The Generals (10) - Skanking On The Banking Funkenskankenland

July 20, 2019
I agree. I was expecting a version of the A-side, but this is a completely different tune, tough instrumental.

Derrick Drummond - Give Thanks And Praise as reviewed by Funkenskankenland

June 30, 2019
The vocal side of this is nice enough, but the dub version is great, a superb mix and well worth grabbing. I was just about to put the one I found up for sale, but this makes it a keeper, sorry!

Lover Boy - Gwaan Go Dance Funkenskankenland

June 15, 2019
LIstening to the original Jamaican release against the UK 12-inch, this is obviously not the same recording. I'm not even sure it's the same vocalist, but the UK version ridim is completely re-recorded at the very least.

Scion Success - Take It Off as reviewed by Funkenskankenland

June 14, 2019
The big tune on this one for me is the full horns instrumental on the flipside - real quality!

Ranking Devon & 7th Extension* - Dog Is Better Than Gun Funkenskankenland

June 8, 2019
Can someone who has this please tell me if it is actually Ranking Devon and not Nicodemus, as on this: Nicademous* - Dog Better Than Gun . Thanks in advance.

Soul Birds - Who's That Lady Funkenskankenland

May 21, 2019
edited 2 months ago
The A-side of this is in a relaxed reggae style, sung in English, with a bit of attempted dub instrumentation towards the end, played rather than mixed. The B-side is an Mbira styled complex dance track, sung in Shona.

The Pioneers - Imagine Funkenskankenland

May 18, 2019
This is an updated version of Austin Faithful - Can't Understand, which is titled 'Imagine How' on the Jamaican release.

Top Ten Tunes - Top Ten Tunes as reviewed by Funkenskankenland

April 27, 2019
Not a bad album at all, with some solid session musicians and a bit of variety added, above and beyond the simple cover approach. Some nice bits of Big Jim guitar on this one.

Keith Hudson - Brand Funkenskankenland

April 22, 2019
The stampers used on this pressing are identical to those on the Lyntone pressed copy but without the Lyntone numbers on them, as evidenced by identical etching of the matrix numbers in the runout.

Rudy Grant - Knock Three Times Funkenskankenland

April 14, 2019
Flipside is an update to a ballad, originally recorded by The Equals and also by Derv Gordon.

Super Beagle - Dust A Sound Boy Funkenskankenland

March 30, 2019
See also Super Beagle / Thriller "U"* - A Lot Of Sound Boy A Fi Hide / Leave Me Lonely for the singing version of this tune without the intro and additional voice.

Super Beagle / Thriller "U"* - A Lot Of Sound Boy A Fi Hide / Leave Me Lonely Funkenskankenland

March 30, 2019
Side A of this record is the same as Super Beagle - Dust A Sound Boy but without the intro and additional voice that appears throughout the releases noted against that master.

Max Romeo And The Upsetters - One Step Forward Funkenskankenland

March 17, 2019
The mix on this 45 is as per the Jamaican single version and not as per the UK album version, which also has overdubbed guitar.

Various - Tighten Up Volume 2 as reviewed by Funkenskankenland

March 17, 2019
Just playing this now, I have to just state my opinion that, in its' original form, this is the best reggae compilation ever released, bar none. Every track is a shining example of the genre current at the time of issue.

Revelation (8) - Book Of Revelation as reviewed by Funkenskankenland

February 25, 2019
To my mind this album is an overlooked classic in the UK reggae genre. Mixing roots and lovers rock themes, the songs are carefully crafted to avoid the easy clichés of either style. Very relaxed and laid back, but still carrying a message, the compositions are interesting, the harmonies are right on point and the arrangements suit the lyrical context. If you haven't heard this one, have a listen - recommended.

Owen Grey* / Matumbi - Fire Fire (Love Fire) as reviewed by Funkenskankenland

February 24, 2019
edited 4 months ago
Label says 'Made In Canada' quite clearly but this is a UK press with the mastering engineer 'Kev' having scratched his name in the runout. I prefer this version to Bunny Wailer - Love Fire , the original. The version side is also a nice piece of Matumbi dub work.

Yes - The Yes Album Funkenskankenland

February 22, 2019
Logo on this record label determines this release is much later than 1972.

Clancy Eccles - Feel The Rhythm Funkenskankenland

December 26, 2018
It is not known if an actual track titled 'Feel The Rocking' exists anywhere.

George Dekker / Bunny Lee Allstars* - Foey Man / Scarface Funkenskankenland

December 24, 2018
This is not actually the Bunny Lee Allstars on the B-side, but The Cimarons, and was recorded in the UK. It is a tuff full instrumental cut to The Prophets (13) - Revenge Of Eastwood.

John Holt - Fat Girl, Sexy Girl / Man And Woman Funkenskankenland

December 21, 2018
This record is a very loud mastered cut and plays with a bit of sibilance, track heavy.

Lionel Simpson - Give Over / Never Before Funkenskankenland

November 21, 2018
Two sides of Jamaican R&B with a doo-wop tinge to the A-side