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Photos on the cover and in the sleeve is taken at Vestkantbadet, Oslo, Norway. A public swimming pool just before it was renovated, after been closed for ten years. You can see the sink, mirrors and tiles. Vestkantbadet is most known for it’s mosaic work ... See full review
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Martin deserves this, what he have done both for Macmillan and The Touched series.
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33.1 Untitled 5:52
33.2 Untitled 3:09
33.3 Ich Bin So Froh 2:34*
33.4 Bonnie & Clyde 3:29*
33.5 Kom 2:32 (Reminds me of DAF/DOS song with the same name.)
33.6 Swarz Weiß Rot 4:20*
33.7 Liebes wasser 4:12 (Just guessing here)
33.8 Untitled 3:30

I don't ... See full review