Canadian disco DJ: lifelong music nerd, 70's / 80's / all-kinds-of-disco music archivist and collector.

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I blame my pre-school babysitter for kicking it all off in the late 70's, bringing all her 45's and LP's over, playing them while keeping me from destroying the house and injuring myself...unfortunately she hated disco and so did my siblings so I got very little exposure to it, which *thankfully* I would make up for later in life by educating myself on what I *should* have been listening to more of back when I was growing up!

In my school years would collect many 45's of my own as well as comps and cassettes from various genres and sources. Didn't start with 12" singles until the 90's, but like the disco exposure mentioned earlier, I made up for this too by "catching up" as time went on LOL.

First discovered the magic and miracle of beatmixing thanks to this amazing mixed comp, from K-tel of all places. I was blown away by the concept and it made me want to learn how to do that and become a DJ someday. In my teen years I would use double cassette decks to try and replicate mixes I heard!

My much older sister would bring me home mixed tapes from her DJ friends at bars she went to, and to say those tapes got worn out is an understatement. Turntablism fascinated me to no end.

Finally officially got into DJing in the early 90's, played in gay clubs from 1996 to 2008 before deciding to retire before it got too stale. Had enough of the late nights, drama, drunk / high people, and was slowly losing interest in new dance music on top of all that...good time to call it quits I'd say.

Now I spend my time as a serial collector of lossless audio, lost masters and various rare / obscure stuff.

As of 2020 have come out of DJ retirement and now do a weekly online show. It's a dream to be able to not only get back to what I love doing, but to only play the kind of music that *I* like!

I'm always up for connecting with like-minded music fans so feel free to send a message. Same goes if you have any specific questions about any of my items for sale feel free to send a message as well. I try to be as detailed as possible when applicable on the items I sell, but it's better to ask about anything before ordering if you're not sure.

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posted a comment on Joée - Angel. 5 days ago
All 4 of these extended mixes are vinyl only, which baffles me because it's the only Joée single release where this is the case: Every other one he put out has all its extended mixes on both vinyl and CD's, whereas the CD singles for this one have... See full review
submitted Turtle Mix - No Nagging Anymore. 6 days ago
posted a comment on Stereo MC's - Connected. 8 days ago
There's a version of this with a black cassette shell as well...had it back in '93 but can't remember if it was a US or Canada release.
posted a comment on Various - Hot Tracks. 9 days ago
Track A3 is an even shorter version of the single mix, with 8 bars of the "Domo arigato..." part removed, and an earlier fade out at the end.

In an interesting contrast, track B2 is the entire 6:58 album version. Surprising given that K-Tel comps... See full review
posted a comment on Jann Arden - Could I Be Your Girl. 9 days ago
The Pablo Mix is where it's at! Think the album version with a heavier, groovier drum pattern, and some additional sections with some complimentary electric guitar & synth...none of which take away from the original feel of the song.

They should... See full review
posted a comment on Indigo Girls - Rites Of Passage. 12 days ago
[quote=Parrothed] There are a FEW rare copies of this LP, estimated at around100, that the Indigo Girls hand painted and signed separately, i.e. there is an "Amy" version and an "Emily" version, and POSSIBLY (unsubstantiated) copies painted and signed... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Direct Hit Volume 13. 24 days ago
Does anybody have a tracklist for the Skitz Megamix that's featured on here?

Not sure about every track in there, but I know for sure large bits of these tracks are in it:

Rockin' Me (R.A.F. Zone Mix) - The Professor
Dancing... See full review
posted a review of Pan Position - Elephant Paw (Get Down To The Funk). about 1 month ago
The Xen Mantra Dub was always better than the Xen Mantra Remix. On the surface one would wonder why they would make both a Remix *and* Dub at all, considering it isn't the kind of record that really needed a "Dub" since it was pretty much... See full review
posted a comment on One To One - Forward Your Emotions. about 1 month ago
[quote=Lambykin] I'm not surprised by the different version. I know of two different versions of Angel In My Pocket - a "she" version and a "he" version. I guess they wanted the song to apply to everyone so anyone could sing it to themselves,... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The Best Of 1991. about 1 month ago
The Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson and Lisa Lisa tracks were new mixes created specifically for this “Best Of” release, Whereas all the others appeared on a previous Hot Tracks issue.
posted a comment on Pet Shop Boys - Liberation. about 1 month ago
It's pure hilarity that the "E-Smoove 12" Mix" never appeared on a single physical 12". It's CD only!! Only the E-Smoove 7" appeared on the 12" vinyl singles.
posted a comment on Pet Shop Boys - Liberation. about 1 month ago
Because regardless of what it's called, it's the official commercial "extended remix" of the why on earth wouldn't they put it on the 12"? Makes zero sense.

But given how terrible (and *completely* irrelevant to the original song) the... See full review
posted a comment on Indigo Girls - Rites Of Passage. about 1 month ago
"For directory assistance, please press 9." Then it disconnects.
posted a comment on Frankie Goes To Hollywood - War (Hidden). about 1 month ago
Agreed. Probably cause it doesn't have all the speaking over top of the music!
posted a comment on Various - Rhythm Stick RS CD 05. about 1 month ago
George Michael "Too Funky" on here is not the same mix as on here, where the song first appeared. On this disc it has been ruined with a bunch of useless, pointless overdubs... See full review
posted a comment on Alison Moyet - Whispering Your Name. 2 months ago
Lyrically this is a great song, but my first thought upon hearing it was that it sounded like something released in 1987, not 1994.
posted a comment on Jamiroquai - Synkronized. 2 months ago
I wonder why they felt the need to list Canned Heat as "Album Version" on all the releases. Why stop there?? Here's the real tracklist, for those who need it:

Canned Heat (Album Version)
Planet Home (Album Version)
Black Capricorn Day (Album... See full review
posted a comment on Björk - The Best Mixes From The Album-Debut For All The People Who Don't Buy White-Labels. 2 months ago
Ironic thing about this release, despite that little "purpose-of" statement on the cover, none of these mixes were *ever* on white labels!
posted a comment on Tiger Moon - Something Tells Me. 2 months ago
rgr_2508 you can actually find it digital here, and for a good price too! sounds amazing too, one of the few tracks on that disc which isn't a vinyl rip.
posted a comment on Pandella - Pull Our Love Together. 2 months ago
Most excellent slice of early 90's piano vocal pop house. Great vocals, piano, synth stabs, rhythm track, and a solid synth bass line which drives the whole thing. What's not to like?
posted a comment on Chaka Khan - I Feel For You. 2 months ago
Some copies have the album title on the spine misprinted as "This Is My Night".
posted a comment on Culture Beat - Crying In The Rain. 3 months ago
Full length Extended, Doug Laurent and Brainformed mixes, but only edits of Sweetbox and Let The Love House. Who the hell makes these decisions, and why??!
posted a comment on TLC - CrazySexyCool. 3 months ago
...Shhhh! World's quietest pressing alert! Crank the volume to 11 in order to hear anything, making sure your turntable isn't too close your speakers otherwise you'll get mental bass feedback.

Go for one of the recent double vinyl reissues instead of this. See full review
posted a comment on Tears For Fears - Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92). 3 months ago
Many of these remixes have dodgy sound quality...the Skylark remix of Shout for example is an extremely poor vinyl rip.
posted a comment on Level 42 - Something About You. 3 months ago
Yes this is the Sisa Mix on here. It's kind of like an extended album version, but without the 2nd verse. There's also some really cool instrumental sections here that aren't found in any other mix.
posted a comment on Rollo Goes Spiritual With Pauline Taylor - Let This Be A Prayer. 3 months ago
By far the weakest of the "Rollo Goes..." series tracks but i appreciated the depth of it. I think they could have just combined the best parts & characteristics of all 4 mixes into one long "Super Epic" mix though to better effect, then just left the... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Madonna - The Immaculate Collection. 3 months ago
Well said! I hated this album...I wanted a real greatest hits type package, not a bunch of pointless remixes, bad edits and early fades. At least we got Justify My Love and Rescue Me in their original form. And that Q-Sound thing? UGH. The snake... See full review
posted a comment on Roxette - The Look. 3 months ago
Well said, it is indeed an excellent 12" mix. Also agree about the middle section ruining it slightly, which is why I actually prefer the Power Radio Mix (pretty much the equivalent of a Visible 7" Mix, without the wankery).
submitted Various - CDPRO Vol #24 (November 1990). 3 months ago
posted a comment on Various - Groove Station 3. 3 months ago
The guys who mixed this comp must have just finished learning how to digitally sample and edit at the time they put this mix together: there is a ridiculous amount of 90's style post production here. If you're a major fan of the overuse of cuts /... See full review
posted a comment on Herbie* - Fingers. 3 months ago word word word word word word word word word
posted a comment on Original 3 - Sunglasses At Night 2002. 3 months ago
Music & instrumentation-wise this was a good update for the time, but Corey's re-sung vocal sounds just WRONG. If he agreed to release this, why didn't he just let the Original 3 team use the original vocal stem, since they were already using the... See full review
posted a comment on Paula Abdul - Forever Your Girl. 3 months ago
The song "I Need You" should have been a single. I think it's one of the best songs she's ever done to be honest...and given that it's by far the most New Jack Swing sounding song on the album (and that it was 1988), it would have done really well.
posted a comment on Kool And The Gang* - Cherish. 3 months ago
The best version structure & flow wise is the 3:58 7" mix (easily identified by the bass in the intro, which the LP version does not have).
posted a comment on Co.Ro. Featuring Taleesa - Because The Night. 3 months ago
I know on the surface it's your standard 90's Eurodance cover of a popular song...but it was an absolutely brilliant idea to sample DM's "Master & Servant" to go along with it. Not only cause of how well it suits it, but I can't picture it *not*... See full review
posted a comment on Bossi - Time To Make The Floor Burn. 3 months ago
Head straight for the Superstring Remix and don't look back. The other mixes are just awful!!
posted a comment on Paula Abdul - Crazy Cool / The Choice Is Yours. 3 months ago
Yes it's definitely one of their best remixes I think as well...and this seems to be the only CD that contains it.

The version on the vinyl seems to be just over a minute longer than this one...would be nice to see the full 11+ minute mix surface on... See full review
posted a comment on Junior Vasquez - Junior Vasquez Vol. 2. 3 months ago
This was a bit of an odd one for me. I HATED the first disc...found it super uninteresting. Even the "big" tracks on there can't save it. But I absolutely loved the 2nd disc, which had much better flow and felt more like a journey...the only thing... See full review
posted a comment on Key Aura - Hot Dog. 3 months ago
Glad someone else appreciated this excellent filler record the way I did!
posted a comment on Cookie Monster And The Girls (4) / The Pointer Sisters* - C Is For Cookie / Pinball Number Count. 3 months ago
Agreed, always hated when they did that. I also remember having a 12" single in the late 90's where track 1 was 33 and track 2 on the same side was 45! Glad this didn't catch on.
posted a comment on Cookie Monster And The Girls (4) / The Pointer Sisters* - C Is For Cookie / Pinball Number Count. 3 months ago
dewey70 yeah...about 100 times over too! I think that little ditty was put on every since SS comp ever released.
posted a comment on Daft Punk - One More Time. 3 months ago
Doesn't bother me much anymore but MAN did I hate it when it came out. Hated anything with that Eiffel-65 vocoder type voice shit that was so popular at the time.
posted a comment on Mariah Carey - My All. 4 months ago
No it didn't, which has always baffled the bejesus out of me!
posted a comment on J-Reverse* vs. Black Legend - You See The Trouble With Me. 4 months ago
J-Reverse completely knocked this out of the it the update it needed, without messing up the original too much.

That "sounds-like-the-turntable-ground-wire-fell-off-the-screw-thingy-on-the-mixer" deep buzzy bass thing during the crowd... See full review
posted a comment on SPG MUSIC. 4 months ago
Be a bit skeptical when buying any "retro" CD compilations from this label which contain tracks originally released in the 80's, particularly 12" or extended mixes. Many (but not all) of the ones they put out contained lots of poor vinyl rips or... See full review
posted a comment on Savage Garden - I Want You - Remixes. 4 months ago
Pretty much every remix of this song was awful...they all ruined the song. And I like these remixers too (Bastone / Sharp / Xenomania / Pee Wee Ferris) They just all seemed to completely missed the mark with what they did on this track.

Xenomania’s... See full review
posted a comment on Rozalla - I Love Music. 4 months ago
To me, the Overworld Mix represents the absolute climax and pinnacle of The Development Corporation as a remix / production team, who from '93 to '95 pretty much set the textbook definition of what a "top 40 pop house remix" is.

They're best known... See full review
posted a comment on Victor Calderone - E=VC². 4 months ago
Interesting little editing quirk I discovered in this mix...on track 2 in the first break / build-up there seems to be an extra "hold me..." bar compared to what's in the regular full length Johnny Vicious Hard Mix that's everywhere else.
posted a comment on Brilliant! The Global Dance Music Experience. 4 months ago
I wonder what the story was behind the bizarrely random artwork choices on these comps. Regardless, these are worth seeking out for fans of full length 90's house remixes...everything in full length and master quality.