I try to keep my rating in accordance with this list, or my list is made to harmonies with how I actually rate records:

One star rating means a bad record that I wouldn't pay money for. If I have one in my collection it's either because It's been given to me for free, because I got it a long time ago and I've have kept it for sentimental reasons, or a combination of a gift and songs with sentimental value connected with them.

Two star rating means that the record isn´t good but might have one or two tracks that I like, or it has a high sentimental value. It could also be a record that I enjoy for reasons connected with humor.

Three star rating is given to records that is good. Good in this respect means either a couple of songs that really appeals to me, or that I enjoy all tracks through.

A four star rating means that the vast majority of the tracks is, in my opinion, great in musical experience or emotionally appealing. Or that all tracks are very good.

A five star rating is a fantastic album that is or has been a favorite. All, or near all, tracks are fantastic!
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Actually had the same question in mind. Mine has Lorenz as well.
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I have box no. 11778
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Just some curio: The picture on the front cover as well as the album title should be seen as a comment to ABBA - ABBA, where the ABBA members are sitting in a car in formal wear drinking champagne, whilst Peps and Blodsbandet are sitting in jeans or... See full review
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