Born May 7th, 1970. I started loving music at the age of eight, I should blame the music virus contamination on my cousin Johan...:) Saturday Night Fever, Grease, The Rubettes, Meat Loaf, ABBA, Boney M., Cheap Trick, The Flying Spiderz, Urban Heroes, Gruppo Sportivo, Vitesse, Herman Brood, disco, "beton", my first "Top 100 Aller Tijden", those were the days.

After he moved to New Zealand, I spent a couple of years in the "School of Metal" of his friend Martie. Michael Schenker Group, Accept, Y&T, Raven, AC/DC, those were the days.

February 1984. A Dutch radio show named "VARA's Verrukkelijke Vijftien". The Simple Minds, "Upon The Catwalk", Extended Mix. I was blown against the wall when I heard it. The love of the twelve inch was born, but it was out of reach for my money pocket.

At the age of 18, I started collecting, mostly dance and disco music. First a lot of vinyl: Dance Classics. Sometimes, I came home with 50 12" singles bought for a small price (record shops were trying to get rid of their vinyl).
Later also CDs. Turn Up The Bass. The Best Of 12" Gold. Streetsounds Anthems. Popclassics The Long Versions. The Spanish "I Love" series. Ben Liebrand's Grand 12-Inches. Dorian Wathen's 12"/80s. A multitude of vintage Disky long versions CD boxes. All Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince albums. I created megamixes with just a second-hand turntable, a CD player and the pause button of my cassette recorder.

During my student life, I was taught about alternative music. The Manchester movement. Nirvana. Pearl Jam. But also rehonoured "bad taste" 80s music. Wham! New Romantics. Blitz. Camp. Dutch language pop groups. "Nederpop virus".

I discovered my parents' attic. Old Dutch beat records. Tee Set. Sandy Coast. Golden Earring. Earth & Fire. Q '65, the Dutch Rolling Stones. The Outsiders, the Dutch version of The Who. Stories about smashed guitars, wrecked limousines, demolished hotel rooms and band members fighting with each other. But also carefully saving money, finally buying your favourite 45 and listening to the chart show, getting excited whether or not your favourite 45 was climbing the chart.

My ballroom dancing classes brought me into the world of the crooners/GASB. Alma Cogan. Julie London. Connie Francis. Rosemary Clooney. Dean Martin. Matt Monro. Frank Sinatra.

And today, my life is filled with music: step class in the gym, ballroom dancing, visiting record and CD fairs, Ferry Maat's Soul Show, Radio Veronica's Long Versions, some live jams in my town, and since August 2006... Discogs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do not ask me to upload sound files, because I will not respond to such requests. Instead, collect your stuff yourself! (which is, in my opinion, more fun to do)
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posted a comment on Brass Construction - Brass Construction. 7 days ago
Only album I know where all titles are one verb.
Together, they sound like a concept album in reverse.
Typical things to make and do in a club.
You are dancing, have a nice chat with someone, make love with that someone, things do not work out the way... See full review
posted a comment on The Cats - Colour Us Gold. 20 days ago
The song "Shaving Cream" on this album is not an exact cover of the 1946 original.
Although it has the same melody, it has a different set of lyrics, also including lines rhyming on "night" and in the chorus, the words "keen" and "clean" are... See full review
posted a comment on Amii Stewart - Paradise Bird. 25 days ago
The track "He's A Burglar" starts with one of the most popular "breaking glass window" sound effects ever.
It was used in countless movies and other recordings as well.
posted a comment on The Rob Hoeke R & B Group* - Celsius 232,8. 29 days ago
Trivia: 232.8 degrees of Centigrade is the melting point of tin.
posted a comment on Earth And Fire - Memories (Complete Album Collection). about 1 month ago
Some questions and remarks about this box:

1. It seems to me that the single version of "Wild And Exciting" is missing. The album version was recorded in a different (later?) session so the single version cannot be an edit of the album track.
2. Is... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Nederbeat - Nederbiet & Best Beat. about 1 month ago
Makes me wonder which version of Ro-D-Ys "You Better Take Care Of Yourself" was used for this CD.
There are at least two versions known to exist.
The first was heard on the original 1966 single A-side: Ro-D-Ys - You Better Take Care Of Yourself.
The version heard on Various - Best Beat is an... See full review
posted a review of Ekseption, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra* - Ekseption 00.04. about 1 month ago
After recording three albums in a usual "rock band plus horns" setting, Ekseption decided to go for the big thing on this one.
Their third album was already a sign of things to come, most notably because of the "Piece For Symphonic And Rock Group In A... See full review
posted a comment on Marva Hodge & The Moody Sec - Let The Sun Shine In / 00-43-GM. about 1 month ago
The B-side is instrumental. Title "00-43-GM" is most likely taken from a license plate of a Dutch car... the sidecode specified was common between 1965 and 1973...
posted a review of Peter En Zijn Rockets* - Kom Van Dat Dak Af. about 1 month ago
Both songs on this single are the first ever rock 'n roll songs written in Dutch language.
That is, no translation of English-language originals.
(FYI: "Willem, Word Wakker" (1958) by The Butterflies was released before, but that is a cover of the... See full review
posted a review of ZZ & De Maskers* - Dracula !!! / Beat Girl. about 1 month ago
"Dracula !!!" (1963) is, as far as I know, the first ever beat record written in a non-English language.
posted a review of The Tielman Brothers* - Rock Little Baby Of Mine / You're Still The One. about 1 month ago
This single from 1958 is regarded as the very first Dutch rock 'n roll recording ever.
That is: not being a cover or an import.

As such, this single makes the starting point of a music genre that is known to many (even non-Dutch) as "Nederpop".
This... See full review
posted a comment on Locksmith - Unlock The Funk / Far Beyond. 3 months ago
Worth buying for the B-side, "Far Beyond", which was sampled by Basement Jaxx for their hit "Red Alert".
posted a review of Grand 12-Inches. 3 months ago
I recall the very beginning of this in 2003. After rebooting his Grandmixes on CD (kicking off with a Millennium edition), interest in dance music from the past started to rise. So Arcade, who originally released the Dance Classics series 1988-1990,... See full review
posted a comment on Stone - Time (Tic Toc Remix). 3 months ago
The Tic Toc remix starts with the same chimes and clock sounds as heard on Pink Floyd "Time". This makes me wonder how they got permission to use these samples, as it was/is a very hard job to get a Pink Floyd sample cleared.
Of course, there is a... See full review
posted a comment on Culture Beat Featuring Lana E. And Jay Supreme - No Deeper Meaning. 3 months ago
There seem to be three mixes named "Technology Mix": one running 4:05 on the remix CD-maxi, one running 6:01 on the remix-12" and one running 6:38 on the US 12".
Is the one on the remix CD an edit of the 12", or is the one on the 12" the Technology... See full review
posted a comment on Manhattans - Kiss And Say Goodbye / Wonderful World Of Love. 4 months ago
Some promo copies of this seem to have an explicit "X-Rated" version of "Kiss And Say Goodbye". This version has alternate, more "streetwise" lyrics in the intro. Makes me wonder what the background was... some kind of studio joke? Playing the fool... See full review
posted a comment on Donna Summer - On The Radio - Greatest Hits Volumes I & II. 4 months ago
Even though it is named as such: this is NOT a "Greatest Hits" album.
If it were, then songs such as "Could It Be Magic", "Winter Melody", "Love's Unkind" and "Rumour Has It" would be on it, which is not the case here.
Early hits as "The Hostage" and... See full review
posted a comment on Bee Gees - Boogie Child / You Stepped Into My Life / You Should Be Dancing / Subway. 4 months ago
Does anyone know whether these "special disco versions" are really what they are supposed to be, or if they are just re-edits of the album versions with repeated audio?
I'm asking this because I was heavily disappointed by the Saturday Night Fever... See full review
posted a comment on Prince Buster's All Stars - Al Capone. 4 months ago
Both "Baby Do You Wanna Bump" by Boney M. and "Gangsters" by The Specials are based on "Al Capone".
B-side "One Step Beyond" made famous by Madness.
posted a comment on Ben Liebrand - Grand 12-Inches 17. 4 months ago
Not the best in the series (10 was awesome) but nevertheless I'm grateful to Ben that he keeps doing this job. On the other hand: for how long will he do this?
Unlawful distribution, less companies willing to licence and master tapes wearing out are... See full review
posted a comment on Rod Stewart - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? (Special Disco Mix). 5 months ago
The US disco mix was also released in Belgium. Catalogue number is WB 26079 (catalogue number of album version b/w Dirty Weekend is WB 26078).
posted a review of Adriano Celentano - Prisencólinensináinciúsol. 5 months ago
Is this the first rap record? Could be.

Adriano Celentano probably never would have imagined the impact of this single. "Prisencolinensinainciusol" was written in some kind of fantasy language that only resembled some American English. By making the... See full review
posted a review of Pink Floyd - Echoes (The Best Of Pink Floyd). 6 months ago
First, I will throw the big word out (okay, it was said by others as well):

1. "Echoes" is NOT a "Greatest Hits" album (as is "1" by The Beatles).
2. "Echoes" is NOT a "Very Best Of" album (as are "1962-1966" and "1967-1970" by The Beatles).
3.... See full review
posted a comment on U2 - October. 6 months ago
Was the Dutch Countdown concert recording of "I Will Follow" (track 2-16) sourced from master or vinyl? When I hear this version on Dutch radio today, it sounds like a 45rpm 7" record not exactly centric on the turntable...
posted a comment on Santana - One Chain (Don't Make No Prison). 6 months ago
Early 1979, almost every artist was trying to do something with disco. So did Santana with "One Chain", originally a track from the album "Inner Secrets".
John Luongo did an excellent disco version here. This version will keep you on your dancing feet... See full review
posted a comment on Q65 - Love Is Such A Good Thing. 6 months ago
Worth buying for the B-side "Night". At the moment of first issue, it was one of the longest running single sides of a 45 RPM 7 inch record in the Netherlands.
(not sure about Henk Elsink "De Supporter" which was released 1970 and runs 12 and a half... See full review
posted a comment on George Baker Selection - Love In The World. 8 months ago
Only four songs ("Suicide Daisy", "Little Milly", "Don't Bring Me Down" and the closing title track) are exclusive to this release.
"Little Green Bag" and "Dear Ann" were already released on the "Little Green Bag" album.
"Midnight"/ "Sunday Lover" are... See full review
posted a comment on George Baker Selection - Holy Day. 8 months ago
This compilation album was made for the German market. All tracks were previously released in the Netherlands.

Most of the tracks (A2-3-4-6, B2-4-5-6) are taken from "Now!", their third Dutch album.
A1 and A5 are A- and B-side of a single.
B1 and B3... See full review
posted a review of Mark Van Dale With Enrico - Water Verve (DJ Quicksilver Remix). 9 months ago
What? Still no review yet? Time for a change.

Of course, it all started somewhere in the 1960s, when Andrew Loog Oldham recorded an album with orchestral interpretations of Rolling Stones tunes: The Andrew Oldham Orchestra* - The Rolling Stones Songbook. This was an album that was completely... See full review
posted a comment on Best Of 12 Inch Gold. 9 months ago
I remember buying the whole series of 21 CD volumes for a bargain in the early nineties. Of course, the series started at a moment when vinyl was still the leading medium, so most CDs are limited to what a single vinyl record may reasonably contain... See full review
posted a review of Various - The History Of Prelude Records. 9 months ago
This was one of the very first CDs I purchased. The year was 1989 and I already had some Rams Horn Records 12 inches in my collection (I liked these even more than the house / acid / new beat music that was around those days). On the back of the sleeves was a... See full review
posted a comment on Ben Liebrand - Grand 12-Inches 9. 9 months ago
I'm very curious which version of "Body Music" (track 4-1) is included here.
I guess it is the same version as the one included on the Unidisc CD compilation "12" Mixes" (SPLK-7011).
I know of the following versions:

- the 9:32 album version
- the... See full review
posted a comment on Enigma (2) - Disco Mix 1981. 9 months ago
As a matter of fact, I was looking for all four mixes, and having each one on a full side of a 12" record seemed a bliss.
Things changed when I found out that the versions of the mixes featured here are different from the ones on the original... See full review
posted a review of S.O.S. Band* - The S.O.S. Band 1980-1987: The Hit Mixes. 10 months ago
Mixed feelings about this one. I found this CD for a bargain at a record fair in 2012 and bought it, hoping to get my hands on the full 12" versions I was looking for for ages.

Positive: the seven tracks included on this compilation are indeed the... See full review
posted a review of Edelweiss - Bring Me Edelweiss. 10 months ago
Winter holiday 1988/1989. Internet, email and mobile phones were still a thing of the future, so the only way to find out which songs were popular in foreign countries was simply getting there; be it by road, by rail or by air. And upon arrival,... See full review
posted a review of Loleatta Holloway - Ride On Time. 10 months ago
A crazy story. Of course, it all started with Black Box and their "Ride On Time", which was a chart hit here in the Netherlands at the end of 1989. To be honest, I never really was a fan of the track.
Things changed after I purchased Arcade's... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Disco Discharge. Europa. 12 months ago
What makes it worse is that the "After Eight" album version exists in master quality (there are many compilations that have it, such as Various - Hit History '83 - Volume 29), and the 12 inch version is just a re-edit of it. The best version to use? Older releases may not get... See full review
posted a comment on Five - Let's Dance. 12 months ago
Although not sampled as such, the song "Let's Dance" was clearly inspired by Sharon Redd's 1981 disco hit "You Got My Love"...
posted a comment on Supersister (2) - No Tree Will Grow (On Too High A Mountain) . about 1 year ago
The B-side "Groupes Of The Band" sounds very much like a spoof to Group 1850, "Mother No-Head"...
posted a comment on Fullhouse (2). about 1 year ago
Agree; moved "Do It Right" and its appearances to entry Full House (17). Not sure about the flexi disc, though.
posted a review of Big Country - Chance. about 1 year ago
"Chance" by Big Country is one of the contrary examples I mention when people tell me I should listen to albums integrally, rather than separate tracks, mixtapes, beatmixed tapes or alternate versions.

Whilst the album version of "Chance" sounds... See full review
posted a comment on LaTour - People Are Still Having Sex. about 1 year ago
Of course, I may have misheard the lyrics. It's what I heard back then. I have examples of lyrics I misheard and/or misunderstood for *decades*... so I do not think there are two ifferent sets of lyrics to that song... unless someone actually proves... See full review
posted a comment on Pussycat (2) - Simply To Be With You. about 1 year ago
I was hoping to see the 9:16 twelve inch version of "Doin'La Bamba!" to appear here, but instead, the record company added the single version, replaced the album version by the single version and moved the album version to the bonus content.

At the... See full review
posted a review of The Motions - Wonderful Impressions. about 1 year ago
Wonderful impressions indeed... a great overview of the band's career; the songbook album makes its CD debut, so does the album Sensation. As this is a strictly limited edition: if you come across this box on a record fair: buy it!

Nevertheless, more... See full review
posted a comment on Golden Earring - The Complete Studio Recordings. about 1 year ago
I agree that this box set is fantastic. But there are still some tracks missing, hence making it not literally "complete" but merely "almost complete bar a few exceptions". Mostly alternate versions or tracks rejected by the band are missing. Here are... See full review
posted a comment on Boudewijn de Groot - Jimmy / Onderweg. about 1 year ago
The intro of "Jimmy" is largely inspired by the intro of "Sparks" by The Who (album "Tommy", 1969).
posted a comment on New Adventures - Backdoor Lovers. about 1 year ago
The intro of "Backdoor Lovers" is so close to Supermax "Love Machine" that it makes me wonder that it never came to a court case of plagiarism.
posted a review of Boudewijn De Groot - Picknick. about 1 year ago
This is the Dutch language counterpart of The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". After the release of aforementioned Fab Four milestone, Boudewijn was challenged to make the first ever Dutch psychedelic pop album. Although knowledge... See full review
posted a review of Boudewijn de Groot - Voor De Overlevenden. about 1 year ago
Just like Bob Dylan, Boudewijn de Groot (music) and Lennaert Nijgh (lyrics) were experimenting with folk music with electric backing. This is their second album. Pre-dating The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper" by four months, this concept album is all about... See full review
posted a comment on ApolloFourForty* - Krupa. about 1 year ago
It seems to me that the melody of "Krupa" is largely inspired by Gino Soccio's "S-Beat" from 1980... (played in D instead of E)