I stopped with Gabber Music 1997 when it became slow...

but it's still a good nickname.
- More than 800 updates on artists and labels
- More than 1500 releases edited
- More than 500 images uploaded

My collected styles are:
ACID Trance, (Hard) ACID Techno, UK Middle Skool Hardcore, Happy Breaks, Real Goa Trance, UK Oldskool Hardcore, ACID Goa Trance, ACID, Freeform, Trancecore, Happy Hardcore, ACID Breaks, Bigbeat, Fullon Psy-Trance, Drum & Bass & Jungle, Hard Trance, Ambient, Lounge.

My favourite artists are:
Hardfloor, Geezer, Choci, DDR, Cores, Astrix, Domestic, Xerox & Illumination, Chakra, X-Dream, Astral Projection, Prana, Pleiadians, Electric Universe, The Prodigy, Future Primitive, Brisk, Ham, Fade, DJ Force & The Evolution, DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer, CLSM, Bang!, Sharkey, Slipmatt, Billy 'Daniel' Bunter, Justin Time, Ramos, Supreme & The Sunset Regime, Technical Itch, Future Prophecies, Remarc, Michael Da Brain & Frank D. Noise, Omar Santana, The Speedfreak, E-De-Cologne, Da Predator, Chosen Few...

I don't like most of:
Black/RnB, Techno, Vocal House, Eurotrance, IDM, Glitch, Experimental Ambient, Minimal, Noisecore

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posted a review of Electric Universe - Silence In Action. over 18 years ago
Disappointing to some, excellent to others.
This album goes in the hard 2006 Fullon direction, but you still get the special Electric Universe vibe. Many of the melody sounds are oldskool Goa.

First track comes with a nice rolling bassline,... See full review
Optokoppler - Replugged
posted a review of Optokoppler - Replugged. over 18 years ago
Great album! "In To The System" is a powerful track, clubby but still psy-trance with lots of rhythm. I enjoy these basic energy arrangements in 2005 by Astrix, Xerox & Illumination and GMS. I can understand people calling this fluffy, unfresh and... See full review
Various - The True Skool E.P. 4
posted a review of Various - The True Skool E.P. 4. over 19 years ago
I don't like "Keep On Going" because it's always a bad idea to create a stompin techno beat from a cutted breakbeat, the acid drill is crap, the piano melody is weak and worst of all: Bexxie's singing.
Wizbit with a real freeform track. great drum n... See full review
Darren Styles + Breeze* Plus Hixxy - Clubland X-Treme Hardcore
posted a review of Darren Styles + Breeze* Plus Hixxy - Clubland X-Treme Hardcore. over 19 years ago
"3-10 Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison (Hixxy Remix)" is not the Hardcore Till I Die (HTID) mix that appeared on some previous compilations.
Hixxy updated this remix, leaving out some breaks and weak parts with too much of the original hardcore... See full review
The Destroyer - Sicilian Antibitch EP
posted a review of The Destroyer - Sicilian Antibitch EP. over 19 years ago
Excellent EP, really really f. HARD. The Destroyer has the ability to create an evil hard fast track without getting boring and annoying. He uses interrupting strange parts with phases of pure highly distorted kickdrum punching in your face. It's... See full review
Teknotyx - Time Becomes A Loop
posted a review of Teknotyx - Time Becomes A Loop. over 19 years ago
A 303 must not be kept in the low-cut-off-cage, this creature needs freedom. Imagine aliens visiting you, they do not understand you, they do not seem to be friendly, you take the shotgun and shoot them, they don't care, no effect. You shout, you... See full review
Pleiadians - I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object)
posted a review of Pleiadians - I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object). over 19 years ago
I love this excellent alien goa so much! All tracks are corrosive shooting stars. Most sounds high resonance, acid basses, acid melody synths, acid bleeps, acid bubbles, aliens transmitting audio data into your brain. Every track is in motion from the... See full review
U.S.U.R.A. - Drive Me Crazy
posted a review of U.S.U.R.A. - Drive Me Crazy. over 19 years ago
The rap is crappy, the vocals are okay but the Infinity Mix has one of the best eurodance melodies i've ever heard.
posted a review of Hardfloor. over 19 years ago
It is difficult to answer the question "What is your favourite artist?". It depends on many things. If I had to answer it, only choose one artist, no matter what style, hiphop, rock, classical, soul... i would choose Hardfloor.
Sophisticated,... See full review
Liquid Crystal - Three Track E.P.
posted a review of Liquid Crystal - Three Track E.P.. over 19 years ago
let me just say a few words about radiate, the sweet pearl resting in peace on this vinyl, never been on a compilation, never got the attention it deserves. the piano melody hits the right chords, i repeat, together with the strings, the damn right... See full review
The Timespan / Luna-C - Remix Records & Kniteforce Present 'The Remix's' Part 5
posted a review of The Timespan / Luna-C - Remix Records & Kniteforce Present 'The Remix's' Part 5. over 19 years ago
Holy record. This Remix of Shout Now is a top class choon and improves the weak original version very much. Stomping distorted basedrum with breakbeat assistance. Two funny and a bit cheesy hardcore melodies that make you smile. But the best is the... See full review
Public Domain
posted a review of Public Domain. over 19 years ago
Sell-out rubbish act, forcing the holy bassline from Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Remix) to fit into mtv-compatible fast-food techno. Contains a sample of Flavor Flav / Public Enemy. After that success another Public Enemy sample was warmed... See full review
Cris.E.Manic* - Composition B / Leon AZ1465
posted a review of Cris.E.Manic* - Composition B / Leon AZ1465. over 19 years ago
There is only one real Anthem now - and that is "Composition B" for all time. Now there are three imperatives of an Anthem, three requirements that the prudent man must face with unblinking realism : the first imperative is the elementary necessity of... See full review
Trip Hazard - One Drug / You Will Obey
posted a review of Trip Hazard - One Drug / You Will Obey. over 19 years ago
"One Drug"... Again another great ugly and dirty piece of acid! If you liked Unlucky Punk & Blow The Bloody Doors Off (by Magnum Force) then this is a must-have. They sound all the same with a large break after 5,x minutes. Voice samples, drum roll... See full review
Rob Acid - Voltage EP
posted a review of Rob Acid - Voltage EP. over 19 years ago
Respect! All four tracks are work of art, as said before the tritone sound "evil" track "Voltage" is very well done. Moonwalker has some psytrance elements from a distant world. I like the naughty slippery 303 in "Cutoffboy" and "Pink" is a pleasant... See full review
Brain Recordings
posted a review of Brain Recordings. over 19 years ago
This is crazy psycho stuff. It is probably called "Brain Recordings" because a damaged Brain is required to like this kind of music! ;-)
Brain records sound all the same: starting with a weird basedrum only, adding some other drums and strange... See full review
posted a review of Scooter. over 20 years ago
Scooter is the hugest mountain of crap of all time. They never wanted to be artists and i assume most fans have never been involved much into music. Scooter were always polarizing, they have been took off and they could laugh about themselves. Their... See full review
The Montini Experience II* - Astrosyn
posted a review of The Montini Experience II* - Astrosyn. over 20 years ago
Astrosyn is not only a good hardtrance track, it is divine. It´s simple but perfect, forget the remixes because the original mix is just not improvable. 303-like accents to the bassdrum and the main sequence melody morphing, cooking the crowd for a... See full review
Dowster - Something / X-Hale
posted a review of Dowster - Something / X-Hale. over 20 years ago
Track A samples "Lasgo - Something" U could even call it a cover version, euphoric rushing synths and typical modern happy hardcore beat arrangement. i´d say the hard beats and energy improve the original track.
Track B is not bad, no vocals, just a... See full review
Various - The True Skool E.P.
posted a review of Various - The True Skool E.P.. over 20 years ago
This is a really good KFA one. "The Reload" uses the melody of the famous song "The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony" (...that they took from an orchestral version of Rolling Stones - The Last Time and that has been composed by David Sinclair Whitaker)... See full review
Cappella - U R The Power Of Love
posted a review of Cappella - U R The Power Of Love. over 20 years ago
Maybe you´re wondering where Cappella stole the melody of the "String Mix" it is from the movie "For A Few Dollars More" with Clint Eastwood. The lovely tune was composed by "Ennio Morricone" the title is "Il Vizio Di Uccidere"
Dynamic Intervention - Bigger Kicks / Deeper Kicks
posted a review of Dynamic Intervention - Bigger Kicks / Deeper Kicks. over 21 years ago
bigger kicks... : merciless f**king beat, hard hihat, freaky synthetic basedrum. combined with 2 excellent 303 basslines, one floating echo loop, later added a hard uplifting energizing bassline. euphoric straight acid techno that makes ya wanna move.... See full review
Magnum Force - Blow The Bloody Doors Off / A Right Bunch Of Charlies
posted a review of Magnum Force - Blow The Bloody Doors Off / A Right Bunch Of Charlies. over 21 years ago
magnum force again with straight good work. hard acid techno, both tracks are fine. "blow the bloody doors off" reminds me of their classic hit "unlucky punk" similar beat, rhythm elements. also contains 1:30 without the beat, heating it up with... See full review
Magnum Force - Unlucky Punk / .44 Calibre
posted a review of Magnum Force - Unlucky Punk / .44 Calibre. over 21 years ago
.44 calibre is one of my alltime favourites. not "evil" like unlucky punk, but a straight perfect euphoric raving extatic acid track. touching exstatic acid that makes the crowd cheer and moan
Happy Tunes / Midas - Rushin' On Pink Champagne / Imperial March (Star Wars Mix)
posted a review of Happy Tunes / Midas - Rushin' On Pink Champagne / Imperial March (Star Wars Mix). over 21 years ago
i give it full points, the looped triolic breakbeat is fine, well arranged, some funny elements, scratches and "snaredrum melody" (dunno how to call it *g*)
but the best is the vocals together with piano and squares. really thrilling f# minor with e... See full review