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My praise goes out to Yano, Baldelli, Egger, TBC, Loda, Corrado, Fary, Pery, Fattori and to that special cosmic tape from LSD "spectaculum mundi"

A big emotional hug to the "Ultraschall" Crew @ Flughafen Riem. You taught me to fly!

Love & Peace
to ya all
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posted a comment on Nyrabakiga* - Cor Corona. 16 days ago
Positivly I have to admit that all releases on Spaziale Recordings are excellent and perfect sounding. Afro cosmic gold diggin. This one release is all nuts, i have a yano or baldelli mixtape with this song and it drove me crazy like nowadays. Happy to ... See full review
posted a comment on Bufiman - Albumsi. 19 days ago
You are right, and that is exactly the same what i have thought about the "Instrumentalmusik Von Der Mitte Der World". His grooves are simply next to humans` body rhythmic and gives you the feeling of a deep meditation.
posted a comment on Flørist - 4 Letter Word. 24 days ago
There is an sully slick overwhelming amount of acid in the 4 letter word. LOVE would fit or TRUE or ACID or GLOW.And Horn is spelled like an ultra perfect driven beat track shed like sounds and galore.
posted a comment on Greta Wohlfahrt - Jargon Der Eigentlichkeit. about 1 month ago
Sorry guys, this is perhaps really too much out of this world. A1 is almost somehow earthly acid but B1 is simply to different that it could be thought on this planet; B2 is then, how infantil, the almost perfect oposite of B1. Gaudi meets Carlos ... See full review
posted a comment on Vakula - Acid Tools. about 1 month ago
Vakula does Acid! Nothing more to say. . Everything from hard dry to molten metal is spirited done here.Nothing less you would expect., Fierce gentle acid sirenes... I wonder if he has used a real TB303?!?
posted a comment on Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt - Dub Dub Dub Dub Dub - The Wmnw Remixes. about 1 month ago
Du Dub Dub Dub DUb, #smile , Dub Du Dub Dub, #smile, DububDub Du DubDub, !braincells leave to vacation on a sunny island....
Wolf and Niklas are infecting each other with a very specal, certain overwhelming humor that leads to the most delightful and ... See full review
posted a comment on Earl Zero - None Shall Escape The Judgement. 2 months ago
wow, my spiritual tree, wow. this is spiritual and lethal reggae music frrom roots of it all. love and empathy. Jahs rule,
posted a comment on Von D, Rider Shafique, Hypho, MORESOUNDS - Remixes. 2 months ago
Brown clear marbled otherworldly gem of a dub record, with that big voclas neccessary. nice to own it. moves my mood to positive every time i hear this.
posted a comment on Lego Edit - The Afro-Soul EP. 2 months ago
Real good moves here, these two tracks are a little bit like the standard repetoire, but if they were that like well remixed and thought they are a gentle highlighht. Warm welcome and dance!
posted a comment on Karenn - Grapefruit Regret. 3 months ago
Whomp, evry track is a banger, i play some of them at -6, forgive me.
Perfectly thought techno music. Always sophisticated never boring.
posted a comment on Mode_1 / Duncan Macdonald (4) - Super Sound Tool #1. 3 months ago
ACID, BABY! on the glorious b-side with really nice sound quality.
posted a comment on Itinerant Dubs - It's Magic. 3 months ago
Wonderfull record, you can hear the prgression they made. all three tracks stand out in their own style with a pefectly dosed amount of acid and dub. Stupenda!!
posted a comment on Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven. 4 months ago
This is defintly a opulent rich sounding press of the über classic rock hymn. I get never tired to play this gem on my decks, flashes me everytime!!
posted a comment on Samo DJ* - To Apeiron EP. 4 months ago
Record plays 45 RPM, i think. Then you have a nu cosmic rocket that launches right next to terrje and lindstrom, Bangs down with great impact!
posted a comment on Fela Kuti - K Civ Edits. 4 months ago
Nahawa Doumbia - N'Teri (K Civ Edit)
Will this ever see a release???? This is blinding good!
posted a comment on Locked Club - Svoboda. 4 months ago
@ brundlemuseum: Very warm welcome for this heavyweight information. I love the video you linked in. Namaste and peace!
posted a comment on Rising Sun Psyche* - Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine. 5 months ago
On and on goes the great run from Rising Sun. All is six star bangers no hangers.
posted a comment on Four Tet - Anna Painting. 5 months ago
What musical genius Kieran has! All resistance is melting away the A side, Sarahs painting. A lush but overwhelming house track.
posted a comment on Dubkasm - Rastrumentals Remixes Part 1. 6 months ago
Oh Bwoy, the B-Side is next to Mutabaruka heaviness. Respect & Peace!
posted a comment on FaltyDL / Benny Ill - Faltydl X Benny Ill. 6 months ago
Benny Ill . It is safe is such a winner.
posted a comment on Rod Modell - Captagon. 6 months ago
What a rush! the beats are straight out of the old Tresor basement. WIth light and airy melodies and chords, a little acid poured over it. Forceful but easy!
posted a comment on Call Super - All We Have Is Speed. 8 months ago
Holy shit, this has a seriously cool reminiscence to ACID JESUS. And to Butterfly skull.
posted a comment on Mike Parker - Early Works. 8 months ago
I own a copy of this wax and i can not hear any defects but I dont have the originals to compare.
But I think the label and the artist would not have taken the effort of remastering and rerelease if the sound of the silver vinyl will not satisfy.
posted a comment on TV.OUT - TV.OUT. 8 months ago
Well, this is an outstanding techno release because tv.out tried to give an insight in the liife of tel aviv, in a sonic and musical way.I feel and see the situations or sketches of life, for example blackout sounds like a missle alert during friday ... See full review
posted a comment on Regal (2) - The Eyes. 9 months ago
Despite RA.s review, i like this a lot because there is some church of extacy in these tracks. And C.O.E. then ruled the world.
posted a comment on Pépé Bradock - What A Mess!. 9 months ago
Next to incredible. Throwing all unneeded specifications of dance music over board and created an magical journey, this is what Pepe did here. Abstraction level: Shackleton. With slightly more jazzy and housed moodyman vibes. Deliteful!
posted a comment on Golden Baby - Forgotten World 1. 10 months ago
yeah man, just let them pass by, let it go, flow, away. peaceful vanishing in the mist. eternal nothingness. :-)
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Robert Hood - Protein Valve EP. 10 months ago
You are so right, the "deal with us" sample sticks in my head for 25 years. As i read your comment i instantly had it in my mind, for hours.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Lee 'Scratch' Perry* - Disco Devil Vol. 1 (5 Classic Discomixes From The Black Ark Studio 1977-9). 11 months ago
Oh man, thats so glorious! I am sweating of this toughness.A1 is surely the reasonn but A2 is surly the winner!
posted a comment on Falty DL* - Mean Streets (Part One). 11 months ago
Nah, you are wrong. This is good music. Dont be stiff and unflexible.
posted a comment on Efdemin - New Atlantis. 11 months ago
This is an exceptional good techno album. Top 10 in the last 5 years. So much variance in style and mood, having an overwhelming sense for the inherent dependence as how conceptual music is working, Chapeu, master Sollmann!
posted a comment on cv313 - Glass City Sessions. about 1 year ago
6 stars rating from my side. Not a single minute is boring or unnecessary on this glorious album. Dub techno hypnosis par excellence!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Shackleton - Furnace Of Guts. about 1 year ago
No one is creating the same hypnotical and mystical protothesis of dance music like Mr. shackleton does. this is a blinding ray of music.Mind melts into groove and spheres.Like looking into this eternal white light, but with strobo.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Carcass - Symphonies Of Sickness. about 1 year ago
ruptured in purulence, was the bad motherfucker who melted everything together. grindcore, death metal and punk. it links to the next song "empathological necroticism" wich also splashed hard guitar rhythms with some always changing rhythm sets. at last ... See full review
posted a comment on Buttechno - Super Siziy King. about 1 year ago
Dunno, but the Mr heroin track sources in an avantgard pop song from yugoslavia. err no from russia.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Collapse EP. about 1 year ago
Perhaps limited means that the further coming represses will not have the silver foil?
posted a comment on Mutable (2) - Mutable02. about 1 year ago
I really like the acidicic touch of the whole release, viva la acid!
posted a comment on JK Flesh - New Horizon. about 1 year ago
"Dead Alien Landscapes" comes to my mind while listening. Mills, Regis and Surgeon are dancing around a black fire.
Genetics is the advance from regis speak to me or surgeons badger bite. Never heard a song before coming closer to those .
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Collapse EP. about 1 year ago
Despite the hype that rose around this record, it is my record of 2018. I love the poppy afx gore.
posted a comment on Hamilton Bohannon - Lets Start The Dance. about 1 year ago
So you think it is worth being bought? La la
posted a comment on Raime - Am I Using Content Or Is Content Using Me?. about 1 year ago
Same madness with less beats, but this is still raime galore.
Nice shout out to Dresden!!
posted a comment on Ethiopian Records* - Ye Feqer Edaye / የፍቅር እዳዬ. about 1 year ago
Man, I really love your sense for music. Keep doing it like this!!! TalentedGiftedBlessed!
posted a comment on C.P.I. - Meine Hand. about 1 year ago
I like this psychedelic touch of some recent releases, this and Identified patient and things ... Thats more than a moll chord sadness feeling, it speaks from the soul. dark wave 123.
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