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My praise goes out to Yano, Baldelli, Egger, TBC, Loda, Corrado, Fary, Pery, Fattori and to that special cosmic tape from LSD "spectaculum mundi"

A big emotional hug to the "Ultraschall" Crew @ Flughafen Riem. You taught me to fly!

Love & Peace
to ya all
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posted a comment on Atom™ - 0​.​9. 8 days ago
astonishing and overwhelmig pack of techno muisc. beyond tracks and fuctionality, this is real touching music. CHAPEAU!
posted a comment on Secret Mixes Fixes - Fallen Heroes Vol.1. 13 days ago
Cant complain about the sound quality, this is edit business and therefor everything works out. Boom rush the floor.Hopping `round!
posted a comment on Various - TFGCX (10 Jahre TFGC). 13 days ago
Super dope showcase of the TFGC bouquet. Dive into the Düsseldorf tribalism O elctronic saturation O pop appeal.
posted a comment on Tenshin - Brainthump EP. about 1 month ago
Sorry, but the Galaxy track is one of my groundstones of techno. I had it on almost every tape i made in the early days, 92-93. Perfect hard spaced out techno, repetitative and brain melting. And then play RIAA Curve of HH003, maybe.
posted a comment on Ranking Joe - Love Jah. about 1 month ago
Perhaps a ten percent more jah chant wickedness than the Dennis Brown version on RJ-017. But on the other hand .. only jah will judge.
posted a comment on Little Roy - Battle For Seattle. about 1 month ago
Lithium and Come as you are, together they are in the top 20 of my 10er years better then best charts. most crucial reworks ever made!
posted a comment on Paranoid London - PLEDITS#1. about 1 month ago
the YMO edit is nice. perhaps far more than nice. Techno half step kisses wave coolness. YUMMI.
posted a comment on Fela Kuti - K Civ Edits. about 1 month ago
Hey K.Civ. friends, perhaps you can tell me a nice little story that was the reason for this lovely inspiration you had. please share it ....
posted a comment on Loud-E - Cherry Chocolate Chaud Vol. 2. about 1 month ago
Loud-E is a crazy guy making fuucking good remixes/edits/shrooms. I love his punky attitude. Master chief next to TT or Mori-Ra or Toy tonics.
posted a comment on C. Da Afro - Afro-Disiac EP. about 1 month ago
Sure, the original of the the Ze Roberto track is miles ahead, but this is also a nice edit, fitting it into modern grooves.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Edison Electric - Acid Hall. 4 months ago
please call it an edit or something, sampling means gratitude!
posted a comment on Truth (18) - Subchaser EP. 4 months ago
Is shadow samurai a hommage to Ni ten ichi ryu? Great uplifting dubstep with lots of bubblings and deepbass adventures.
posted a comment on Soul 2 Soul* - Back To Life (Zepherin Saint Remixes). 4 months ago
Tony Allen on the drums! So sad he is gone to his next life.Very nice and playful rework of the S2S classic.
posted a comment on Hoover1 - Hoover 1-4. 4 months ago
Second this and those high freq synths after the first break....... then this wicked tune progresses into a fulminant old skool rave monster.
Maaan, it totally wrecked me fantasy!*
posted a comment on Various - Documents 01. 4 months ago
that many directions with such high quality is exceptional. A musical smartbomb you can throw in every set at any time. like the deadliest kind of a virus.Montel kills it at the end.
posted a comment on COEO - Tonic Edits Vol. 5. 5 months ago
THANKS! for the Macia Maria edit. Such a good song, more than that, pure bliss!!! Also the Orlando Julius edit is mega. 1981 kicks with its disco boots right into your butt and blows glitterr in your ears.
posted a comment on Various - Volume 4 . 5 months ago
The dancefloor gets what the dancefloor wants. As usual !
posted a comment on Prince - (Sticky Like Glue) "The House is Ours". 5 months ago
An overwhelming house record, Prince gets the perfect groove treatment from Joe and Timmy. Joe Claussels remix grooves on and on and is never a single second boring, for 14 minutes. Joe should have produced a whole Prince album, imagine this!
posted a comment on Nina Simone - Blackbird (Special Unofficial Edits & Overdubs 12"). 5 months ago
I think it is the pure colour of a sunrise. Lifespending and full of hope!
posted a comment on Skatt Bros. - Walk The Night. 5 months ago
Finally, meanwhile i got the whitlabel copy. Big bad motherfucker of a track.
posted a comment on SW.. 5 months ago
In the 2020s SW has lifted his music up to a shining light loveliness with a wide and reaching sence of groove and outer worldliness. Nice to be witness of such a gorgeus evolution. Big CHAPAEU!
posted a comment on Identified Patient - Nerve Deposit. 5 months ago

The dude is always delivering. Best fresh electro tunes, hard they come but with spirit and melody!
posted a comment on Headland (4) - Waiting. 5 months ago
Heavy in every manner, the vinyl, the packing and the music pours out of the speaks like tar.
posted a comment on Mall Grab - Take Down Enemies. 5 months ago
Like the lft008 this is so overwhelming 90s vibes hitting u hard, good, perfectly produced, some bonzai, harthouse and edge vibes here. Master Blaster Sounds, YKWIM!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Djrum* - Hard To Say / Tournesol. 5 months ago
Boy,,, the silver side is sick!! Beats rushing, emo6toins flushing, raving royal!
posted a comment on Adaye - Turn It Up. 6 months ago
6 stars rating. Powerful funky afro disco gem. When the music starts playin..... what u gonna do?
posted a comment on Mall Grab - Positive Energy Forever. 6 months ago
Nice pack full of 90s reminescents of techno hardtrance whatever you might call it. little bit harthouse here, some labworks there.
posted a comment on Edison Electric - Acid Hall. 6 months ago
B1 is obviously a Toms Diner of Ms. Vega remix but the B2 i know but help me out! Heavy funny acid juicy vocal mixes. what about Acid Hall?
posted a comment on A Sagittariun - Live From The Sea Of Tranquility. 6 months ago
This record actually made me a little bit smarter as i googled the etching of side b and learned calmly somthing about its meaning.
Also 3 very good tracks, with slight big beat reminescents (A) and electro and techno (B) good groovers.
posted a comment on Various - Volume 4 . 6 months ago
It`s a good idea to pour some acid over your afro edits.
posted a comment on SW. - Night. 6 months ago
My favorite and there for best album of the year, amongst many others for sure. But this is a unique and perfect diverse mixture of styles but with its own fingerprint in every second. Electronic dub music.
Perhaps SW producing a Hey`O`Hansen album... See full review
posted a comment on Arp Frique - Minina Bem Li . 6 months ago
Stunning Afro-POP-House, perfect good party vibes on every track. Nice, nice! Well done.
posted a comment on Willie Williams* - Armagideon Time (Discomixes). 7 months ago
Perhaps they mean the discomix to be cut with a wider spacing of the groove on the record for better sound quality?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Gary Martin - Berlisque EP. 8 months ago
Good to see Gary back to his well known and beloved funky latin grooving sleaziness. Dirty sex and that filth under your nails, thats how he sounds again!
posted a comment on Skatt Bros. - Walk The Night. 8 months ago
This one is stuck in the pipe, really waiting for the release!
posted a comment on Elec Pt.1* - Acid Coloniae. 9 months ago
Really, really happy to have this jewel of acidsonic in my hands. Acid like it should be, driving, kneading, working, squelching with funkiness and stoic self consciousness. A perfcetly crafted masterpiece. Mike Ink would love this!
posted a comment on Various - Leo Zero 'Dub Psychedelic' Series. 9 months ago
Top perfect super hittin edits! Little bit of a magic one hit wonder but this hits the spot again and again.
posted a comment on Flower Crime - Kalte Fliesen. 9 months ago
Wonderful strange edits? and music by elin. Who has created a small but legndary bouqet of techno_house music. This now is some kind of minimalsitc wave, with paced techno beats and steel bath atmosphere.
posted a comment on Oall Hates - Tranceporter . 9 months ago
In my actual mood, acidic and upsetted, i prefer A2 and B3. Acid,heavy bass and beats, a little bit 90s touchy. Close your eyes and fly.
posted a comment on Dengue Dengue Dengue* - Humos Vol​.​1. 9 months ago
A lootbox full of splendid rhythms and south american feelings.DDD is AAA+
posted a comment on The Earthworm - Natural Glow. 9 months ago
How hard was it it to let you grow new legs`?
posted a comment on The Loud Age - The Second Siren. 9 months ago
Außergewöhnlich gutes Album! So much message havent been in techno since quite a while. And the sound design and music is perfectly matched in techno galore.
posted a comment on John Beltran - Hallo Androiden . 11 months ago
wow, perfect in every way is perfect in every way. uplifting detroit electro, more techno. the whole album is art!
posted a comment on Harmonious Thelonious - Company EP . 11 months ago
HT never ever fails to deliver exceptional and exceptional good music. His style is unique and quite diverse but always tended to groove and lushness.
posted a comment on Al Campbell - Collie Herb / World Crisis. 11 months ago
Collie herb is a stone cold classic, an everytime uplifting chant, best of reggae, profound everness.
posted a comment on Eberhard Schoener / Can - Earth Rising (Re-Edit) / Spectacular (Re-Edit). 11 months ago
Gold redug of the moment. Sorted as pure perfect dancefloor stuff.