Ever since I can remember I have been a fan of music. My fist love was Hip Hop. In the early '90s (around '91) I found Techno. In 1993 I went to my first "Rave" and heard the sound that would change my life forever, Jungle / Drum & Bass. Shortly after having heard Jungle for the first time I wanted to live out my childhood dream and become a DJ and began to purchase Drum & Bass records to add to my, already well rounder, Hip Hop collection. I am still an avid collector of records with my main focus on Jungle / Drum & Bass records from '93 - '98. With the rapid decline of actual record stores, to the point of near extinction, I am no longer able to do one of my favorite past-times, of going to the stores and digging through piles of records, looking for those forgotten gems. Thanks to this site I am able to continue my passion from the comfort of my own home. It's not quite the same, but I still get the same feeling when I find more tunes of old to add to my collection.