From Norway and a fan of psy trance and ambient, as well as all kinds of other music. This profile is used for my physical psy/goa/acid and ambient collection.

All titles here are physical copies only
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Electronics Fusion - Kailum
submitted Electronics Fusion - Kailum. about 1 month ago
Proxeeus - Perversion And Insanity
submitted Proxeeus - Perversion And Insanity. 2 months ago
TransWave - The Rezwalker E.P
submitted TransWave - The Rezwalker E.P. 6 months ago
Boris Blenn - Berlin Future Lounge
submitted Boris Blenn - Berlin Future Lounge. 6 months ago
Consept Lightwork - Moments Of Magic
submitted Consept Lightwork - Moments Of Magic. 7 months ago
Morioun - Harvest Of Samhain
submitted Morioun - Harvest Of Samhain. 7 months ago
Ephedra (2) - Another Place On Earth
submitted Ephedra (2) - Another Place On Earth. 7 months ago
2Minds (3) - Digital Slaved
submitted 2Minds (3) - Digital Slaved. 9 months ago
Ra - To Sirius
submitted Ra - To Sirius. 9 months ago
Space Tribe
posted a comment on Space Tribe. 10 months ago
Such an amazing artist and visionary. He will be missed, but the legacy will live on.
Roy Sason* & Friends* - Age Of Us
submitted Roy Sason* & Friends* - Age Of Us. 11 months ago
Various - Forms Of Madness Vol 1
submitted Various - Forms Of Madness Vol 1. 11 months ago
Nova Fractal - The Call Of Goa Vol.4
submitted Nova Fractal - The Call Of Goa Vol.4. about 1 year ago
MFG - Message From God
submitted MFG - Message From God. about 1 year ago
Galaktik Wizdom - Slow Burning Witchcraft
submitted Galaktik Wizdom - Slow Burning Witchcraft. about 1 year ago
Mediana Project - In The Depths Of Space
submitted Mediana Project - In The Depths Of Space. about 1 year ago