I'm a big vinyl freak and sample searcher, especially in jungle and drum&bass. I'm addicted to electronic music since the earliest albums of The Prodigy. I mostly listen to jazz, funk, hiphop, dnb, etc. - and spin dnb as a dj. I got hooked on dnb around 2000 thanks to labels like Renegade Hardware. Three years later I started spinning at parties as I-Witness / The Nitwits.

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posted a comment on Skynet - MK Ultra / Altered States. 24 days ago
MK Ultra is great! Reminds me of Doc Scott - Shadow Boxing
posted a comment on Q Project - Sticky Fingers (Remixes). 3 months ago
original vocal sample is from Blind Truth - Why Can't We See
posted a comment on Moving Shadow. 4 months ago
I agree. too many great releases over all those years
posted a comment on Lynx (7) / Lynx & Hellrazor - Balloons / Passing Time. 9 months ago
defo ! desperately need a copy and i need it now
posted a comment on Mala (4) - Alicia. 9 months ago
+1 vote . amazing remix <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
posted a comment on Siren (21) - Broken Silence. about 1 year ago
that album mixtape is huge. covers all spectrums of dnb and includes a lot of Universal Project classics from the virus, renegade hardware .. days
posted a comment on Fierce / Fresh ƆƐI3C* / Ed Rush / Optical* - Innocence / Rehab. about 1 year ago
i thought it was from a sample pack tbh - could be wrong
posted a comment on Baron - The Way It Was / Red Head. about 1 year ago
First released on Virus in 2003
posted a comment on Crossfire - Skywarp / Archangel. about 1 year ago
skywarp is the best belgian dnb track ever ! :)
posted a comment on Delano (9) - Big Bad & Heavy. about 1 year ago
in fact these are remixes of the jungle classic Leviticus - Burial, but i guess they named it differently because of copyrights
posted a comment on JB - Classic Remixes Vol. 1. about 1 year ago
won't consider the way 2K remix jumpup really, but awesome remix
posted a comment on Spirit - VIP Dial / Cobra. over 2 years ago
There are so many versions of this : dial up, re-dial, 1471... but this is defo the best version for me! That Boymerang break!
posted a comment on Uncle Dugs - Rinse: 20. over 3 years ago
plain awesome selection, great transition from jungle to dnb!
posted a comment on Shy FX & UK Apache* - Original Nuttah (Dead By Silence Rmx) . over 3 years ago
since when are unofficial free mp3s submitted on this site ?