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Airhead (5) - Clatter
posted a comment on Airhead (5) - Clatter . over 5 years ago
Ridiculously good, twisted as fuk. That grime esque snare! Need to hear this on a system
Mood Hut
posted a comment on Mood Hut. over 6 years ago
Most of the releases are now on Bandcamp as digital but some are missing like MH011 and MH013. Anyone know why some are missing and if they intend to release said releases digitally?
Pender Street Steppers - The Glass City / Golden Garden
posted a comment on Pender Street Steppers - The Glass City / Golden Garden. over 6 years ago
What’s with the 45RPM on the label?
Clearly meant to be 33
Gas - Box
posted a review of Gas - Box. over 7 years ago
Both the CDs and Vinyl sound amazing.
In regards to the CDS: Every track sounds better with this boxset over the original CDS and the Nah Und Fern boxset except track 1 of Pop. The Nah Und Fern version of track 1 on Pop sounds better in my... See full review
Photek - Natural Born Killa EP
posted a comment on Photek - Natural Born Killa EP. over 7 years ago
Does anyone know if this is remastered? Or is this the same as the 95 pressing?
Surely it would make sense to use the 2016 remasters??
Rhythm Section International
posted a comment on Rhythm Section International. over 7 years ago
Absolute stellar label, got nearly every release on vinyl and wav.
One of those rare labels that releases music for the club and for headphones.
Currently on a golden run of releases since RS012, like some of the best music i have heard!
I look... See full review