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posted a comment on Late Nite Tuff Guy - Late Nite Tuff Guy Edits. 9 days ago
Worth every penny for the Prince edit.
One love to LNTG from Melbourne, Australia.
posted a comment on Amelie Lens. 2 months ago
Keep a look out for this girl. She not just a pretty face.
posted a comment on Blawan - Nutrition. 3 months ago
993. Enough said. Here's more words so I can post.
posted a comment on Dave Clarke. 3 months ago
His attitude/pesona is that of a man who is a right cunt.
For those who defend the fact that he looks uninterested and for lack of a better word "shitty" behind the decks...I totally disagree, because if it was not for the punters who turn up to his ... See full review
posted a comment on Pepe Bradock* - The Forbidden Fruit EP. 3 months ago
Not only does Pepe create beautiful music, but he also assigns the most talented artists for the artwork on his vinyl sleeves.
posted a comment on Millsart - Mecca EP. 4 months ago
Nearly 25 years later and Step to Enchantment is still explosive.
posted a comment on Levon Vincent - No More Heros. 4 months ago
Is it a coinsidence that all tracks are 6 minutes in length? Or is there something more to it?
posted a comment on Regis. 4 months ago
I first got into Regis through BMB. Only just recently have I discovered his music on his downwards label. Glad I did though.
My wallet isnt though.
posted a comment on Regis. 4 months ago
Thanks for the heads up mate.
I was more meaning that this gentleman does not get the same praise as the like of Mills, Hood etc
posted a comment on Levon Vincent - Invisible Bitchslap EP. 4 months ago
I come to this page at least twice a week hoping a. There would be a copy for a fair price and b. News of a repress.
I own the majority of Levon's tracks but this one I regret to say is way out of my price range.
I would give my left arm to hear this on ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Irreversible (Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture). 4 months ago
Hanging for a repress.
Some low life 2 bob cunts are selling this for $600 .
posted a comment on Regis. 4 months ago
Terribly underrated. This mother fucker puts the T in Techno.
One love.
posted a comment on Velly Joonas - Stopp, Seisku Aeg!. 4 months ago
Avoid the sharks on this. Breaks my heart to see people taking advantage of this beautiful peice of music. Fucking piggery at its finest.
posted a comment on Technasia - Nebula. 5 months ago
The quote "listen to this one while your traveling to Mars" has always stuck with me every time I play this record, and I remember reading this review at least 6 years ago. Sums up this record perfectly. Shout out to _
posted a comment on Oxia - Speicher 34. 5 months ago
Since when did this record become so damn expensive ?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Morgan Geist - Super. 6 months ago
Cheers mate.
I had my in laws who are in their 50-60's demanding the title of the track.
posted a comment on Morgan Geist - Super. 6 months ago
My wife and I had Lullaby playing at our wedding whilst we signed our marriage certificate.
posted a comment on Todd Terje - It's It's Remix Time Time. about 1 year ago
Thanks Pepe, I always wondered how Inspector Norse would sound under water.
posted a comment on Sound Stream - "Live" Goes On. over 3 years ago
Summed up exceptionally.
posted a comment on Andy Stott. over 3 years ago
Andy's records blow me away. Plain and simple. Dark, moody and unassumingly beautiful.
posted a comment on Sei Es Drum. over 3 years ago
could not of said it better myself.
posted a comment on Alva Noto - RA.276. over 3 years ago
My introduction to all things "abstract" was this fine mix by Alva Noto. First class RA mix from Alva
posted a comment on Jeff Mills. over 4 years ago
Jeff Mills entire career thus far summed up perfectly!
posted a comment on Various - Hotline Miami Soundtrack. over 4 years ago
Totally agree. Awesome Indie game with an even better soundtrack. Suited the setting and style of the game perfectly. Would love this on vinyl.
posted a comment on Blawan - Getting Me Down. over 4 years ago
Let me guess, your going to sell them for a silly price?
posted a comment on Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun. over 4 years ago
I heard that!