"I'm on my way to another state of mind..."

Canadian lifelong music nerd...I blame my pre-school babysitter for kicking it all off in the late 70's, bringing all her 45's and LP's over, playing them while keeping me from destroying the house and injuring myself...unfortunately she hated disco and so did my siblings so I got very little exposure to it, which *thankfully* I would make up for later in life by educating myself on what I *should* have been listening to more of back when I was growing up!

In my school years would collect many 45's of my own as well as comps and cassettes from various genres and sources. Didn't start with 12" singles until the 90's, but like the disco exposure mentioned earlier, I made up for this too by "catching up" as time went on LOL.

First discovered the magic and miracle of beatmixing thanks to this amazing mixed comp, from K-tel of all places. I was blown away by the concept and it made me want to learn how to do that and become a DJ someday. In my teen years I would use double cassette decks to try and replicate mixes I heard!

My much older sister would bring me home mixed tapes from her DJ friends at bars she went to, and to say those tapes got worn out is an understatement. Turntablism fascinated me to no end.

Finally officially got into DJing in the early 90's, played in gay clubs from 1996 to 2008 before deciding to retire before it got too stale. Had enough of the late nights, drama, drunk / high people, and was slowly losing interest in new dance music on top of all that...good time to call it quits I'd say.

Now I spend my time as a serial collector of lossless audio, lost masters and various rare / obscure stuff. Still sometimes a hobbyist DJ who still mixes manually. General recorded music enthusiast with tastes that are all over the place.

Always up for connecting with like-minded music fans so feel free to send a message. Same goes if you have any specific questions about any of my items feel free to send a message as well. I try to be as detailed as possible when applicable on the items I sell, but it's better to ask about anything before ordering if you're not sure.

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posted a comment on Delerium - Silence. 1 day ago
I think they were both released in tandem, but FYI they came out in 2000 not 1999. It was Fade's mix that was the official first "club" mix, which came out in '99.
posted a comment on Tiffany - Feelings Of Forever. 6 days ago
Rare and in-demand due to the the 2 non-album tracks which as of mid-2020 still have not been released on any other CD (Except Out Of My Heart which landed on a Japanese CD single pressing, but Heart Don't Break Tonight is exclusive to here).
posted a comment on Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days - Revisited. 6 days ago
An extremely unnecessary reboot of a song that was perfectly fine to begin with. The more 'modern' rhythm elements they added would have been fine if that had been all they had done, but then in true late 80's / early 90's fashion they OF COURSE had to ... See full review
posted a comment on Madonna - Spotlight / Holiday / Over And Over / Into The Groove. 6 days ago
Spotlight dub is also here, Over And Over dub is also here, and almost every cassette ... See full review
posted a comment on DB Boulevard - Point Of View. 8 days ago
Love this song. To me it sounds like a hot summer day by a pool or on a road trip.

The Quivver Vocal Mix is the first one I fell in love with (and is still my fav to this day) but I have a real soft spot for the original, due to it reminding me of when ... See full review
posted a comment on Disco Montego - Disco Montego. 13 days ago
Fans of the song "U Talkin' To Me" (amazing song btw...thought it was Prince the first time I heard it) Might want to also pick up the CD single of that song, as the version on there is a radio edit with a really nice cold ending (unlike on here where ... See full review
posted a comment on Salt 'N' Pepa - You Showed Me. 13 days ago
I had this years ago and can confirm the "Universal Club" on this release is shorter radio edit of that version, hovering around the 4 min. mark max.
posted a comment on Cock Robin - Cock Robin. 14 days ago
Amen to that. Love their music, though I'm pretty sure much of their lack of success in the States had to do with their awful band name!
posted a comment on Ace Of Base - All That She Wants: The Classic Collection. 15 days ago
For those excited about the Metro Club Mix of "Everytime It Rains" finally being on CD...don't bother. It's very lossy / low quality MP3 sourced. :(
posted a comment on Haddaway - Stir It Up. 18 days ago
Looks like track A1 seems to be exclusive to this release.
posted a comment on Various - Retro:Active4 (Rare & Remixed). 21 days ago
Maybe some of us actually care about proper sound quality and demand better as a result. Not you obviously...let me guess, you probably "DJ" and "produce" with MP3's and think they sound fine?

Because companies like Hi-Bias hire complete idiots to put ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Future Mix - Black Hole. 26 days ago
With regards to the Erasure medley, if I were rating it based on the song selection / length / order / general creativity then I'd say it's near perfect by 90's standards. They picked a good mix of hits and deeper cuts, & it flows very ... See full review
posted a comment on Cliff Richard - We Don't Talk Anymore. 27 days ago
The 12" Remix is awful...it's horribly structured, has too many repetitive, dead sections, AND the drum edits were done so poorly...good luck mixing it with anything as is.

The 7" Remix on the other hand is spectacular and doesn't have any of the above ... See full review
posted a comment on Me'Shell NdegéOcello - Leviticus: Faggot. 27 days ago
Amazing, intense song by an equally amazing artist, but why the remixes? Who at Maverick thought that people would want to dance and sing along to such dark, serious and triggering lyrics? Especially with the F-slur all over the place. Definitely not ... See full review
posted a comment on Pet Shop Boys - Yesterday, When I Was Mad (The Mixes). 28 days ago
The timing on track D1 is mislabeled...there is no Coconut 1 mix that's this long. It should be 6:24.
posted a comment on Boy Krazy - That's What Love Can Do. 28 days ago
Everyone made fun of me for liking this song back in the day, and in hindsight I honestly can't blame them...it sounds like something that SAW should have been putting out in 1986-87, not 1992-93. A couple of the club remixes fit better into the 90's ... See full review
posted a comment on Music For All It's Worth. 28 days ago
I had one of these that isn't listed here yet, and I can't find any reference to anywhere else on the web...Masterboy "I've Got To Give It Up (Italo Mix)". It's the only one from this series I've seen that has only one track on it instead of two. Hope ... See full review
posted a comment on U2 - Even Better Than The Real Thing. about 1 month ago
To me this is *the* definitive Paul Oakenfold "Perfecto Mix". Maybe saying that because it was the first ever Prefecto Mix I ever heard, but it pretty much epitomizes what his top 40 remixes in the early 90's were all about!
posted a comment on Nicki French - Total Eclipse Of The Heart. about 1 month ago
SAW saved this one. The original "Energise" mixes were weak and forgettable, then SAW came along and produced a much, much higher quality version under their "Mobius Loop" moniker, which helped propel the song to international success.

But of course ... See full review
posted a comment on Underworld - Beaucoup Fish. about 1 month ago
Not sure, but I ran all tracks through a spectral analyzer and those 3 tracks definitely had been lossy files at some point, as the high frequencies cut off at about the 16K mark.
posted a comment on Crystal Waters - What I Need. about 1 month ago
Go straight for the Erick "More" mix of "What I Need" as it's miles ahead of any of the others. Can't say the same for his mix of "100% Pure Love" though unfortunately, it's quite disappointing. His style just didn't fit the song well, AND it doesn't ... See full review
posted a comment on Moby Featuring Gwen Stefani - South Side. about 1 month ago
Spot on. Very much a missed opportunity...if they'd put much more promotional methodology behind the song it would have been way more successful at the club level.

You know who [url=https://www.discogs.com/artist/962-Deep-Dish]would have done an ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Uncut.10. about 1 month ago
How are the others quality-wise? SO much rare stuff on here...
posted a comment on Enigma - Age Of Loneliness. about 1 month ago
The Enigmatic Club Mix of this was quite impressive...very solid dance remix done in-house by Enigma who certainly aren’t known for doing uptempo danceable mixes of any material, let alone their own!
posted a comment on Luba - Secrets And Sins. about 1 month ago
I am so MAD at myself for finding this at a thrift store but donating it right back when I found out tracks 3 and 9 weren't the versions I was looking for. It wasn't even listed yet on Discogs at that point...I certainly didn't imagine it would be in ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Plastic Puppet Motive Anthems - Volumes One & Two. about 1 month ago
Thanks so much for this comment! I actually submitted this release to Discogs from my own copy so was delighted to see people commenting on it. I'm from Winnipeg but had just moved to Saskatoon in early-mid '99 when Michael put this CD out, so I bought ... See full review
posted a comment on INXS - Original Sin. about 1 month ago
Anyone else notice the bizarre volume fluctuation issues in the Original Sin (Epic Adventure) track? Seems to be an issue on all releases. Throughout the track the volume tends to briefly "dip" in random sections, as if someone was messing around with ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Hot Jammin'. about 1 month ago
Very much worth having...100% master quality 12" mixes that are rarely (if ever) found on other CD's.
posted a comment on Various - Tranceformer - The Uplifting Mix. about 1 month ago
I love disc 1 much better than disc 2. It's well mixed and I love almost every track...the weakest one is the Starparty one which of COURSE is the longest one on there *eye roll*. Was also impressed at some of the remix choices they used to make it a ... See full review
posted a comment on Kosheen - Kokopelli. about 1 month ago
The track "Swamp" is an instrumental that is only on the two UK compact disc pressings, and the Europe vinyl LP.
posted a comment on Various - 12 Inch Dance 80s Groove. about 1 month ago
2-1 is a vinyl rip on this release from what I can tell.
posted a comment on Various - Tranceformer - The Uplifting Mix. about 1 month ago
Yeah I saw that on your profile that it's your 'top' trance comp, but I surprisingly haven't heard it yet! Will have to snag a copy and give it a listen. You obviously know your stuff.

With regards to the Meltdown 2000 though, I will always remember ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Tranceformer - The Uplifting Mix. about 1 month ago
Sorry I was just being a little cheeky ;) I meant 'imposter' as in that in my eyes the Tranceformer 2000 compilation is masquerading as what should have been a much better 2nd volume that lived up to the greatness of this first Tranceformer set. That ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - X-Tendamix Dance Mix '93. about 1 month ago
I remember looking forward to this release for months, but being super disappointed when I saw the tracklist cause of how bloody OLD so many of these tracks were already. KLF from 2 years prior, C + C 3 years prior, Technotronic from almost FIVE YEARS ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - X-Tendamix Dance Mix '92. about 1 month ago
Out of all the "Dance Mix" releases this one had by far the best mixing between the tracks...meaning more actual beatmixes that were very well done, vs. just basic wedding DJ-style sequencing. Dance Mix '93 also had some good beatmixing.
posted a comment on Various - Muchmusic Dance Mix '96. about 1 month ago
What's interesting is Dance Mix '95 also has a Fun Factory track but hasn't been blocked yet. BTW thanks for the label info you added, really cool to read the back story of the Dance Mix series in Canada!
posted a comment on K7 - Zunga Zeng. about 1 month ago
The F.U.N. Mob remix is what SHOULD have been the original / album version, as the song would have been much more successful on the charts. Not only is it funkier and catchier than the boring actual album version, but it heavily samples the classic ... See full review
posted a comment on Don Mitchell (4) - All Aboard The Good Apple Music Train. about 1 month ago
I absolutely loved this album as a kid. Such fun, catchy songs. Wish I'd had the opportunity to hear Don's other children's records as well.
posted a comment on Q. Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses. about 1 month ago
Source? Even Mon Amie doesn't have the 12" master. So I'm thinking "Re-issue" = "Release that contains the exact same extremely poor vinyl rip of the 12" mix that's already spread over countless previously released CD compilations".
posted a comment on Lenny Kravitz - Black Velveteen. about 1 month ago
Oh really!! Great to know, thanks for the tip! A bit disappointed cause I loved picturing in my head Lenny in the studio being silly and recording those lines in a higher pitch voice haha ;) And yes you're right about the BB mixes which is a shame. ... See full review
posted a comment on Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam '96. 2 months ago
These mixes never really did the original justice IMHO. The only one I *did* play for a short time was the Tin Tin Out mix, as it wasn't too obnoxious and / or obscure compared to the other mixes. ... See full review
posted a comment on Erasure - Run To The Sun. 2 months ago
This Erasure song has the distinction of being the source of the only known Diss-Cuss remix that doesn't completely suck ass.
posted a comment on Shannon - Let The Music Play. 2 months ago
The dub of this classic is an absolute masterpiece. Extremely useful, by far one of the greatest dub versions to come out of the 80’s
posted a comment on Olivia Newton-John - Twist Of Fate. 2 months ago
The Extended Version on the Japan and France 12" singles is longer than all the others, and has a cold ending instead of a fade.
posted a comment on Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Facing Future. 2 months ago
Good call. Wouldn't be surprised if it went Gold!
posted a comment on Hed Kandi. 2 months ago
They faded into complete obscurity in slow motion over a 19 year period...but man were those first 3-4 years of releases just absolutely glorious times.

I can't decide when "the moment" was when the series started to "shift from its original goal" (aka ... See full review
posted a comment on Basement Jaxx - Romeo / Where's Your Head At. 2 months ago
Both sides of this 12" got equally massive play from me. Joked with someone back then saying I was curious which side would wear through to the other side first from such frequent playing...the A side or the B side!
posted a comment on Delerium - Semantic Spaces. 2 months ago
STILL no vinyl on this? Karma and Poem get vinyl re-issues, but not this? Criminal.
posted a comment on Conjure One - Redemption. 2 months ago
Mind-blowing Max Graham remix here. Slipped under the radar despite appearing on both Max's "Transport 4" mix and one of the more popular Gatecrasher mixed comps. Guess not everything gets its due!
posted a comment on John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John - The Grease Megamix. 2 months ago
Probably the most popular, and most played single artist(s) "Megamix" of all time (not counting various artists medleys like Stars On 45 type stuff of course).

Don't even bother with the 12" version, as it's near useless...the biggest difference ... See full review