Thank you for visiting my Discogs page. My name is Gary and like you, I collect records. I buy whole collections, taking out the ones that I don't have and selling the rest on here just to make room and shift the stock. As you can see they are all priced to sell and should be the cheapest on Discogs, some are records I have more than one copy of so selling the doubles, triples etc.

I only list records in a condition I would buy myself and grading is VERY conservative unlike some on here, any records I buy to sell that are below a condition I would be happy with selling are boxed up and sent to a local artist who makes things out of them or given away to friends who want to start a collection.

I have cash waiting for large collections & bankrupt stock etc. If you have a few thousand that you are wanting to shift in one go please get in touch. Collection rather than delivery is also not a problem.

Please be aware however, that I am not a shop.This is just a hobby, I have a real day job that places me around the globe at short notice. Sometimes, I am unable to ship for 7 days +. If this is a problem please msg me & I'll confirm a shipping date from there.

Please also bear in mind that I often work in countries or locations that simply do not have internet connections (my job is to get them connected) so replies may take a few days at times but this is only once every blue moon.

Thanks in advance for understanding!

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posted a comment on Christian Löffler - A Forest. about 1 year ago
looks like its been repressed again, juno have new stock
posted a comment on Guy Gerber - Timing. over 3 years ago
another odd thing is that people are asking more for the re-release (that doesnt have the artwork sleeve) than they are asking for the original release, top track though
posted a comment on Jamie xx - In Colour. over 3 years ago
latest repress landed in phonica today. I gues this release is limited to how many times they re press it
posted a comment on Jamie xx - In Colour. over 3 years ago
it hasnt got a number of becuase they have not finished repressing it! juno have it AGAIN today (thats 3 represses by my record)
posted a comment on Jamie xx - In Colour. over 3 years ago
its been repressed again, juno got new stocks today.

mine sound OK too but I got it on pre order along with the pre order of the ultra mega insanely ltd edition "hold tight" and 90% of the people who bought that say its sounds rubbish quality.

and ... See full review
posted a comment on Christian Löffler - York. over 3 years ago
all thrillers, no fillers
posted a comment on Various - Delusions Of Grandeur. over 3 years ago
and the vinyl finally landed in uk today
posted a comment on Goldie - Timeless. over 3 years ago
not that i've found and I have been keeping tabs on it for years.
posted a comment on Pryda - Evouh / Wakanpi / Rakfunk. over 3 years ago
arguably the best pryda vinyl to date, Wakanapi is the meaning of epic prog house, Evouh is pretty awesome too!
posted a comment on Various - Untitled. over 4 years ago
not sure where mine came from but it is also the same.
posted a comment on S/O/R* - Big Bass Drum. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Jamie xx - Gosh. over 4 years ago
for what its worth mine sounds fine but its no problem for the other guys, this strictly mega limited small run pressing seems to be a scam and everyone on the planet seems to have eccess stocks, last time I buy a jamie xx ltd edition anything tbh.
posted a comment on Apparat - DJ-Kicks. over 4 years ago
those two tracks are on vinyl on the separately available 3 track E.P.
posted a comment on Dølle Jølle / John Talabot - Balearic Incarnation / Matilda's Dream. over 5 years ago
Labels are printed on wrong sides on mine . . . . . . . . great record though!
posted a comment on Paganini Traxx - Zoe. over 5 years ago
discogs and prices confuse me at times, this is one of those times.

how is this for sale for £0.20p ? madness
posted a comment on Ryan Davis - Fawna. over 5 years ago
Andre Sobota Remix is the meaning of all that is epic
posted a comment on B.I.G. (3) - A Promise. over 5 years ago
an atmospheric journey of blissed out cinematic emotion, I wish more tunes where made like this.

this is in my top 10 all time records ever made for sure!
posted a comment on Souvlaki - Inferno. over 6 years ago
Kali Nikita is on XHOT 101 and Jive 0516030, this was one of those "dont tell anyone what it is" tracks and I believe even today it is still listed as ID or Unknown on tracklists for sasha et al by people trying to spot the tracks.
posted a comment on Apparat - Ash/Black Veil. over 8 years ago
need a vinyl release of this pls
posted a review of Rone - So So So. over 8 years ago
So So So is the big (cool) tune of this summer, all three tracks are well worth the purchase.