I'm sorry folks, i can't provide xeroxes, scans, or mp3 rips, please don't ask, thanks.

Glad that the Violent Tumor - Abortion 7" EP finally gets some recognition, it shows how good it is.

Thanks to G.T., J.F.J., D.M., A.A., R.R., C.S., A.W.C., C.R., L.G., R.B., B.M. (RIP), F.L., J.M., H.S. and L.C.

It's been 14 years, thanks to Wegi and kwulf for helping me back then. And to Howard (Chicago).

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Chronic Disorder - Fred
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Decry - Decry
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Health Hazard - Not Just A Nightmare
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Rudimentary Peni - The Bile Ball At Kings Cross, London N1 – 16th January 1982
posted a review of Rudimentary Peni - The Bile Ball At Kings Cross, London N1 – 16th January 1982. 8 months ago
The top picture on the reverse isn't Rudimentary Peni! Ha! Ha!

Indeed, that's Chris Baker (6) from Part 1. I saw them in 2014, pretty good, impressive show.
Misfits - Walk Among Us
posted a review of Misfits - Walk Among Us. 11 months ago
This is the best sounding Walk Among Us Release I have ever heard!!!!!!!!

Same plates as the US press, see the BaOI info: Misfits - Walk Among Us.
Lobotomia No!!! - Dov'è La Pace ?... ...Dov'è La Libertà ?
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Hüsker Dü - Land Speed Record
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My original copy with lyric insert has the following unofficial but pretty cool hype sticker still on shrinkwrap, definitely written by an early fan of the band, from some record store:
Wretched / Indigesti - Wretched / Indigesti
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[quote=Touki] I just bought a second copy because it was very clean and wanted to upgrade my old one. Sleeves are both the same and both without the price stamp... the records are different, definitely pressed on two different machines, one is... See full review
Terveet Kädet - Kädet Suojelee EP
submitted Terveet Kädet - Kädet Suojelee EP. over 3 years ago
Sin 34 - Die Laughing
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Various - Yalta Hi-Life
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An unlisted 1991 repressing on Barabbas Records also exists. Released at (approx.) the same time as the Kaaos - Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos LP repress.
Von Bøøm - Von Bøøm
submitted Von Bøøm - Von Bøøm. over 6 years ago