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posted a comment on Francis Lai - Si C'etait A Refaire. 6 days ago
Best pressing of this classic Lai/Gaubert left field disco glam funker bar none! As for the sleeve - all boxes ticked and correct!
posted a comment on Tribal Sons - Back Home. 29 days ago
posted a comment on Pat Uo Senior - Lets Go Dancing. about 1 month ago
If anyone has this for sale - give us a shout - Merci!
posted a comment on Nora Orlandi / Franco Tonani - Sfere Luminose. about 1 month ago
Roby Poitevin is the backbone here make no mistake - like A. Alessandroni the 'to go to' reconnaissance figure in regards to arrangement and 'patch up' - never had his dues IMO....
posted a comment on Braen, Raskovich - Afro Beat / Afro Flower. about 1 month ago
Alessandro was scoring a lot of German Sex movies at this time - both tracks were used for these purposes - he and Sorgini used these aliases for much library work - Alessandro used his Braen monikor as a 'cover' for all his Germanic sex movie cuts (his ... See full review
posted a comment on Dollar $ Bill & Cut Master KG - Almighty Seven (Righteous) / People Don't Know Ya. about 1 month ago
Incredible for '88 - really forward thinking on the flow and production - you'd never know this was an 80s jam...
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on R. Conrado*, A. Scuderi*, P. Montanari* - Bass Modulations. about 1 month ago
Easily one of the best on the Octopus imprint - its actually refreshing that this isn't going for astronomical prices (given some of the poor Italo library's out there that seem to be heralded as holy grails when they are in fact very average). ... See full review
posted a comment on José Roberto* - Você Tão No Alto E Eu Tão Pequeno / Criola Multicolorida. about 1 month ago
2:40 in - love that break down - shit hot 7" no mistake!
posted a comment on Duo The Fox - Al Night Club. about 1 month ago
Woah..... Dreadful in just about every capacity how on earth has this commanded such a high price? Pure truth that rarity does not equate as quality....
posted a comment on Mix Race* - The Future Is Before Your Eyes. 2 months ago
Too Bad For Ya - INSANE JAM! Never knew that the bassline was from the Gheto Boys Chuckie cut (and I know that tune back to front - serious masking there!)...
posted a comment on Sally (25) - Erotica. 2 months ago
Is this taken from the Paul Raymond Movie? I need to dig my tape out!
posted a comment on Alberto Griso, G. & M. De Angelis* - E Nun Ce Vojo Sta. 2 months ago
INSANE PRICE for this 7" - the music on both sides is not even top drawer De Angelis Brothers (hopefully a full soundtrack release may happen in the future which features some amazing instro cuts from the Bros). Whatever AVOID at all costs - this seller ... See full review
posted a comment on Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Odessa File (Original Soundtrack Recording). 2 months ago
Some nice info there sir but I will differ on Tim Rice's lyrics on Christmas Dream (a very bitter sweet/dark confection) when you begin to unravel it.....From an audio visual perspective this perfectly interjects Miller's drive through the Christmas ... See full review
posted a comment on Spittin' Teeth - No Guarantee. 3 months ago
REISSUE - NOW! - Serious in every department and one of the best US punk rhythm sections out there...
posted a comment on Ornella Vanoni - L'Appuntamento. 3 months ago
TONY ARZENTA OST - a personal favourite and killer movie (Delon = ICE).....
posted a comment on Yan Tregger - Rythmiques Statiques. 3 months ago
Zodiac is the stand out here - the rest of these cuts are average (and not among Treggar's best work)...
posted a comment on The Psycheground Group - Psychedelic And Underground Music. 3 months ago
A true rarity indeed but not a patch on Blue Phantom - 6 grand for this too? I'd be very suprised if this sells...
posted a comment on Mario Molino - I Beats. 4 months ago
Great price for this - easily one of the rarest Italian Library LP's on Pentaphon...
posted a comment on Carlotto* - Come With Me. 4 months ago
Did this guy listen to the Death Line soundtrack? He's on mind melting 'erb that's for sure! Utterly bonkers....
posted a comment on A. Alessandroni* - Atmosfera Bellica. 4 months ago
OST to the Italian Crime movie '7 Hours of Violence'. The only way to hear this soundtrack at this present time. Beautiful pressing and acoustics - Alessandroni covering funk and industrial sound scapes - recommended.....
posted a comment on Umberto (3) - Prophecy Of The Black Widow. 4 months ago
Even though he has heavily cribbed from Goblin and Fabio Frizzi on this LP (the bass/synth lines almost veer on outright plaigarism), this set of cuts manages to carve its own identity (along with the early incarnation of Mata Suspiria Vision, these new ... See full review
posted a comment on Teenage PhDs - Teenage PhDs. 5 months ago
PROPER! Ghetto all the way - serious scuzz genius at work here!
posted a comment on Berlin Brats - Psychotic. 6 months ago
Sleazy and dirty gobby grot rock - another one that needs some kind of re-issue!
posted a comment on The Rejects (8) - Back To School Report Child Abuse. 6 months ago
I'd be more than happy to grab a re-issue of this if one was ever pressed - proper dirty hot wired grot..........
posted a comment on Liquid Aliens - Vol. One. 7 months ago
Soundtrack to the classic John Woo HK action movie Harboiled being used on track A too....... Needs adding above!
posted a comment on Roy Budd - Goodbye Carter . 7 months ago
I know this isn't an 'easy find' but the price being offered for this is far too high (£440 with an offer? - man that's crazy!)...
posted a comment on MC Money & Gangsta Gold - Da Hard Ov Frayser. 11 months ago
The term 'street music' has become a repeatable cliche now that anything 'urban' seems to fit. However, this mix truly represents the term and is one of the best underground tapes out there. Awesome samples and screw - classic!!
posted a comment on Lil Grim*, A.Warren - Blackhouse Underground Mix. 11 months ago
Incredible 'less is more' stripped down production from Lil Grimm (who really understands this horror trash culture thing). Reissue PLEASE!!
posted a comment on Meyhem Lauren* & DJ Muggs - Gems From The Equinox. 11 months ago
Holy Shit every Jam hits hard and direct A1 100% rap classic!
posted a comment on Gianni Ferrio - Tony Arzenta (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film). 11 months ago
Whoa ! The prices of these two sellers is insane - AVOID (a VG for over £400? and as for the other joker - £2,663 it's not worth it)
posted a comment on Ennio Morricone - Violenza Quinto Potere (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film). 11 months ago
Great OST from the maestro but this needs a proper remastered reissue - Cometa pressing is very murky - the Legend CD - not listed on discogs is even worse (pretty well much taken from the Cometa vinyl)...
posted a comment on Siege (4) - Feelings. about 1 year ago
Forbidden Planet Soundtrack samples on Feelings intro - Rise up!
posted a comment on Various - The Shining (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). about 1 year ago
That this classic OST has had no official properly remastered CD re-issue is criminal!
posted a comment on Raveology - Cymbols Of Raveology. about 1 year ago
Ridiculously tuff old skool banger - really left field and 'punk' for its time too (samplers go in to mash up frenzy on Who's the Cymbol?). Incredible record - period.
posted a comment on Stefano Torossi, Ugo Fusco - Beat In Ampex. about 1 year ago
This needs a re-issue badly - to me it sounds just like Syd Dale (particularly his KPM cut Marco Polo)... On the other hand if anyone has a copy to sell (!)....
posted a comment on The Kids Of Widney High - Special Music From Special Kids. about 1 year ago
Insects...... Absolutely, utterly inspiring....! Sounds like Fad Gadget or an early Mute 7!
posted a comment on Janeen Jacobs Brady - Songs For A Mormon Child. about 1 year ago
I realise this is a rare LP but the prices offered here (and the poor condition of the vinyl/sleeves) is beyond a joke.... Pure greed...
posted a comment on Suburban Knights* - The Art Of Stalking. about 1 year ago
A Hoxton Baseclef Basement banger back in the day when the area was edgy and dangerous (you would walk very briskly to get in + out of the club from your car across the square).... Tony Thorpe (Moody Boys) dropped this at the BC (where it was completely ... See full review
posted a comment on Static (8) - Enter. about 1 year ago
Iron Orbit is absolutely killer - this was a big record for me back in the day and is still in the bag! J Saul Kane was always ahead of the curve!
posted a comment on Liquid - Liquid EP. about 1 year ago
Liquid Beats - Killa and way ahead of the curve...
posted a comment on Dillinja - End Of Line / Acid Roller. about 1 year ago
Fucking hell - Acid Roller - great to see this one unleashed at last...
posted a comment on Dom & Roland - Aliens / Zodiak. about 1 year ago
Jesus that Alien cut is a genuine banger - tuff production from Dom as per...
posted a comment on Jean-Pierre Kalfon - My Friend, Mon Ami. about 1 year ago
Really ahead of its time snotty punk on Chanson Hebdomadaire....
posted a comment on Ling Yun / Margaret Lee (2) - King Drummer. about 1 year ago
Both cuts are from two old school retro Shaw Brothers movies - King Drummer (groovy 'youth' confection) and Angel With the Iron Fist (cool late 60's spy flick). Shaw's licensed loads of singles back in their heyday (with some genuine banging mod/fuzz ... See full review
posted a comment on Rufige Cru* - Darkrider. about 1 year ago
Massive - proper rolling hitter which still hits all the marks....
posted a comment on Michel Colombier - L'Héritier. about 1 year ago
Without question - Columbier's best. Although the OG press does it for me, a repress would be welcome (but please no coloured/180 gram vinyl and do include a fully remastered CD version!)...
posted a comment on Rhodes.K* & Splice (2) - Fuck It Up E.P.. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Syko & Mak - Homicide EP. about 1 year ago
Set Fire to the Fader - Incredible mash up missile and hard as nails!
posted a comment on Rotating Heads - What Have You Done? / Dark Secrets. about 1 year ago
Incredible production on this monster - HUGE sound for the warehouse...