I like especially '90s dance music. House, deep house, garage house, tech house, breakbeat, big beat, drum and bass, techno etc.

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posted a comment on Mental Instrum Feat. Superman's Bodyguard - Hard Lay St. / State Of Soul. 11 months ago
Based on the sound, I'm guessing this is from 1994-1995, but it would be interesting if anyone knows the year exactly. I like the track "State Of Soul (S.B.'s Direct Mix)" on this.
posted a comment on Norman Cook. about 1 year ago
Norman Cook is a dance music legend for sure. My favourite era of his music is late '90s Fatboy Slim, especially "You've Come A Long Way, Baby".

He is amazing at finding the right samples from soul, hip-hop, funk and rock records and using them... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Steaw. about 1 year ago
DJ Steaw is one of my favourite house producers of the 2010s, Stay In My Head EP, White Journey EP, Everydayz EP, A Deep Funk Experience EP, West Side EP, Aquarius EP, Delirium EP, Frogman EP, all great. He also makes great techno and tech house as Steaward. See full review
posted a comment on Wayne Gardiner. about 1 year ago
Wayne Gardiner is a legendary deep house producer. Listen to tracks like Classic Man '93 - Rapid Winds, Keepin' On (Classic Man Mixdown), Logic - The Final Frontier (The Groove) or Essence - Just A Touch (Jazz Element Mix). Sublime sound.
posted a comment on Smack. about 1 year ago
One of the best production teams in house music history. They have an addictive signature sound that you can listen to over and over again.

Any fan of 90s garage and deep house who doesn't already know them should give them a listen.
posted a comment on Victor Simonelli. about 1 year ago
Victor Simonelli is way too underappreciated. The garage house he produced in the 90s is some of the best made in this genre.
posted a comment on Jon Cutler Feat. E-Man - It's Yours. about 1 year ago
The Original Distant Music Mix is without exaggeration one of the best house tracks of all time. The deep rhodes, the bassline, the soulful vocals, the sax, very nice.
posted a comment on Niles Cooper. about 1 year ago
Big talent. His music has a good 90s-style electronic/dance music quality.
posted a comment on Eddie Perez. over 2 years ago
One the best garage house producers of all time with no doubt, just listen to something like Love's Got Me Swinging (Mentalinstrum Dub), Strength (Original Dub) or The More (Reach) (Change Of Life Vocal Mix).

He is masterful at creating funky/soulful... See full review
posted a comment on Jazz-N-Groove Present Northbound Featuring Moné - Never Gonna Be The Same. over 3 years ago
The J-N-G Vocal Club Mix is beautiful 90's garage house.
posted a comment on Kool Vibe - Catchin' The Vibe E.P.. over 3 years ago
I love House Fever, one of the most 90's sounding house tracks to come out in the 2010's.
posted a review of Grant Nelson. over 3 years ago
Grant Nelson is a UK house legend and definitely one of my favourite house producers of all time. I especially like that which he produced together with David Thackaray under the name "Ambassadors of Swing".
posted a comment on Kool Vibe - Time & Chances EP. over 3 years ago
Great release, it has that 90's garage vibe and feel to it. "High Up" is particularly good.
posted a comment on Kool Vibe - Groovin' EP. over 3 years ago
"Underground" samples vocals from Club House ‎– I'm Falling Too.
posted a review of DJ Duke Presents Freedom - Closer (Sean McCabe Mixes). over 3 years ago
"Sean McCabe Club Mix" is great, one of my favourite tracks.
posted a comment on Kerri Chandler. over 3 years ago
Kerri Chandler is one of the most famous and respected producers of the NY/NJ House sound.
posted a comment on The Wiseguys - Ooh La La. over 3 years ago
I love this track. It sounds very Fatboy Slim-ish (who is one of my favourite artists of all time).
posted a review of Rutilance Recordings. over 3 years ago
Nice label with great releases from talented producers. "Tomate Et Farcie", "Delirium" and "Heat" are the best releases so far in my view.
posted a review of Kool Vibe. over 3 years ago
Kool Vibe is part of the 2010's resurgence of 90's style Garage and Deep house music in Europe. I think he captures this sound very nicely with his typical garage percussion (big kicks, good and rich use of hats, snares and crashes), simple nice... See full review