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Exit North - Book Of Romance And Dust
posted a comment on Exit North - Book Of Romance And Dust. over 3 years ago
I should say that recent projects of Steve Jansen are far better than the recent projects of his brother. I think that Jansen’s direction is really promising. Another great album, this time with Thomas Feiner, one of the best voices in the field. Wow.... See full review
Dead Can Dance - Dionysus
posted a review of Dead Can Dance - Dionysus. over 4 years ago
What a great concept album! Sounds like Spiritchaser which i think is one of the strongest DCD albums....performing is quite good with lot of emotions like DCD use to do..Anastasis is not as good as this very strong and much more coherent album.
submitted Duo Vitare - Canzonetta Italiana. over 5 years ago
Stanisław Soyka* Feat. Buba Badjie Kuyateh - Action Direct Tales
submitted Stanisław Soyka* Feat. Buba Badjie Kuyateh - Action Direct Tales . over 5 years ago
Superpitcher - The Golden Ravedays 5
posted a comment on Superpitcher - The Golden Ravedays 5. over 5 years ago
This series is simply remarkable. All these eps create the best album of 2017.
Laurie Anderson - Homeland
posted a comment on Laurie Anderson - Homeland. over 5 years ago
Masterpiece... masterpiece... masterpiece... the album is simply brillant. Album of decade? Maybe it is.
Blackfield - V
posted a comment on Blackfield - V. over 5 years ago
5 stars for production. No more loudness wars! Great! I hope that this is good sign for other bands.
Lambchop - FLOTUS
posted a comment on Lambchop - FLOTUS. over 6 years ago
Great record. Lots of beautiful harmonies. One of their best. Very brave effort but worthy of praise.
posted a comment on Opposition. over 8 years ago
Sad news, Marcus Bell passed away recently...
The Blue Nile - High
submitted The Blue Nile - High. over 9 years ago