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posted a comment on Koolfang - Koolfang III • Be Aware. over 14 years ago
Probably the best of the Kookfang series so-far. A more electronic house-jazz sound compared to previous more live acoustic jazz from Koolfang albums 1 and 2. Here breezy summery jazz flow along with warm house like rhythms, giving this release a ... See full review
posted a comment on 23 Degrees - Born Of Earth's Torments. over 14 years ago
Recommended to all followers of HIA, Solar Quest, The Orb, Pete Namlook, Bill Laswell(ambient-dub work). Gorgeous rhythms using downtempo dub-ambient with excellent use of deep techno. 8.5/10
posted a comment on Deep Space Network Meets Higher Intelligence Agency* - Deep Space Network Meets Higher Intelligence Agency. over 14 years ago
Excellent collaboration between two great artist using there skills and ability to bring deep lush rhythms using ambient and techno. Calming and chilled music that's highly recommended to followers of DSN, HIA,and The Orb - you will not be disappointed.
posted a review of Danieto - Cirugía Casual. over 14 years ago
If Geoff White, Pole, Basic Channel, V/Delay were to make just one album together - this would be the result. A brilliant journey into glitch, ambient, dub-techno and Idm. Highly recommended for those into dub-techno with a experimental edge. 9/10