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posted a review of James Reipas - Uwaga. over 14 years ago
2001’s "This Is Not in Fashion" was a long time ago, and back then I remember loving it and wondering quite how most Psytrance could call itself psychedelic with a straight face. But maybe this is psychedelic in the same way that Emerson Lake and... See full review
posted a review of kIKI/ILL* & ConBrio* - KIKI/ILL & CONBRIO. over 14 years ago
Kiki.ILL & Con Brio now and again something genuinely interesting comes this way, and here’s something that’s definitely worth a sniff. It’s not psytrance, but Kiki/Ill is an incarnation of Phill Thomson aka The Nam Shub Of Enki, who released on Demon... See full review
posted a review of Mood Deluxe - The Tangent Universe. over 14 years ago
Cameron Leonard-Schroff aka Nagual Sound Experiment the Psy-Breaks of Brighton. Cameron back to the UK Psy-Trance scene after a period in California there was working as an engineer sound. Mood Deluxe the debut album was produced at LA, London and... See full review