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posted a review of Metro Area - Metro Area 4. about 1 year ago
One word: Miura

Amazing classic deep house vibe - do not sleep on this. Whatever that sample is, it hits the sweet spot every time. Still getting mentions 18 years after release - a classic track.
posted a comment on Various - Pulverising! Red. about 1 year ago
Some great tracks here showcasing the Pulver sound.

As a chillout/downtempo DJ, my favorite is the downbeat B2 Erik Sumo - Do-It-Yourself. Worthy of any classic downbeat breaks mix. Heard this a few times on Solid Steel radio as well.
posted a review of Bonobo - Fabric Presents Bonobo. about 1 year ago
The DJ mixed version of this is absolutely fantastic!

Very much enjoying Dan Kye - Focus, which appears to be exclusive to this mix as of this writing.
posted a comment on Various - Savannah Ibiza Sunset Sessions Vol.1. over 3 years ago
Track 1-15 "T_Mo - La Ritournelle (Instrumental Mix)" was originally written by Sebastien Tellier
posted a comment on Grain (2) - The Moon And The Stars . over 3 years ago
Whatever bass they used on this record.... they did it right. Full rave power here.

A classic slab of Ambient wax for the discerning headz. You know the score.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
submitted Afriqua - Aleph EP. over 3 years ago
submitted Afriqua - Aleph EP. over 3 years ago
submitted Lynx (7) - Dirty Red. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Djrum* - Broken Glass Arch. over 3 years ago
Absolutely fantastic. Excellent direction from both Djrum and R&S Records. Fans of breaks & trance-inducing bass won't be disappointed.
submitted Djrum* - Broken Glass Arch. over 3 years ago
submitted Djrum* - Broken Glass Arch. over 3 years ago
submitted Future (4) Presents F.B.G.* - The Movie. over 8 years ago
posted a review of Tunng - Comments Of The Inner Chorus. over 14 years ago
I'm not usually a folk fan, but "Comments Of The Inner Chorus" is so good it is the exception to that rule. The talent in songwriting, instrumentation, and musical execution is clearly evident from the first listen. Although some might find the... See full review
posted a review of I:Cube - Live At The Planetarium. over 14 years ago
Although space music is far from a new concept, what sets this album apart from its competitors is overwhelming competence at achieving this objective. Mixing "back-to-basics" techno with samples of voice-like synth pads, dub-influenced vibes, and... See full review
posted a review of John Beltran - Human Engine. over 14 years ago
After many years of playing around with different up-tempo styles, Mr. Beltran finally brings the ambient-headz something to pay attention to. Coming ten years after "Ten Days of Blue", his classic ambient masterpiece, "Human Engine" finds Beltran at... See full review
posted a review of Boozoo Bajou - Juke Joint (A Selection Of Excellent Music Compiled By Boozoo Bajou). over 14 years ago
Boozoo Bajou presents us with a great mix of some favorite tunes. Although "officially" listed as compiled and not mixed, this cd flows easily as if it were mixed. The best part is all the instrumental music leaning towards blues flavor with some dub... See full review
posted a review of Rainstick Orchestra - The Floating Glass Key In The Sky. over 15 years ago
Rainstick Orchestra combines two of my favorite musical influences: Japanese musicians and the quality control of Ninja Tune. The resulting music is outstanding and very artistic in nature. Rainstick Orchestra subscribes to the idea of music being... See full review
posted a review of Vladislav Delay - The Four Quarters. over 15 years ago
All music is different, but this album is unique on its own level. Really unlike any composition I have heard; things are moving around in different directions quickly and all at once. Elements change tempo and texture, yet surprisingly I find it to... See full review
posted a review of Pub - Summer Pt1. over 15 years ago
Of all the mixes of this track, my favorite is the original, which for me says something about the artist's great inspiration. Starting off on the trancy-repetitive side, just when you think you will be bored, this track takes off with some new... See full review
posted a review of Julien Neto - Le Fumeur De Ciel. over 15 years ago
Le Fumeur De Ciel is like a some drifting clouds, floating around in a cold, crisp night sky, stars twinkling through at intervals. Translated roughly as 'The Smoker of Sky', one could imagine taking pieces of the sky and stuffing them in a pipe to... See full review
posted a review of Praveen - Backed By Spirits. over 15 years ago
More experimental than IDM, but arranged smartly as if a small electric symphony were playing a back alley in Amsterdam. Support the artist on this one and you will reap the benefits of far superior sound quality and better experience of the music;... See full review
posted a review of Goldmund - Corduroy Road. over 15 years ago
Corduroy Road could be imagined as the soft folds of fabric wraping around your brain like a nice afternoon nap taking on subtle forms of memory and melody in a very relaxing way. Upon first listening, I had no idea how calming this music might be... See full review
posted a review of Plod - Pillow Talk. over 15 years ago
Plod's album Pillow Talk is one of those albums that slips through the cracks all too easily. The main thing that prevents most people from enjoying this album is... having never heard of it!
This Swedish duo constructs a highly melodic and... See full review
posted a review of Naohito Uchiyama - Nikisi EP. over 15 years ago
Naohito Uchiyama brings us some quality music, very atmospheric, with almost ambient vibe while mantaining some deep techno-house structure. The track Akatsuki is deep techno styled for early morning hours or perhaps relaxing driving music - it is... See full review
posted a review of Jacob Mandell - Healing. over 15 years ago
Weird, yet strangely gratifying. One summer night in 1999 when this was released, I was DJing a party on some roof-top, in Brooklyn, NY, and also doing the "chill room" which consisted of a CD boombox downstairs near the kitchen. I put a chill CD in... See full review
posted a review of Tetsu Inoue - World Receiver. over 16 years ago
One of my favorite ambient releases ever. The sounds here make me feel like I am a satellite orbiting in space intercepting random transmissions from all around the world. Either that or lying on my back gazing upwards drifting off into the void... See full review
posted a review of Terry Hall & Mushtaq - They Gotta Quit Kicking My Dog Around. over 16 years ago
This sounds like a live cut from a Gypsy party. Certainly something different if you need to get people to pay attention and get on the dancefloor. Very fun and ethnic, with hand-clapping and perhaps even the sound of boots stomping on the floor.... See full review
posted a review of Lost Idol - Bone Idol EP. over 16 years ago
If you like jazzy downtempo, you probably missed this record so go back and look for it. Spilt Fizz is a fun and mellow house sort of affair, while Lament is a moody 70-ish bpm jazz improv number that could easily amuse a chill crowd.
posted a review of DJ Food & DK (3) - Now, Listen!. over 16 years ago
Finally the cats at Solid Steel throw us a bone! Wow its great to have a sample record with some funny stuff on it. After listening to hours and hours of sampleadelic madness on the popular Ninja Tune radio show, I am happy to finally own a piece of... See full review
posted a review of Calm - 2 Track Album Sampler (Music For Dreams). over 16 years ago
Everyone who hears this record seems to like it. Consequently it makes itin to my downtempo sets fairly frequently. This showcases the masterful way which Calm can make modern dancefloor jazz. The intelligent composition is complimented by clean... See full review
posted a review of Mixmaster Morris - Abstract Funk Theory. over 16 years ago
A bunch of tunes that Mixmaster Morris was playing around 1999. Some really great ones here. The really amazing thing was to hear the Mixmaster mix these tracks live, which he often did in many of his live sets of the time. I am a little surprised... See full review
posted a review of RSL / The Collectables / DJ Ole - The Subtub EP. over 16 years ago
One of the best singles in my record bag! The Collectables track always gets the crowd going and has a very infectious groove. DJ Ole can also rock a crowd or mixtape. Worth hunting down just for The Levy Jive. A great record to be enjoyed at the high... See full review
posted a review of Ghost Cauldron - Whole World EP. over 16 years ago
Maybe some people don't like this track, but it is sort of a sleeper downtempo groove with a slightly faster than normal hip-hop tempo. The instrumental version is really where its at and lets you hear the full range of sounds happening in this track.... See full review
posted a review of Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?. over 16 years ago
Well, this is the record that started it all, or at least some of it. When it comes to psy-chill or psybient, this album usually tops most people's list. The soundscapes are perhaps inspired by the spirit molecule as described in "divine moments of... See full review
posted a review of Visit Venus - Music For Space Tourism Vol. 1. over 16 years ago
This is a fun little album with some history attached. Apparently, the fathers of the two composers here were actually composers themselves who were comissioned to make some music for a commercial spaceflight in the 60s or 70s. So these guys took some... See full review
posted a review of The Cinematic Orchestra - Remixes 98 - 2000. over 16 years ago
Simply a wonderful set of remixes! This album brings together some of the Cinematic Orchestra's greatest remixes, as well as bringing the listener an accurate portrayal of the downtempo feel of the late 90s. Laced with jazzy goodness, these tracks are... See full review
posted a review of Doctor Rockit - Café De Flore. over 16 years ago
By now the title track has made it onto countless compilation cds and for good reason. A relaxing affair made to remind you of a cafe in Paris. Funny now, to think the samples for this piece were actually recorded in... a cafe in Paris! Towards the... See full review
posted a review of Various - FAX Compilation. over 16 years ago
One of the few FAX releases that actually made it over the ocean and into its own release via Instinct Records. A wonderful collection of electronic space-scapes fit for modern world exploration and entertainment purposes. An example of what was going... See full review
posted a review of The Irresistible Force - Fish Dances. over 16 years ago
All of the mixes here are great, but my favorite is the Frederic Galliano mix. It is like walking into a tunnel of sound, only to be carried out on the backs of bongo playing cheetahs, strolling along at a lesiurely pace. All the while, Alan Watts is... See full review
posted a review of Karma - Karma 2. over 16 years ago
Sutra is a chill yet uptempo d'n'b track with a soft vocal and catchy tune to boot. Look Up Dere takes a classic 70s sample and warps it to a witty effect amidst some jazziness. The NKS mix kicks things up with a d'n'b mix, while the original could... See full review
posted a review of Rednose Distrikt - Hoor's EP. over 16 years ago
The title track, Hoors, gets the special award for use of an interesting sound in the midst of crazy laid-back jazz. In this case we hear the sound of someone perhaps clearing their throat as a means of breaking up the music. It is simply genius. The... See full review
posted a review of Acoustic Dub Messengers - Remixes. over 16 years ago
Here we have a cool little slice of folktronica from Japan. The B-side is very folk-y and sounds to be made from a live band. The A-side remixes take the tracks and turn them into rocking dance hits that are funky and in the vein of broken-beat house.... See full review
posted a review of EMO - Relief For Free. over 16 years ago
This is a sweet little slice of dubby house goodness. a great track for a deep house set, or even a chill lounge. The vocals compliment the dub in an unobtrusive way and help bring the track together nicely. Butti 49 spices things up with a latin... See full review
posted a review of Dol-lop - Cryptic Audio. over 16 years ago
A cool sampling of tracks from Dol-lop, a jazzy downtempo act out of Japan. A combination of hip-hop beats and abstract jazz instrumentals with the occasional heavy bassline. I keep this in my record bag for downtempo sets.
posted a review of The Ballistic Brothers* - London Hooligan Soul. over 16 years ago
Back in the day when this was released, my college roommate actually ditched this record on me since he was into punk rock and he saw I had a turntable. What a lucky day that was for me! Instead of listening to Nirvana, I suddenly realized that there... See full review
posted a review of Moonstarr - The Dupont Remixes. over 16 years ago
This release is worth picking up mainly for Greed (Moonstarr remix). To say this is a brokenbeat classic is perhaps an understatement, as the full force of this track can be seen only when played in front of a crowd. To be sure, when a latin bomb of... See full review
posted a review of 6th Sense - Illusion. over 16 years ago
Illusion is a very chill and downbeat track in the vein of Cafe del Mar or The Big Chill festival. A bit like a sunny afternoon, daydreaming with a song caught in your head. Mixmaster Morris beefs up the bass and treats you to a funky downbeat lounge... See full review
posted a review of Hex - Psychic Dentist EP. over 16 years ago
while this single contains some abstract hip-hop of only medium quality, there is surprisingly one hidden gem here which makes the release worthwhile. the track "harmonic" is a deep bubbly slice of ambient goodness, quite suitable for any serious... See full review
posted a review of Lightning Head - Studio Don. over 16 years ago
A super dub album off the sometimes ignored Sonar Kollektiv sublable, Best Seven. Every track here has a special flavor, and can be easily mixed. The fresh take on dub/raggae seen here might be hard to duplicate. Once the crowd has figured out what's... See full review