Gizeh Records is an independent label based in Manchester, UK. Founded by Richard Knox in Leeds, 2004 and focusing on a fiercely DIY ethic, Gizeh has grown with it's artists over the years to form a strong community of musicians and artists from around the world, most of them collaborating together over the years across various projects, helping the label and those involved progress and evolve in an organic, inspiring and galvanising way.

It is our aim to conduct ourselves with modesty and humility in an ever changing industry. We put love, care and passion into our records and our artists and continue to push our ideals and our collective as far as we can within the means that we have. We have no care for genres or pigeon-holes - simply the noise of harmony and the harmony of noise and the inspiration and spirit of the people who are making that noise.

Recent Activity

Action Description
Shield Patterns - Contour Lines
submitted Shield Patterns - Contour Lines. over 9 years ago
A-Sun Amissa - You Stood Up For Victory, We Stood Up For Less
submitted A-Sun Amissa - You Stood Up For Victory, We Stood Up For Less. over 11 years ago
Glissando - The World Without Us
submitted Glissando - The World Without Us. over 11 years ago