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posted a review of Mateo Murphy - First Impressions EP. 8 months ago
B1, is an upbuilding groovy techno masterpiece. It is necessary to pre-listen the whole track to understand the potential that it can set free on the dancefloor. A must-have in any techno-case.
posted a comment on Alexander Kowalski - Echoes. over 2 years ago
Echoes (Dub Mix) A Masterpiece of his style, buy as long as you can for a cheap price!
posted a review of Temple - Redlab. over 2 years ago
Special as ever! Temple surprises with unespected styles that aren't impossible to put in a drawer of puritan styles. As well funky space housy techno? Probably, its your choice what you like to hear inside this record. Twentease is my favourite, fast ... See full review
posted a comment on Silvio Ecomo - Groove Robbed. over 3 years ago
Without doubt the most outstanding Ecomo production, harder than the rest of it,well done in groove and good danceable with great lift-up effect (specially Steve Stabs Back that ist the best of both songs) I' ve already have 2 copies. For those who loves ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Slip - 'Sketches' Vol. 1. over 5 years ago
Nooo , isnt too minimal!
posted a review of Chancellor - Presents "West Of Detroit". over 5 years ago
Very "Slippish" sounds from Chancellor. Irregular analogue patterns and noisy climax. But the most funny thing of this record is the cover artwork: A scene from the movie "Young Frankenstein". Please dear reader; listen to this record during the vision ... See full review
posted a comment on Lysander Pearson - Displacement. over 6 years ago
Monravani Depart, a mini-dirt-tech brainsmasher UK late 90ties, listened hounddred of times, but everytime the suspence persist, a track that takes you into a journey to primordial techno. Master Track!
posted a comment on Visit Venus - Music For Space Tourism Vol. 1. over 6 years ago
Music For Space Tourism Vol. 1 is one of the highlights of the Yo-Mama label from Hamburg. I heard thousands of records in my life, and that is a question of time if is possible for me to hear a full record twice or more. But this LP/CD takes my time ... See full review
posted a comment on Garderobe vs. Paul Léger* - Golden Age. over 6 years ago
B1 is a liittle treasure for all the friends of fine xylophone vibes house music in a chilly slow mood, a hidden pearl of his genre, sounds very human and warm, but please, dont forget to play it at -6% !!!!!
posted a review of Tekonivel - Sirkus. over 7 years ago
Very funny record from Mr. Vainio! Everytime i liste to it it seems to be somethings going wrong with the midi interface ;-), because im nearly sure the whole sound were done with analog equipement. The rough chain saw tones and the simplicity of all 3 ... See full review