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2020-09-04 & 05 & 06

Marillion - Couch Convention 2020

4th: Marillion - Marbles In The Park
Filmed on 21 March 2015, the second night of the Marillion weekend 2015
Center Parcs, Port Zélande, The Netherlands.

➤➤ 5th: Marillion - All One Tonight (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)
Royal Albert Hall concert on October 13th, 2017.
In two parts, All One Tonight firstly showcases the band’s acclaimed 2016 studio album Marillion - FEAR (F*** Everyone And Run) in full. “Accompanied by an awe-inspiring light show and films, Marillion perform their incisive and era-defining zeitgeist with unparalleled passion and power.

The second half introduces In Praise Of Folly String Quartet and guests (with flute and French horn) that throughout the rest of the show inject an extra depth and emotion to some of Marillion’s best-loved live material.

➤➤➤ 6th: Marillion - Brave Live 2013
Recorded on the 9 March 2013 at the Marillion Weekend in Centre Parcs, The Netherlands. This concert film features the whole of the Brave album performed in full plus over an hour of encores and extras. This unique event was captured in glorious high definition by 15 cameras in a purpose built arena, bringing you a truly unique event and a defining moment in Marillion’s live performance career.

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