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posted a comment on Boldy James, Alchemist - The Price Of Tea In China. 4 days ago
This is a truly great album for sure and very limited but please some sanity on the price here -
posted a comment on Ziggie Addy - Touch Me. 10 days ago
I have the little seen UK 7" promo of this on Private Stock (with Hey Domingo as the B side) - insane glam disco funk of the highest order! (and despite the multiple releases pretty invisible)....
posted a comment on نعيمة سميح, عبده العماري = Naima Samih*, Abdou El Omari* - رماني الريح = Rmani Rih. 12 days ago
Anyone know if all the pressings have heavy background noise - mine was unplayed deadstock and although it looks clean/shiny/mint when played has heavy crackle..... Sure it's a pressing thing but was interested to know if anyone else has the same ... See full review
posted a comment on WestsideGunn - Pray For Paris. about 1 month ago
Whilst this release is certainly controversial (especially for the amount of money it is going for in all its variants) and it took me a while to really connect with it - this is one of Westside's greatest (his best since Supreme Blientele in my book) - ... See full review
posted a comment on Lil' Eto & Vinyl Villain - New Crack Era. 2 months ago
Slo-mo chopped samples of Morricone's classic Sicilian Clan and the Cipriani/Goblin Blood Stained Shadow OST make this an essential jam from Eto and VV - Recommended !!
posted a comment on Alessandro Alessandroni - Ritmo Dell'Industria N°2. 2 months ago
Johnny forgot to mention that I was given an original copy by Alessandro himself when we were working together in the late 90s (it was left outside in the back shed of his villa for decades ...... Looked Mint and unplayed too - incredible it survived ... See full review
posted a comment on Tesla's Ghost - Strange Heirlooms. 3 months ago
LTD CD sold out! Hopefully a vinyl version down the line - certainly deserves it.....
posted a comment on Shut Up And Dance* - Death Is Not The End. 3 months ago
Cape Fear = Jerry Goldsmith Capricorn 1 OST sample - only SUAD could know this - well ahead of their time!
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Music For Monsters. 3 months ago
Aren't all the tracks on this included on the LP? -

Whatever would love to hear a sample of these cuts!
posted a comment on Conway (6), Alchemist - LULU. 4 months ago
I'm really hoping that Griselda do some more issues of this (with different artwork?). Either way, if there was a most wanted rap jam out there at this moment - this is it......
posted a comment on Apple Pie And Custard - Primrose Stores. 4 months ago
One of the Greatest Singles ever made - 100% (DJ's will understand!!)
posted a comment on Bozack Morris & J. Scienide* - Popular Mechanics. 4 months ago
Recommended Under Radar Set here - get on it now - once gone (and people become hipped) these will go up for sure... Sky High's Prog Psych Lurch is a particular highlight...
posted a comment on Jah Shaka - If Jah Is For I And I. 4 months ago
The Flip on this killer absolutely DESTROYS - Recommended and Essential
posted a comment on Ennio Morricone / Bruno Nicolai - Sound Dimensions - Music For Images And Imagination. 4 months ago
Lionel Woodman was the producer on this release alongside the great musical historian Roberto Zamori - the 'special thanks' mention on this release is woefully incorrect and needs to be known - Lionel's been around since day 1 on Italian soundtracks so ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Savage Pencil Presents: Angel Dust - Music For Movie Bikers. 5 months ago
A few initial copies of this came with an Angel Dust Savage Pencil Print (signed on the back and on yellow paper)....
posted a comment on Various - Motherless Brooklyn (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 6 months ago
Hearing these comments - this is the big problem with vinyl OST's now - they're just not pressed or mastered like they used to (that goes for represses to - heard the recent reissue of Hellraiser II? - it's all over the place - lousy mastering). The ... See full review
posted a comment on King Sun - XL. 6 months ago
Snakes - THAT's the jam! Swiftly followed by Fat Tape and All In - one of the best late 80s rap sets out there...
posted a comment on Barry Green* - Papa Do / Boomerang. 6 months ago
People will pay hundreds of pounds for rare elusive (but average) records just because they are - and then you have this affordable killer - which has full capacity to rip any rig and floor to shreds - before the internet this was very hard to find mint ... See full review
posted a comment on Quebec (2) - Mama Roux. 7 months ago
INCREDIBLE under radar Hard Glam/Grunge hitter - only £1.99 (!!) - FFS - any fan of dirty hard rock should be purchasing forthwith!! Gold for Peanuts!!
posted a comment on Daniel Son (2), Vic Grimes, PhybaOptikz - Moonshine Mix. 8 months ago
Check Rumbar - HARD Cut (with Riz Ortolani Confessions of a Police Captain sample) - bad boy!!
posted a comment on DJ Muggs & Crimeapple - Medallo. 8 months ago
No links at all to those two bonus tracks! Anyone know of any links out there?
posted a comment on Roberto Nicolosi - L'occhio Nel Labirinto. 8 months ago
A properly mastered CD issue of this would be extremely welcome too!
posted a comment on Twilight (17) - As A Kid. 8 months ago
Wish there was some kind of link to this! Looks really interesting....
posted a comment on Al Quick And The Masochists - Theme From "The Sadistic Hypnotist". 9 months ago
Sent you a PM dude ! Do get in touch !
posted a comment on Bernard Estardy - Electro Sounds Volume 2. 9 months ago
The Chemical Brothers - man they go beyond stealing - just ask Riz Ortolani (RIP) - shameless I tell you!
posted a comment on Scramp - Inside Looking Out. 10 months ago
Serious proto punk leanings here - great snotty vocals with acid fried garage style fuzz - recommended and seriously rare!
posted a comment on The Lovelight - Hell's Angel. 10 months ago
Is this a heavy fuzz style biker jam or a more groovy/flute action affair. This record really interests me but there doesn't appear to be any sound links anywhere!
posted a comment on Gong (10) - Lost Thing / I Don't Care. 10 months ago
Is the killer cut 'I Don't Care'?.... 'Lost Thing' is pretty drab and formulaic..........
posted a comment on Al Quick And The Masochists - Theme From "The Sadistic Hypnotist". 11 months ago
If anyone out there is willing to let go of this please do get in touch - i'm a huge fan of the movie!!
posted a comment on Eric Burdon And The Animals* - Monterey / Ain't It So. 11 months ago
"Aint That So - fierce proto punk as heard on the OST to the UK 1967 counter culture thriller Stranger in the House.....
posted a comment on Platinum Blonde - No Regrets. 11 months ago
I know this is rare but an over £2,000 asking price for this 7" is insane (it only sold for just over £400 last year and £590 the year before that). I get the condition on offer here but really surely this seller is not seriously realistic he is going ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Quelques Indicatifs Musicaux Spécialement Créés Pour José Artur Et Le Pop Club. 11 months ago
Were any of the tracks here released elsewhere? Everything on here is solid but longer versions (if known) would be a bonus!
posted a comment on WestsideGunn - Flygod Is An Awesome God. 12 months ago
EVERYTHING 100% KILLA here - WG + Conway release ALOT of records - there's always heat on their jams (whatever the release) but this is really special - from the sick RN cut onwards - Recommended!
posted a comment on The Elite U.F.O. - Now Who's Good Enough / Tarantula. 12 months ago
Any Groovers out there who have one of these for sale - get in contact! Cheers!
posted a comment on Spencer Mac - Ka-Ka Kabaya Mow-Mow. 12 months ago
There is also a promo UK Penny Farthing 7" of this rocker with promotional info sheet out there.....
posted a comment on Old Lumber - The Water-Sprite / Only Bodies. 12 months ago
Insane Hot Rocker! - If anyone out there has one for sale hit me up!!
posted a comment on Fabien* - Tout Seul Dans Ce Zoo / Main Dans La Main Tous Les Deux. 12 months ago
Totally off it in every capacity - if any good people have one up for sale - please do get in touch!
posted a comment on The Journey Back - Synthetic People / Run Away Baby. 12 months ago
Incredibley gritty proto punk hitter - if anyone out there has one up for grabs do let me know! Merci~!
posted a comment on Florian Monday And His Mondos* - Mondo / Mondo Moe. about 1 year ago
Essential SW Video Jam - if any one is selling please do get in touch! Graci!
posted a comment on The Trolls - Baby, What You Aint Got (I Aint In Need) / Who Was That Boy?. about 1 year ago
Tuff Downliner's Sect style rhythm shaker with Exotica/OST leanings - wonderful under radar gem right here!
posted a comment on Carlos' Inferno - Wien Bleibt Wien. about 1 year ago
Need to hear a rip of this badly (looks amazing!).....
posted a comment on Joe*, Terumasa Hino Quintet, Flower Travellin' Band - クラッシュ Crash. about 1 year ago
Any kind people who would like to sell a copy of this incredible record (from VG+ Media and from VG sleeve but NM/M is always appreciated!) please get in contact!). Many Thanks!
posted a comment on Bruno Nicolai - Allora, Il Treno. about 1 year ago
Hands down the best Edipan LP with Nicolai on unsurpassed form (serious left field breaks Vs Edda's amazing/abstract scats) - if this had abstract sleeve work or a black gloved killer adorning the front it would go for a fortune - how come it's always ... See full review
posted a comment on Bruno Nicolai - Allora, Il Treno. about 1 year ago
Hands down the best Edipan LP with Nicolai on unsurpassed form (serious left field breaks Vs Edda's amazing/abstract scats) - if this had abstract sleeve work or a black gloved killer adorning the front it would go for a fortune - how come it's always ... See full review
posted a comment on No Artist - Man & Monster / Bloody Vampire b/w Braniac / Curse Of Crying Women. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Sabroso (2) - Freak-Out / No Es Para Ti . about 1 year ago
Cheers good sir - killer! No More than 10 words
posted a comment on One Mile Ahead - There Ain't No Use In Crying. about 1 year ago
Me too! The lead guitar work on Contribution is Solid!
posted a comment on Unsettled Society - 17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs. about 1 year ago
Did Spacemen 3 ever hear this - it sounds uncanny! Pure Psyched Out Trip Fuzz -
posted a comment on Boomerang (15) - Yeti. about 1 year ago
Reissue now for God's Sake!!!!!! Insane Record! I need this!
posted a comment on Christiana* - Final Church. about 1 year ago
Hearing Peel's voice on Suchtig really takes me back to great times on the radio - and a little sad too - firstly he's gone (and there's no one out there to even remotely touch him), secondly it goes back to a time when music genuinely meant something ... See full review