Discovered goa trance on my trip to Greece in 1999. There I bought my first goa cd, "various - Goa Head 8", what a musical bomb!!! The mind-blowingness of this music never let me go, so I started collecting cd's sins then.
Now that I have my own gear and have build up a nice collection I play often at parties in my home country Belgium and outside it (France, Germany, The Netherlands, USA, Croatia, Romania, Israel,...).
I very much like playing old skool, or as I like to call it “Goa trance” - under the name Inada - or psy tec mixed with some darkish old skool progressive - this as Szamos Mordor.
Any way I'm very proud to have been playing next to artists like: Power Source, Total Eclipse, The Muses Rapt, Talamasca, Color Box, Filteria, Electric Universe, Xenomorph, Vibrasphere, Subcouds, Bypass Unit, UX,...

Check out @

(Feel free to download my dj sets)

I'm playing for and running the Goa trance label: "Cronomi Records" @
Making new goatrance available for the world,
Not full on, not dark, no progressive, but goatrance!!! Enjoy the CD's!!!

My collection is 100% original.

I never trade, unless the proposition is really really good, but that does never happen, so I don't worry :)
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Syb Unity Nettwerk - Goa Years (Singles & Selected Works)
posted a comment on Syb Unity Nettwerk - Goa Years (Singles & Selected Works). 12 months ago
I'm certainly not here to change your mind or pretend I'm always right :)
Sadly (for you) you are the only one thinking that - loudness is what we prevented here ;)
Not sure how you can rate it 3/5, while you have skipped the release ;)
M-Run - Live Session Album
posted a comment on M-Run - Live Session Album. about 1 year ago
Thanks for understanding the music and the concept! Highly appreciated man!
This concept is the results of years and years of very hard work...
You are one of a kind <3
M-Run - Some Run Just For Fun
posted a comment on M-Run - Some Run Just For Fun. about 1 year ago
Do you know the story behind the art work?
It's well worth investigating before calling it childish my dear - haha!
Any way: thanks for your words! Appreciated - glad you like the music...
Ufomatka - Off The Beaten Track Of The Universe
submitted Ufomatka - Off The Beaten Track Of The Universe. over 4 years ago
M-Run - Some Run Just For Fun
posted a comment on M-Run - Some Run Just For Fun. over 5 years ago
The art work is done by a professional artist ;)
Did you take the time to check out the entire concept (and the small letters everywhere)? :)
Any how: thx for your honest opinion, and we are glad you like the music so much :)
Psysutra - Gamma Phoenicis
posted a comment on Psysutra - Gamma Phoenicis. over 7 years ago
Thanks mate :) We try and do our best! Next release is on the way.
Various - Distance To Goa 7
posted a review of Various - Distance To Goa 7. over 8 years ago
WTF was/is this? Best (real) psytrance CD ever produced in my opinion.
Every track has a clear and balanced flow and unique sound.
Original, strong & a lot of variation into this compilation.
Who ever made these tracks and composed this tracklist... See full review
M-Run - Some Run Just For Fun
submitted M-Run - Some Run Just For Fun. over 10 years ago
Baron Samdi - Cursed Bloodline EP
posted a comment on Baron Samdi - Cursed Bloodline EP. over 11 years ago
Extremally good melodic stuff: finally some melodic goatrance with depth, hart and a real story to tell within an original and variating soundscape!
Doctor Acid - Doctor Acid
posted a comment on Doctor Acid - Doctor Acid. over 12 years ago
This album is heavily (but heavenly) over priced in my opinion.
But if you are a huge fan of old goatrance sound at it's best: this is something you really should get!

All tracks have that real old skool vibe in it: deceivingly simplistic melodies... See full review
E-Mantra - Arcana
posted a comment on E-Mantra - Arcana. over 12 years ago
Funny, because e-mantra is alone, and he performs extremally well.
Etnica were 4. Now the 2 remaining are only making shitty music.
I'm convinced that if e-mantra would be 4 guys (all talented as Emanuel now) make as good music as Etnica for sure.
E-Mantra - Arcana
posted a comment on E-Mantra - Arcana. over 13 years ago
Same level as Etnica (imo concidered as best old skool goa), just totally different.
Emenuel uses total different style and sounds as any other artist. I think we will need 5 - 10 years to relise what impact... See full review
Har-El - Pagan Moon Child
posted a review of Har-El - Pagan Moon Child. over 14 years ago
I'm wondering why this CD gets such bad rating actually.
To me this is one of those albums that is the manifestation of the first goa sound produced in the early years '91 - '95.
Real ancient goatrance on it's best.
To me this is an album that is... See full review
Bypass Unit - Dropz Of Obscure Eclipses
posted a review of Bypass Unit - Dropz Of Obscure Eclipses. over 14 years ago
Well, I just have met René, and I can only say his music is just like his personality - laughing: wicked mixed salad ballade dancing music vibes!!! Only made in a few weeks time; well this is a bomb!!!

Zibling Zwirl is that track name that cover... See full review
Etnica - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light
posted a review of Etnica - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light. over 15 years ago
Wow! What is this? I guess goatrance went here on a higher level!

Music that is sweeping, clear and bright; and certainly very trancy! As all the tracks starts very gentle, their ending always makes me crazy and "dance like nobody is watching"!

As... See full review