^ My latest work (Apr 30, 2024) / best tracks on Bandcamp.

I'm a multi-genre producer and DJ from the UK.
I was formerly signed up from 2005-07 with a 1300+ rank, before you could change names.

Artist Page: Iceferno
Spotify Artist Page: Shortcut LinkFull Link
1st Record Label: Lavender Recordings (January 16th, 2008 - August 1st, 2011)
Bandcamp: (August 19th, 2013 - Present)
1st Music Purchase: Michael Jackson - The 12" Mixes in 2001.

Opinions on formats?
12" - Good for exclusives, recording quality can vary, sometimes needs additional EQ.
CD - My favourite, instant backups of audio, lossless, can be ripped to digital (for the most part).
Digital - Will buy if exclusive or cleaned up 12" releases. Kind of a nightmare to back up.

Avoid these sellers:
CitadelRecords - I don't believe they ever sent the item. Made excuses to delay and ignored my insistence for a refund.
dj_johnnydangerous - Bad at responding.
mixmastermonky - Lied about condition.
musicfouru - Slow service, had to be prompted several times in messaging.

Recent Activity

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Iceferno - Streets Of Wrath 4: The Lost Demakes
submitted Iceferno - Streets Of Wrath 4: The Lost Demakes. 18 days ago
Iceferno - Una Serata In Stazione Centrale
submitted Iceferno - Una Serata In Stazione Centrale. about 1 month ago
Iceferno - Streets Of Paradise Plus
submitted Iceferno - Streets Of Paradise Plus. 3 months ago
Iceferno - Streets Of Paradise
submitted Iceferno - Streets Of Paradise. 5 months ago
Iceferno - Moonday: 2nd Edition
submitted Iceferno - Moonday: 2nd Edition. 7 months ago