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I'm a multi-genre producer and DJ from the UK.
I was formerly signed up from 2005-07 with a 1300+ rank, before you could change names.

Artist Page: Iceferno
1st Record Label: Lavender Recordings (January 16th, 2008 - August 1st, 2011)
Bandcamp: (August 19th, 2013 - Present)
1st Music Purchase: Michael Jackson - The 12" Mixes in 2001.

Opinions on formats?
12" - Good for exclusives, recording quality can vary, sometimes needs additional EQ.
CD - My favourite, instant backups of audio, lossless, can be ripped to digital (for the most part).
Digital - Will buy if exclusive or cleaned up 12" releases. Kind of a nightmare to back up.

Avoid these sellers:
CitadelRecords - I don't believe they ever sent the item. Made excuses to delay and ignored my insistence for a refund.
dj_johnnydangerous - Bad at responding.
mixmastermonky - Lied about condition.
musicfouru - Slow service, had to be prompted several times in messaging.

Recent Activity

Action Description
Richard Les Crees vs. USB - Connected
posted a review of Richard Les Crees vs. USB - Connected. 2 months ago
Connected has a decent selection of club tunes with steady builds. There are some good times to be had from Sides A-C. Side D, however, was a really pleasant surprise to me. You have a small selection of Jazz/Broken Beat tunes tucked away within the... See full review
Hepburn - Bugs
posted a review of Hepburn - Bugs. 5 months ago
I got this as I saw Dave's name, very much enjoying his remix of Karen Ramirez - Looking For Love I had heard previously. His mix here does have some Garage influence in its rhythm, as the styles suggest, not so sure about the Latin label though. What... See full review
Lone (2) - Always Inside Your Head
posted a review of Lone (2) - Always Inside Your Head. 5 months ago
My introduction to this album was InLove2, but the entire 53 minute run is probably the most floaty album I own. Always Inside Your Head carries a deeply rich, at times cinematic, atmosphere from beginning to end, with its big reverberating pads and... See full review
Iceferno - Streets Of Wrath: Epilogue Euphoria
submitted Iceferno - Streets Of Wrath: Epilogue Euphoria. 5 months ago
Various - Latin House Sessions
posted a review of Various - Latin House Sessions. 8 months ago
Latin House Sessions is a decent selection of tunes, with some preferable to others. I'm personally a big fan of dynamic music, so am naturally less keen on the tracks that "go on a bit", so to speak. It's a little disappointing to see the use of... See full review