Recording artist, producer & collector of vinyl & cd...

Huge fan of the 90's trance & hard trance movement mainly from the years 1991-1998

Also a fan of many other genres from those years like house, euro house, ambient / downtempo as well as the 70's & 80's..

I do enjoy the odd new trance & house track here & there.. but the best of dance music is in the past for me...



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posted a comment on LSG* - Netherworld. over 5 years ago
can't agree with you more mate, this is one of his best works along with blueprint & hearts.
posted a comment on Slyder - Score. over 5 years ago
Still one of my all time favorite trance tracks, like 99% of fans of score, I first heard the track in GTA3, its a real shame this got no airplay from the worlds top dj's at the time, and its probably still not that known to many, this is what you would ... See full review
posted a comment on Suck Me Plasma. over 6 years ago
One of the best trance & hard trance labels of the 90's in my opinion, unfortunately not as widely recognised as it should be, countless tracks from this label are heard on major compilations such as the Trancemaster series.

Highly recommend browsing ... See full review
posted a comment on Mirage - Airborn. over 7 years ago
What a track by Oliver Lieb, an absolute classic that I highly doubt anyone who doesn't know the history of trance & experimental electronic music would know of or even like, this is what trance stood for before it became commercialised, great melodies & ... See full review
posted a comment on Vangelis - Blade Runner. over 7 years ago
An album that showcased how important the right music & sound effects are to make a memorable film.

Vangelis wrote this music to perfection, capturing all the emotions and feelings you need to feel what you are seeing, hair raising stuff thats for ... See full review