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Due to working on so many projects I am unable to reply to offer messages or messages requesting sound clips or photos. Many thanks for your understanding. Please note that prices are set and I don't take offers. Prices are set according to rarity, how difficult it is to replace the stock, cost of replacing stock and how badly I want to sell. In many instances records are from my own personal archive, cherished items in my collection and only for sale at a premium price for those wishing to tempt me to part with them. It's why the stock is so comprehensive – as much of it has been hand cherry picked over the years and like you I've had to pay top dollar to acquire certain pieces. Time is a major factor in pricing for all sellers as the time spent sourcing and listing is sometimes overlooked – if you're a true digger this works out as lifetime of hard graft and dedication. We've got so used to tracks being available at the click of a button we often forget that they are there for a reason... someone somewhere has devoted their time to finding it, listing it and making it avaialble. Unlike downloads vinyl is a limited resource and once the record is gone it's gone which keeps the market so vibrant and unpredictable. If there's one thing I've learned about the tunes on my wants list... it's add to cart and get it while I can.

USA... Due to discogs applying a sales tax charge to our orders in addition to the order price you pay it is no longer viable to sell to the US via discogs. Sincere apologies but this is not our policy and we have no way to recoup the losses caused from the additional sales taxes we have to pay that are charged to us by discogs on behalf of the US tax authorities.

AUSTRALIA... As from 7 July 2018, due to the complexity of the Australian tax laws and collection system we no longer sell to Australia.

For customers who live in US and Australia, if you know someone who lives outside the tax zones, reach out to us and we are happy to sell to a friend or agent and you can then make arrangements for them to forward your order with the appropriate tax arrangements, custom forms etc.

Welcome to my lifetime passion... crate digging for rare and elusive connoisseur vinyl. I've set up several specialist groups on Facebook for music lovers so come and join the 24 hour interactive parties:





Currently playing with the legendary MC E-Mix as part of 'Diggin Deep' and the extended Mi-Soul family... If you love raregroove and deep funky vibes check out our shows:

Search '2Dam Funky' on mix cloud and listen to the Diggin Deep Shows:

Browse the HOLYGRAILS inventory and take advantage of 25 years of hunting down GRAILS from the vaults and a lifetime experience at the cutting edge of the underground dance scene.

Having been involved in some of the most ground breaking clubs on the London underground club scene I understand the passion you share for finding exclusive 'gems' and rare vinyl.

Being a collector myself I also understand the high standards you expect when ordering vinyl so I grade and pack your order to the same standard that I expect when ordering a record myself. No disappointing 'writing on label' on near mint records that wasn't mentioned in the notes... no flimsy card envelopes that arrive disappointingly with corners bent.

Every order, whether it be a £1.49 bargain or the rarest dub-plate on earth is professionally cleaned on a VPI machine.

OK, agreed, we may be a little more expensive than some other sellers on Discogs for our rarer and hard to find tunes but how many times have you opted for what looks to be the bargain only to find you have wasted your time and money on badly graded records that arrive in crap packaging...

If you want high quality then we are here... not for short term quick turnover profit or to offload our battered 2nds... but to provide you with superb quality high-end vinyl.

We work hard to ensure every order is completed to your 100% satisfaction and on the rare occasions when your item arrives that doesn't meet our high standards we offer a no quibble return and refund service covering all your costs. Simply follow the discogs guidelines of 'not leaving feedback before contacting your buyer' as we are here to ensure every issue is resolved.

So get adding those tunes to cart... When you see 'HOLYGRAILS' you know you can buy with complete confidence!

If you love your music and want to sample the magic of the London Underground club scene then join me on my facebook group. Event to follow shortly!
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