ago and before this was at the euro bin.
Strimmer - Vol. 2
posted a review of Strimmer - Vol. 2. 11 months ago
Underrated nice track. 5 for sale at this time at a ridiculous low price. I expect this to change rapidly.
Advance 2-k* - Advance 2-k
posted a review of Advance 2-k* - Advance 2-k. 11 months ago
Second half the extended mix is a useful tool. Take it while its cheap.
Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
posted a review of Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real). 12 months ago
HI-NRG Disco? In 1978 Boogie Disco ruled the dancefloors. This is Boogie Disco for sure however before it was called HI-NRG Disco, there were some up tempo Boogie Disco songs that with hindsight could be categorised as HI-NRG Disco. The definition of... See full review
Front 242 - Interception
posted a review of Front 242 - Interception. 12 months ago
Ok Jancito, point taken. the word “might” I used was to prevent hard assumptions. I sometimes come across people who have narrow definitions and tolerance; purists you can call them. For me Techno is a broad genre with many sub-genres and sometimes... See full review
Quincy Jones
posted a comment on Quincy Jones. 12 months ago
Haven’t found any other producer of his magnitude. 1st on my list.
posted a comment on Stromae. about 1 year ago
You are wrong. Stations play on a commercial basis, not by some philosophical stance. If there is any xenophobic preference then that lies with the listeners. Being Dutch there was a time that English songs were prefered, but now a decent marketshare... See full review
Devilfish - Live 1999
posted a comment on Devilfish - Live 1999. about 1 year ago
Love to play this one. Top 10 tech house imo. Outstanding. Techno, some Latin (just right) and hard but accessible.
Lian Ross - Fantasy
posted a comment on Lian Ross - Fantasy. about 1 year ago
A gem found digging for Hi-NRG. Think the b-side is the better remix (yes, Saturday Night is a remix of Fantasy imo) Still cheap.
Ok, it has cheese not close to Italo to place it as such, but typical Euro Disco with BPM to definitely be Hi-NRG. Well... See full review
Zwart Goud Distribution
posted a comment on Zwart Goud Distribution. about 1 year ago
Two x visitor of the shop and I can say all positive comments are true. Good store vibe.
Paul Simpson Connection - Use Me Lose Me
posted a comment on Paul Simpson Connection - Use Me Lose Me. over 2 years ago
If you wanna label this record as Garage House, this should be Proto Garage House as House didn't start before 1983. With hindsight and looking for roots this record fits the shoe. The typical NY style, distinct from Chicago, brought lush, clubby,... See full review
Dimitri & Jaimy - Don't Be A Prisoner Of Your Own Style
posted a comment on Dimitri & Jaimy - Don't Be A Prisoner Of Your Own Style. over 2 years ago
I like this track more now than in 1993. Party on.
Precious - Definition Of A Track / In Motion
posted a comment on Precious - Definition Of A Track / In Motion. over 2 years ago
In Motion (Definition Of A Track) (From Back To Basics) The instrumental is a great extended break.
Boris Brejcha - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
posted a comment on Boris Brejcha - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven. over 2 years ago
Still is an insta buy on vinyl. Why not make 2000 of them just for fun. It will sell.
Caroline Bernier - Love (I Don't Wanna Hear About It)
posted a comment on Caroline Bernier - Love (I Don't Wanna Hear About It). over 2 years ago
1979 provide a wide range and fast number of Disco songs. Too many crap and a lot quality makes it hard to go through them all. This (reached a relative small region) song definitely belong to the better ones. Happy to add it to my collection.
Various - Can U Feel It? - The Champion Legend
posted a comment on Various - Can U Feel It? - The Champion Legend. over 3 years ago
Illogical collection of songs. However interesting number of Todd Terry tracks. Hit song of Raze Break 4 Love & Tony Scott That How Im Living. But also two more interesting tracks: Voodoo Doll and The Beat Club. Enough for the loose change this record... See full review
Jamiroquai - Cloud 9
posted a comment on Jamiroquai - Cloud 9. over 3 years ago
It is just lazy not to put on vinyl. It is not as profitable but also not a losing game. Just hand over the vinyl rights to a pressing plant.
Various - About Jazz - aboutJAZZ
posted a comment on Various - About Jazz - aboutJAZZ. over 3 years ago
Although these 4 vinyl collection contains a very various bunch of songs, it is of high quality. Some old classic jazz of Miles Davis/Chet Baker/Dave Brubeck or new old jazz by Nora Jones they go together. Cantaloup Island by Herbie Hancock is... See full review
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Rondenion - Tokyo Deep!
posted a comment on Rondenion - Tokyo Deep!. over 3 years ago
Pffooo please take a listening dive in history, yes of course. Slowed down.
Axwell Feat. Steve Edwards - Watch The Sunrise
posted a comment on Axwell Feat. Steve Edwards - Watch The Sunrise. over 3 years ago
Vocal dub mix works best in my opinion. Nice tune.
The Egyptian Lover* - On The Nile
posted a comment on The Egyptian Lover* - On The Nile. over 3 years ago
Do not confuse: Ground breaking, Dated, Zeit Geist, Emotional Attachment (when you were young), Technicality, Music History, Musicality and above all Taste when commenting.
Kraftwerk - 3-D (Der Katalog)
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - 3-D (Der Katalog). over 3 years ago
No wonder that the German version is so much more in demand. Essential.
Martin Circus - Martin
posted a comment on Martin Circus - Martin "Disco" Circus. over 3 years ago
Unique and completely get crazy disco. This is hardcore disco. Rock Disco is just the classification for placing it in the collection and finding it again and again. Play it loud.
Boris Brejcha - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
posted a comment on Boris Brejcha - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven. over 3 years ago
"Angel in the Sky" on vinyl would be an insta-buy.
Mario Biondi - Stay With Me / Never Stop Dreaming
posted a comment on Mario Biondi - Stay With Me / Never Stop Dreaming. over 3 years ago
Barry White style all over the place. 10 words needed.
Hot Chip - Flutes (Sasha Remix)
posted a comment on Hot Chip - Flutes (Sasha Remix). over 3 years ago
You probably feel the itchy unease that comes when desire and disgust enters your mind feeling the need to own this record meanwhile wondering why the hell you like it so much that you even deny your real emotions. Let it go and enjoy the track. I... See full review
Various - De Mooiste Koorwerken
submitted Various - De Mooiste Koorwerken. over 3 years ago
Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue
posted a comment on Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue. over 4 years ago
The “Free record Shop” did parallel import in those days.
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Various - Archive Edits Vol. 3
submitted Various - Archive Edits Vol. 3. over 4 years ago