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Annabel Lamb - Once Bitten
posted a review of Annabel Lamb - Once Bitten. about 1 year ago
I just love this record, sooo underrated. This album has it all: songwriting, charisma, musicianship, production. In an era where so many (good and bad) 80's records are revisited, this one needs a proper reappraisal.
The Zenmenn - Enter The Zenmenn
posted a comment on The Zenmenn - Enter The Zenmenn. about 1 year ago
Couldn't agree more. Bella Fantasia, in particular, is such a beautiful track. Such a bummer that it's not on the LP. I'm curious to know why...
Takashi Kokubo - Digital Soundology #1 - Volk Von Bauhaus
posted a comment on Takashi Kokubo - Digital Soundology #1 - Volk Von Bauhaus. about 1 year ago
Very nice reissue and remastering, Glossy Mistakes is overall a great label. Unfortunately though, my copy has a non-fill defect on B6. Almost impossible to see, but the defect cause a ripping sound. From what I'm reading here, it seems more like bad... See full review
Yoshitaka Minami - South Of The Border
posted a review of Yoshitaka Minami - South Of The Border. about 1 year ago
Underrated japanese gem. If you dig the 70's exotica-influenced LPs of Hosono or Takahashi's "Saravah" album, you really should investigate this one. Nothing really innovative here, just great songwriting, a nice flow and summery, exotic atmosphere.... See full review
Haners - MIS 001
posted a comment on Haners - MIS 001. over 4 years ago
"You" is an edit of "You Know" by John Martyn. Great edits, as always, by Andi Hanley.
Bim Marx - Stronger
posted a comment on Bim Marx - Stronger. over 4 years ago
B1 is an edit of "On our way" by Southern Exposure.
CitiZen of Peace - Humanature / Heart Dance Remixes
posted a comment on CitiZen of Peace - Humanature / Heart Dance Remixes. over 5 years ago
Same thing here, unfortunately. Both mint copies I've tried have pops and crackles throughout.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
Katsutoshi Morizono - 4:17 p.m.
posted a comment on Katsutoshi Morizono - 4:17 p.m.. over 6 years ago
Overlooked gem here: lots of great tracks, solid production, amazing sound quality. Beautiful from start to finish.
Unknown Artist - Legalize Lambada Volume One
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Legalize Lambada Volume One. over 6 years ago
B1 is an edit of Tim Maia - O Trem (parte 2)
Diesel/Jarvis*, Sean Innit - Dreeme
posted a comment on Diesel/Jarvis*, Sean Innit - Dreeme. over 7 years ago
B2 - Step (Sean Innit) is an edit of Kimiko Kasai "Steppin' Outside Tonight"