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Does anybody know if there's similarity with Errol Grandison ?
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Lovers rock lyrics laid on a steady roots rhythm !
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With lyrics straightly from the Earl 16's raw reggae tune > Trials And Crosses / Love Is What The World Want.
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Well...Jah Walton worked with Joe Gibbs (see cuts released on Joe Gibbs, Crazy Joe ..).Considering Dennis Brown and Joe Gibbs were good friends, it's quite possible there have been an agreement for this production. Quite a good riddle to solve.
submitted Jamaica Reggae Band - Reggae From Jamaica. 6 months ago
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This tune is an original way to merge soft soul music with caribbean touch-ups. B side does emphasize this to create this pleasant kind of mood.
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Killer riddim also used for Ranking Trevor - Back Whe Baldhead & "Natty Gone A UK" from Big Joe - Keep Rocking And Swinging LP.
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