(Halloween, 2006.)

Yeah, I'm cool.

I'm a nineteen year old freshman Radio/TV Operations (Broadcasting) major at Western Kentucky University. I'm originally from a small town in central kentucky, but I love my new Bowling Green home.

I've only recently started to collect vinyl, but I'm starting to be very excited about it. I go record shopping online more times than I can afford and my best friend, ShampooCell & I are big about going out and record store hopping together.

I'm an Alkaline Trio & SSQ fanatic. Don't question it, just enjoy.

I've been in love with music for my entire life. It's the only passion I've had that has stayed true to me. I have a very diverse taste in music.

My favorite artists include:
Alkaline Trio
Matt Skiba
Dan Andriano
Against Me!
Brand New
Taking Back Sunday
Samantha Fox
Q (16)
Scritti Politti
Street To Nowhere
Michael Dean (3)
Death Cab For Cutie

and much, much, more.

I'm also a fan of anything that Vagrant Records, Drive-Thru Records & Victory Records put out as a whole.

That's about it. :) I'm nice, and I don't bite (too hard.)