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posted a comment on Tek Box - Express / Move Your Hips. 3 months ago
Because the original is awesome too...https://www.discogs.com/Mtume-Juicy-Fruit/master/85680
Now you can m-o-v-e your hips !-°
posted a comment on Night Club Records. 3 months ago
IMHO, Night Club Records represents the essence of what Chicago House Music really is...
posted a comment on Boo Williams - Big Fat Woman. 5 months ago
IMHO, the first part of the track is the most enjoyable dj wise.
I would have loved an extra version of that one with the first part edited...my 2 cents. Top track indeed :-)
posted a comment on Various - The Souls Of DSC Vol. 1. 6 months ago
...It is based on One Way feat. Al Hudson "Music" :-)
posted a comment on Mixx Vibes - Session I. 7 months ago
...and mainly Suzy Q "Get On Up and Do It Again" :-)
Many disco classics samples are used like The Glitter Band "Up The Glitter".
A very nice serie of projects from "Georgie Porgie" on one of the most brilliant labels from Chicago.
More than recommended.
posted a comment on D.J. Ron* - Mo Musik. about 1 year ago
Where did you get this info from ??? Thank you.
posted a comment on 0101 - Try To Kuchukua. over 2 years ago
That's exactly what I do personaly expect from the SJU. A pure bliss of deep house eletronica. Back to the raw baby.
posted a comment on Boo Williams. over 3 years ago
You can pick anything on Cajual/Relief/Guidance/Nepenta/Three to Five/Formaldehyd/Residual/Defender/DJAX/Maad...anything until 2000. Boo's been producing some very good tracks too lastly, check them out 'cause he's back with his very unique touch :-)
posted a comment on The Magi - Excursions E.P.. over 3 years ago
The main sample comes from the O'Jays "Sing A Happy Song". Well done DC :-)
posted a comment on GU* - Do. over 3 years ago
I have been diggin' for "Genie's Disco" sample for years and i finally found it unexpectedly while listening to some of my MSFB lp's back again. The original title track name is "In The Shadow" from the "Mysteries Of The World" LP.
That track from Glenn ... See full review
posted a comment on Glenn Crocker - We Have Arrived. over 3 years ago
"Entercourse Of The New Age" is available on the Atmosfear LP:
posted a comment on Unreleased Project (2). over 3 years ago
It is pretty strange to imagine this project could have gain the same fame Inner City had at the time.
If you just close your eyes and listen to these tracks, it really sounds like Inner City songs: soul techno disco.
In fact, this is Inner City ... See full review
posted a comment on Terrence Parker & Claude Young Jr* - The 4 Play E P.. over 4 years ago
If he really fell this way, i wonder why he never been in touch w/us about this issue, moreover the post on his page has been removed so i guess he changed his mind.
posted a comment on Terrence Parker & Claude Young Jr* - The 4 Play E P.. over 4 years ago
Vibes and Pepper has always drastically paid the artists and particulary very well in comparison to the vast majority of existing nu labels.
There was a deal between Terrence Paker and Claude Young on this reissue and they both had an agreement.
I can ... See full review
posted a comment on Nouveaux Nation - It's Just A Dream. over 4 years ago
Put your hands on it, you won't be disappointed, a perfect record and still cheap as hell on Discogs !
posted a comment on Weeks & Co. - Weeks & Co.. over 4 years ago
Super electro funk LP, such a pity "Tunnel Of Love" never got a proper 12" release...definitely worths the buy only because of that track !
posted a comment on Aaron Smith Featuring D'Bora - Going Round. over 4 years ago
You never can go wrong with UBQ and alongside "The Bues" by Logic, this is one of the truly best garage tracks ever produced...The original mix is the one. Merci pour tout messieurs !

posted a comment on Synchrojack - Archive. over 5 years ago
It's a locked groove of "Jimmin' Around" actually.
posted a review of Mtume - In Search Of The Rainbow Seekers. over 8 years ago
Outstanding album ! Half of the songs on this LP are simply amazing and remain real funk and groovers classics ! From "Give it on up", "You can't wait for love", "She's a rainbow dancer" or "So you wanna be a star". Highly recommended !
Viva EM-TOO-MAY ... See full review
posted a comment on Savas Pascalidis - De Tomaso Pantera. over 9 years ago
"This Is Reality" is based on Coldcut "Yes, Yes, Yes (Headmaster Mix)" track which appeared on famous "People Hold On" release.