I was Born in 1988 .
I got into the Gabber scene in 1999.

I first listened early rave. After a few years I decided to focus on terrorcore and speedcore.
I started producing in 2001.
Then I got into the 2000s frenchcore and UKcore as we called it.
I got to play regularly at parties since 2006.
I discovered tekno, hardfloor in late 2000s, I listened some breakcore.
In 2008, I had a short period of listening death metal, followed by acid techno. Then started my journey into the world of psychedelic trance.
I started first with full on but quickly delved into the more advanced hypnosys provided by dark and forest psy.

I returned to hardcore in the early 2010s.
I listened and produced a slower type of hardcore with lots of industrial and psychedelic influences.
After 2012 my Dj appearances became very rare.
In the late 2010s, I shortly returned to producing faster hardcore with an experimental orientation.
Around early 2020s I decided to minimize time spent producing. I still collect and explore lots of sounds.

Ever since I got into hardcore gabber in 1999, music obviously had a permanent presence in my life. Ive always continued searching new, experimental sounds, reflecting my mindset and other experiences at the time.
One thing Ive always opposed, is music that is too predictable, commoditized.

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posted a review of Thunderdome. about 1 month ago
Thunderdome is iconic in the hardcore scene.
Thunderdome is so iconic that it often becomes a name to refer to the genre itself, and it is the most known compilation.
In retrospect, in the late 2010s and 2020s, we see that Thunderdome, ID&T, hardcore... See full review
Beyonder - The Wish
posted a review of Beyonder - The Wish. about 1 month ago
It gives you a big smile and goosebumps (kiekenvel / kippenvel in Dutch)
Nuff said, really.
DJ Gizmo
posted a review of DJ Gizmo. 2 months ago
There is a DVD series about all the DJ's of the Dreamteam.
In the episode about Gizmo, one can see the Mogwai named Gizmo from the Gremlins-movie in his home.
See at 0:44
Mouse - Untitled
posted a review of Mouse - Untitled. 3 months ago
My favourite track is Vitrine.
It has the most "minimal"-like approach.
Because there is a lot of emphasis on percussive elements, and on reverb, which give these percussive sounds a more "spacey" vibe. Meanwhile, the kick continues...

The other... See full review
Simon Underground - EpileptikMix4 - Momentum
posted a review of Simon Underground - EpileptikMix4 - Momentum. 3 months ago
Someone who offered this cd for sale in the marketplaced noted that this release has an "extra cardboard cover" but "misses the jewelcase backcover". I have another copy of this item which has the same characteristics, so I suspect this happened to... See full review
E-Core Traxx
posted a review of E-Core Traxx. 4 months ago
A Belgian label, started and active since late 90s into early 2000s. Very unknown, and all of its releases typically ended up in the clearance bins.
Yet if one actually listens to the releases, they are stylistically in the categories hard house,... See full review
S37 - En Ordentlig Omgang Røvsutning. Uden Ost - Tak!
posted a review of S37 - En Ordentlig Omgang Røvsutning. Uden Ost - Tak!. 4 months ago
According to discogs, the 2005 repress came in a black sleeve with a S37 sticker on it. If my memory serves me correct mine was bought in the mid to late 2000s, so I guess it was the repress, yet I believe I had a Strike sleeve, with the logo multiple... See full review
Angernoizer - Shut The Fuck Up!
posted a review of Angernoizer - Shut The Fuck Up!. 4 months ago
Excellent release. Old school terror & speedcore by Angernoizer.
"This Is Terror" has got that old school gabber kick, "Shut The Fuck Up" and "Jump the Fuck Up" have a type of kick we also hear in some Noisekick releases. (TIT 005, HardDrugz... See full review
Radium - Mythoman EP
posted a review of Radium - Mythoman EP. 4 months ago
Pyramid has got to be one of Radium's hardest tracks. No mercy is shown, just a bouncy Radium kick with some distorted weird sounds accompanying it!
As heard also on Harder Than U CD 2 mixed by Drokz..
Napalm - Napalm 3
posted a review of Napalm - Napalm 3. 4 months ago
One of my favo rekz, one of the best in the NAPALM series (the entire series is good). This one is one of the more guitar-oriented releases, whereas the others are more industrial sounding.

All tracks around 200-220 BPM. Excellent to mix, even in a... See full review
DJ Mutante - I'm Not A Jock!
posted a review of DJ Mutante - I'm Not A Jock!. 4 months ago
My personal preference is more towards the "dark" hardcore.
Mutante however, chooses the opposite approach. While his hardcore is certainly fast, he prefers to keep it lighthearted and humorous. It sounds very similar to the Speedfreak's style.

Most... See full review
909 Bass Line - Volume I
posted a review of 909 Bass Line - Volume I. 4 months ago
The red figure in the logo is actually based off of a statue found in Mexico, of the Aztec god of the underworld, Mictlantecuhtli.
Kovert - Jaffna (Pt. 1 & 2)
posted a review of Kovert - Jaffna (Pt. 1 & 2). 4 months ago
One of my favo records ever. Kovert focuses on music that is qua structure undeniably Drum n Bass, but the techniques are hardcore, there is influence of noise and industrial.

A broken rhythm, with lots of distortion.

Too hard for the average Drum n... See full review
Ron D Core - Mental Genocide
posted a review of Ron D Core - Mental Genocide. 7 months ago
One of the fastest and hardest releases on the Epileptik label.
All 3 tracks are in the Ron D Core Acid Speedcore style.
A track is 290, B1 is 250, B2 is 220.

While I priorly was mostly a fan of A and B1, Ive got to say that B2 is increasingly also... See full review
Stygmah & The Punisher - Speaker Blow Therapy
posted a review of Stygmah & The Punisher - Speaker Blow Therapy. 7 months ago
Stygma's side is my favourite.
Excellent 2010s hardcore. The BPM's started to rise, away from the slow 2000s.
Stigma's A2 has excellent guitar sampling in the breakdown with some drums as well. Of course I like that!
Lo-Fi (3) - Murder International
posted a review of Lo-Fi (3) - Murder International. 7 months ago
Murder International is my favourite here.
3/4 Millenium Hardcore, with that typical Italian edge to it.
The Main melody is goosebumps inducing.
A tiny bit faster than the Dutch hardcore of the time as well.
Liquid Blasted - Untitled
posted a review of Liquid Blasted - Untitled. 8 months ago
Looking back at it, my judgment needs to be revised.

Initially I heard of Liquid Blasted his releases on PKG ( Panical Mechanical) , DC (Back in USSR), NF (In-factorial). The sound on those releases sounds more "clean". In comparison this release,... See full review
Neuromancer (3) & Le Gawrique - Panawave EP
posted a review of Neuromancer (3) & Le Gawrique - Panawave EP. 8 months ago
This release comes from Russia.

Tsunami is one of the best hardcore tracks I ever heard. A slow broken beat intro, suddenly erupting into a genuine tsunami of sounds.
Nefureitu has a very psychedelic feel to it, lots of reverb on the synth fx sounds... See full review
Venetian Snares
posted a comment on Venetian Snares. 9 months ago
Venetian Snares is undoubtedly a versatile artist.

While his name is often connected to the "Breakcore" tag, that name alone tells not that much.
Venetian Snares is mostly known for hypersonic "breakbeat" music, but he combined those sounds with... See full review
Unknown Artist - Grey Area, Volume Five
posted a review of Unknown Artist - Grey Area, Volume Five. 9 months ago
Very forward thinking release.
All of the 4 tracks have original rhythms. This makes it not only original to listen, but also interesting and fun to mix!

There are a lot of percussive elements, yet the tracks have also a very ambient feel to them!... See full review
Acid Rockers - The Robot Pop EP
posted a review of Acid Rockers - The Robot Pop EP. 9 months ago
Orion is one of those perfect tracks. When it's finished, you only want to listen it again. It's a track that simply leaves you speechless. Its lack of vocals only adds to its mysterious nature.
You end up wondering what just happened. That's how... See full review
Dronelock & Ontal - Dead End EP
submitted Dronelock & Ontal - Dead End EP. about 1 year ago
DJ Sandy (4) Vs Housetrap - Overdrive
posted a comment on DJ Sandy (4) Vs Housetrap - Overdrive. over 2 years ago
"Germany creation"? My man, this is Belgian! I know there have been some historical "disagreements" on the borders but still. ;)
Gelstat / Basic Rythmic - Horserie 05
posted a review of Gelstat / Basic Rythmic - Horserie 05. over 2 years ago
A1 is not entirely the same "Hiwatt" as we find on "Magma As Peak 002".
Here we find a reworked version. I prefer the one on XPDIGI here.
The tempo is a bit slower, the bassdrum is much deeper and has that more "bouncy" effect on it.
Somewhere in the... See full review
Cannibal DJ - Fresh Flesh EP
posted a comment on Cannibal DJ - Fresh Flesh EP. over 2 years ago
Interesting viewpoint, going against the grain in speedcoreland.
I think Tron is as far away as one could be from people like No Name and Taciturne, yet still remain in the same speedcore / hardcore music category.
But I think the Fischkopf people and... See full review
Master Bation - House Of Hell E.P.
posted a review of Master Bation - House Of Hell E.P.. over 2 years ago
When I initially heard the record, I didnt like it too much.
At a much later time, years later, I started to appreciate it more.

And especially the track I initially liked the least:
B1, once in my youthful search for fast core, the slowest track was... See full review
Paul Birken - Memories Of Paul Birken
posted a review of Paul Birken - Memories Of Paul Birken. over 2 years ago
This is an interesting album. The style of all tracks is monotone minimal techno. Slow, hypnotic, repetitive.
But, something original about Paul Birken's work is that you can hear a lot of funny, funky sample usage. There is a sense of happiness and... See full review
Joshua (2) - Imas Qui Serat EP
posted a review of Joshua (2) - Imas Qui Serat EP. over 3 years ago
When I initially heard this release, I didn't like it.

Now that I look back on it, this is perhaps no less than one of the most experimental hardcore releases I know off.
Joshua's previously released NRTX 05 is far more "straightforward". That one is... See full review
Hard SL - Hello
posted a comment on Hard SL - Hello. over 3 years ago
"This Is The Life" captures my attention here.
A typical track of early 2000s Dutch mainstyle, especially on the Megarave label and its sublabels. 150-ish BPM. Lots of Pinhead vocals and some reverb-laden synths create an anthem-like, but still... See full review
Gremlinz & Jesta (2) - The Axe / White Dove
posted a review of Gremlinz & Jesta (2) - The Axe / White Dove. over 3 years ago
Powerful tracks!
Drum N Bass of the type that is experimental and dreamy at the same time! Quite original breakbeat rhythms, very hyperactive, yet at the same, both tracks are guided by dreamy, reverb-laden synths.. A journey into sound.. The artwork... See full review
Unknown Artist - Raver Bae / '91 Molly Trip
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Raver Bae / '91 Molly Trip. over 3 years ago
'91 is truly encapsulating what Rave and House music is all about.
Succinctly produced.
'91 is the magic of sound influencing the body. Instigating goose bumps and hypnotizing the mind, bringing you memories of... THE ZONE. Electro-acoustic shamanism.
Various - Merry Christmas You Suckers
posted a review of Various - Merry Christmas You Suckers. over 3 years ago
By no means it is the only X-mas-themed gabber release I dig.
But if I had to choose only one, this would be my pick.
Because, it has that typical Shockwave-style (originators of terror and speedcore) with a Christmas theme. It just has that little... See full review
Casseopaya - Somewhere In France
posted a comment on Casseopaya - Somewhere In France. over 3 years ago
Aquatic Wave is my favourite track here. Chill out vibes, of the imaginative dreamy type.
Memetic - Als Picture Systa / Rancid Envolution (Netas Revolution Remix)
posted a comment on Memetic - Als Picture Systa / Rancid Envolution (Netas Revolution Remix). over 3 years ago
When played at 33 instead of 45, I discovered that Picture Systa sounds like a downtempo industrial doomy track, which is also quite nice. The track works at both speeds, brutality ensured either way!
6Bal - Chapati Express 0010
posted a comment on 6Bal - Chapati Express 0010. over 3 years ago
6Bal utilized influences of many styles. One can recognize sounds from psytrance, hardcore, hardtechno, goa, acid,.. all utilized in 4 tracks of a unique mixture crafted by 6bal.

A rare record, a good, unique release on the french label Chapati,... See full review
Various - Thunderdome High ϟ Voltage
posted a comment on Various - Thunderdome High ϟ Voltage. over 3 years ago
People seem to complain about bad mastering and editing. But its Uptempo so I dont see what else one ought to expect?
Lobotomix - My Piece Of Mind
posted a comment on Lobotomix - My Piece Of Mind. over 3 years ago
I found this release a bit disappointing. When I think of Psychik Genocide, I expect some 200 BPM Frenchcore madness.
The CD was probably released to offer some Dutch style tracks to the label and its mostly French freetekno audience.
I imagine the CD... See full review
Radiotrance - The Russian E.P.
posted a comment on Radiotrance - The Russian E.P.. over 3 years ago
Vostok 5. Excellent example of what GOA trance is at its best.
Goosebumps inducing melodic madness.
A journey through sound.
Various - Legends On Acid Pt. #1
posted a comment on Various - Legends On Acid Pt. #1. over 3 years ago
What an amazing compilation. one acid banger after another. All legendary tunes that certainly earned their place in any classic list.
An unknown gem! Grab it while you can!
Total Eclipse Vs. Ecosphere - Flying Agarik 07
posted a review of Total Eclipse Vs. Ecosphere - Flying Agarik 07. over 3 years ago
This is one of my favo releases. Two typical full on tracks, 2000s style by goa-era veterans Total Eclipse. It's happy without being too cheesy.
When you're in the mood for some bouncy full on, this does the job excellently.
This is a genre one... See full review
Midiotz - First Blood
posted a review of Midiotz - First Blood. over 3 years ago
Snooisnoiz is a more ambient IDM Vibe
Beuken is the more straightforward, hence its name translates to "Banging", although it has a melody that isnt any bit as merciless as its hard, distorted beat!
I prefer the tracks Ghetto Funk Acid and Lord Of The... See full review
Carnal Disfigurement - Inhuman Devoured Content From Cranial Cavity
posted a comment on Carnal Disfigurement - Inhuman Devoured Content From Cranial Cavity. over 3 years ago
Quite a lot in the same vein as Mortician. But with less horror samples, and an even dirtier, slimy sound. Deliciously distorted and downtuned guitars, especially the bass. Pushing the limits of dirty, guttural, distorted-bass grind & death metal.

Laurent Ho* - Cinesthétique
posted a comment on Laurent Ho* - Cinesthétique. over 3 years ago
Excellent, interesting concept album. Laurent Hô explores music in all its directions. Slow, faster, harder, more ambient, structured, more experimental.
Nkisi - 7 Directions
posted a comment on Nkisi - 7 Directions. over 3 years ago
The mood on these tracks seems to be one of dreamy ambient and hyperactive percussion, both working together resulting in hypnotic sounds truly stimulating your imagination. Whether listening on your own or in a gathering, intense experiences are... See full review
Skull* vs. ESP* - The Power Hour
posted a comment on Skull* vs. ESP* - The Power Hour. over 3 years ago
G-rated is the banger here! Featured on the Acid Life 1 mix by Acid Junkies! Excellent example of top notch 90s acid techno!
posted a review of Nkisi. over 3 years ago
Experimental artist who brings a lot of influences to the table. From the most ancient percussive rhythms to the most cutting edge electronic technology. Among the many sounds being used, we find a love for doomy synths accompanied by african rhythms... See full review
Nkisi - Destruction of Power
posted a comment on Nkisi - Destruction of Power. over 3 years ago
Excellent stuff. Distorted, doomy ambient. Somewhat similar to Axhann Sonn, or a more percussion based Lasse Steen, Muslimgauze with more gabber influences???
Seems like the live version is quite different from the original:
Orginal version has a more... See full review
posted a review of Hoikam. over 3 years ago
Hoikam is a totally underrated hardcore artist. Mostly active in the early 2000s with releases on labels such as B.E.A.S.T. and Epiteth, well-known "underground hardcore" or "terror" labels.
The label "industrial hardcore" gets thrown around quite a... See full review
Various - Hardcore Fuckers Volume 1
posted a review of Various - Hardcore Fuckers Volume 1. over 3 years ago
Finally got my copy.
Almost 25 years later.
Nowadays the tracks sound simple. Simple qua technology, dry qua sound.

YET.. a big YET..
I don't think it's a bad thing... it has a rawness that is lost in today's top notch software-derived sounds that... See full review
posted a comment on Napalm. over 3 years ago
Even 20-25 years after its zenith, the sounds presented on this label continue to stand out in the history of music in general, and of hardcore in particular. Whenever these tracks where featured in a DJ's mix, or on a compilation CD, the tracks... See full review