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posted a comment on Noise Factory. 1 day ago
I have been going over a few of the Noise Factory EPs and to be honest, I don't like them. The music feels very crowded and messy, but not messy in the good way and the constant changing of sounds does my head in. It's an eugh.
posted a comment on Hyper On Experience. 27 days ago
If I want intelligent chaos, I go to these guys, Gachet tore the place up with their tunes
posted a comment on Origin Unknown - The Touch / Valley Of The Shadows. 28 days ago
Easy to mix, great bassline. I was a tune which came at the right time, like Burial or 40 Miles, they aren't great but for some reason become classics
posted a comment on Aphrodite. 28 days ago
If i'm honest, Aphrodite is overrated and his tunes are very cheesy and, to put it strangely, uneventful. I only really liked him because of his conections with Pussy Clart Finn.
posted a comment on Wishdokta. 29 days ago
Weird fuckig pics, never the less, class act as usual
posted a comment on Neuromancer - Pennywise P.A Mix. 30 days ago
Same as the dub from music house. did get a pressing after all
posted a comment on Neuromancer - Pennywise Remixes. about 1 month ago
I can't make the decision on which is the better remix. The Micky Finn 'N Bay B Kane remix is an absolute corker with a bassline which will get you moving and tear up the sound system, fast drums and haunting breakdowns.
Nookie worked his magic on... See full review
posted a comment on MC Magika. about 1 month ago
Twat, goby, loud, annoying prick. Ruined more sets than i have had hot dinners
posted a comment on Neuromancer / Nookie - Pennywise (Unreleased Mix) / Spellbound. about 1 month ago
It said that either Ray Keith or S. Gachet put this tune together, my money is on Gachet.
posted a comment on Skanna - Intimidator. about 1 month ago
This plate is fucking mental, skanna was on a completely different level. Ceasefire is just abnormally good, its a absolute corker with a riff you will never forget, 20/10
posted a comment on Skanna - Heaven E.P. about 1 month ago
Where to even begin with this plate. 'This Way' is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard, those lush synths topped with elegant drums and the occasional effect which acts as a cherry on the cake. And that breakdown with that deep... See full review
posted a comment on Leon Chue. about 1 month ago
R.I.P Leon, rest in piece brother, 2020 has been one kick in the balls
posted a comment on M-Beat Featuring General Levy - Incredible. about 1 month ago
General Levy got to big for his boots after this came, running his mouth. Subsequently, he was pretty much boycotted from the underground scene, rightfully so, saying he ran jungle, couldn't run a bleedin bath.
posted a comment on Urban Shakedown Featuring Micky Finn - Some Justice / Ruff Justice. 2 months ago
The record is a bit quite, I found myself yanking up the levels on my mixer to get it loud enough. Despite this, 11/10
posted a comment on Missing (2). 2 months ago
Missing has become one of my top producers of all time. Where to even start with 'The Box Re-Opens', a massive sensational tune with one of the phatest, warped B-lines in all of jungle. The amens are crazy on this tune, Missing really perfected the... See full review
posted a comment on Nookie. 2 months ago
Despite Nookie making great music, one thing always stood out on tracks he worked on, the production quality. He is one fucking good engineer, Terrorist wouldn't have been the same without that sweet touch of Nookie.
posted a comment on Kurupt FM. 2 months ago
#FreeSteves #RIPSteves'Nan #FuckTheKoldFMPussyholes #PureKuruption Kurupt FM 108.9 On Your Dial, Hold tight Phanta, DJ Beats AKA The albino seal, MC Grindah AKA physically Idris Elba, hold tight weaps
posted a review of LTJ Bukem. 2 months ago
Remarc, one of my all time idols and for me the king of the jungle released an album on Planet Mu, 'Sound Murderer'. Simon Reynolds a contributor to the early-to-mid-1990s UK magazine/compilation series Volume Magazine wrote a piece on the back of the... See full review
posted a comment on The Anthill Mob - Antology / Black Rushin' (The Remixes). 2 months ago
What cunt charges 100 odd for this, honestly, stop, nobody will ever buy you thieving wanker
posted a comment on Skanna. 2 months ago
Where to start with Skanna. Skanna's music was next level and John Graham is not cut from the same cloth as the rest. First off, the sounds and tunes which came from Skanna was original and fresh with an incredible atmosphere and unobtainable energy... See full review
posted a comment on Scott Garcia - A London Thing. 3 months ago
Legendary Kurupt FM 108.9...9...9...9 On Your dial. Banging garage tune.
posted a comment on White House Records. 3 months ago
White House for me are the greatest label to ever grace U.K dance music. Skanna's incredible Intimidator EP, Bay B Kane just doing what he does best, Remarc's jungle masterpiece 'Thunderclap'.
posted a comment on Brain Studio. 3 months ago
Man, Bizzy sure as heck rocked that sweet afro. Brain studios has spawned some sick tunes, Bizzy B never gets old.
posted a comment on Skanna. 3 months ago
Skanna was on a different level, in all elements of his music. He came with originality, amazing sounds and some of the best production quality of the whole dance scene. This Way is on another level, it's just pure genius, John Graham cemented himself... See full review
posted a comment on Kemet Crew - Champion Jungle Sound. 3 months ago
The Seed is the tune which got me into jungle. This album is just brilliant all the tunes are the finest examples of jungle and the production quality is next to none, so glad I have a copy. Kemet are the dons.
posted a comment on Kemet. 3 months ago
Brilliant label, just class, pure class. Not only in tunes but in production quality, Kemet are the dons of the reggae slanted jungle tunes, championing artists such as remarc and missing. Love em to bits.
posted a comment on Neuromancer / Nookie - Pennywise (Unreleased Mix) / Spellbound. 3 months ago
Spellbound is a sick tune, can't believe it hasn't been released.
posted a comment on Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing / Prototyped. 4 months ago
I am more of a Jungle and Hardcore guy, and when I listened to this, I was shocked at how poor and frankly shit this tune was. The same drums, no variation except a bit of filter. Boring Boring Boring
posted a comment on From The Man Like The Pennywise - Suspension Of Disbelief / Mystery. 4 months ago
That micky finn set is a classic and my fav set of all time, dropped all the bangers
posted a comment on In Perfection - Expression / Dark Manoeveres. 5 months ago
Big up Bill Vega, giving me this slab of gold
posted a comment on Remarc. 5 months ago
Remarc has been declared king of the Amen, he was next level in his music making and of course his sensational use of the Amen. His music was the pinnacle of Jungle and cemented himself has a jungle don. Thunderclap is my favourite tune from the man,... See full review
posted a comment on The Emphasis - The Drive-in EP. 5 months ago
Ray Keith dropping this at Dreamscape 4, sick tune defo worth buying
posted a comment on M.A.N.I.C. - Sonic Control. 5 months ago
A master piece, no other way to sum it up. Just pure hardcore
posted a comment on Neuromancer - Pennywise Remixes. 5 months ago
Oi Oi Bay B Kane & man like Micky Finn killed the remix. That bassline!!!
posted a comment on Legend Records (16). 5 months ago
Legend has cemented themselves as a key part in the U.K scene. Quiff's track really made them stand out at the time. Unforgettable label and will never be forgotten. LTJ used to rinse legend tunes.
posted a comment on DJ. Gwange* - Motionless / Adrenalin. 5 months ago
Adrenalin is a sick tune and gets rinsed all the time. Gwange nailed it!!
posted a comment on Remarc!* + Lewi Cifer - Ricky. 5 months ago
Great E.P Remarc at his finest with lewi the legend
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Return Of Q Project* - Champion Sound & Night Moves (Alliance Remixes). 5 months ago
champion sound remix gets rinsed all the time, a very 'modern' tune and stood out quite a bit
posted a comment on Various - Kemet Crew - Champion Jungle Sound. 5 months ago
Couldn't rate this album enough, the seed, the fruit, soul pill and obviously the box re-opens stand out to me as some killer tunes, it's at a low price for such a sick collection of tunes.
posted a comment on Simon Bassline Smith* - Mind Over Matter. 5 months ago
phat bassline and tight amens, what more does a jungalist need?
posted a comment on The Renegade* Featuring Ray Keith - Terrorist / Something I Feel. 5 months ago
A very revolutionary track alot of jungle producers used this amen. Ray keith is a jungle don and a key figure
posted a comment on Dead Dred - Dred Bass. 5 months ago
a pinnacle of jungle, phat bassline and tight drums 11/10
posted a comment on Missing (2) - Volume 1. 5 months ago
Sick track, a stitch in times amen is one of the best in jungle, that drop is so good.
posted a comment on Q. Project* - Return Of Q. Project. 5 months ago
Champion sound samples poor mans story by sir coxson's sound a dub record. The tune has one of the best basslines in dance music and is a very known track, definietly worth the money. Night moves is one banger as well both sides are gold on wax
posted a comment on In Perfection - Expression / Dark Manoeveres. 5 months ago
Both amazing tracks, expression is a tad bit cheesy but dark manoeuveres is one awesome track. very good bassline and all round a very atmospheric track
posted a comment on Remarc - Menace / Thunderclap. 5 months ago
Ultimate breakizm, they don't call him the king of the amen for nothing
posted a comment on Release - The Jungle / Musical Movements. 5 months ago
mint tracks both sides, the jungle stands out for me though.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago