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posted a comment on Slop Salon - Meet Mr. J.. 2 months ago
epic ethereal bomb record... please enter at least 6 more.
posted a comment on Bounce (3) - Drop The Ball. 2 months ago
the b side is where the bomba is at brother.
posted a comment on Lou Karsh - Phantom Structures. 6 months ago
potentially the best release yet from one of the most promising artists of our time.
posted a comment on Lou Karsh - Ataraxia . about 1 year ago
Excellent, versatile E.P that seems to be in a lot of Dj's bag's at the moment. 10/10
posted a comment on Vulva - Doggy Bag. about 1 year ago
Ten available, starting at 156 dollars. Ridiculous.
The supply is there, why dont you try a reasonably price for the demand.