For those who use Spotify or Bandcamp,

Browse through an archive of record label catalogues, where each release title contains a link to its Discogs, Bandcamp and Spotify entry – looking like this: D | B | S

An alternative way to discover new music, or swiftly navigate through labels you already know and love. These indexes provide compact overviews of mostly large catalogues.



The archive has two main folders

Club ..... Roughly 80% of the total archive consists of record labels that are oriented toward some style(s) of electronic dance music. Think house, disco, techno, ebm, electro, idm, dnb or dubstep.

Miscellaneous ..... The rest of the output ranges from ambient/experimental, jazz/funk/soul, cinematic/library, industrial/post-punk to synth-pop/wave.

Many files may be periodically updated.