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posted a comment on DJ Niel - Battlefield. about 1 month ago
Well, Battlefield is the well know track from this Vinyl. But the secret tracki is "The Cave". Its underrated in my opinion.
posted a comment on Various - If You Want To Understand The Business Injustice. about 1 month ago
Limited 300 copies. Some contain artwork - black white drawing.
posted a comment on SuperPower - The Future Crusade. about 1 month ago
Could not agree more. This release deserves a higher rating. A1 is perfect.
posted a comment on Slavefriese - Wonderpill. about 1 month ago
Wonderpill, such a nice track. More than 9 years old, but I still love it and playing it very often. Thanks Robert :-)
posted a comment on Colonel Stench - Untitled. about 1 year ago
This realease also come with stamped information same matrix numbers.