After years of debating with myself if I should sell off some of my vinyl, I finally decided to do so. Why? I know this sounds sappy or maudlin, but I asked myself two not so simple simple questions: How much happiness does owning the record bring me compare with the happiness that it would bring a buyer? Obviously, I'll never know exactly how much happiness it brings the buyer, but for myself I know that some bring me a great deal of happy, others a middling amount, and still others not so much at all.

There are basically two sets of records that I am selling off. Many were bought with the idea of eventually selling off, most of these are from the 1950s into the mid 1970s. Some I had little interest in the music but bought because of excellent condition. Frank Sinatra would be an example of this. Others I bought because, well, if you consider yourself educated on rock / popular music, you better have at least a passing familiarity with Moby Grape and Marvin Gaye as a couple of examples.

The other collection are from, for lack of a better term, personal collection. These are punk / DIY / alt. -- go ahead and give them any damn label you want, from the late 1970s through the early 90s. I'm not listing all of it by any means and in a couple of cases I've listed, then taken down after second thoughts. I learned something about myself and collecting though -- I never bonded as much with the singles as the albums. Maybe because walking across the room every 3 minutes to change (and clean and file) a record wasn't as appealing as laying down an album side.

In general, my descriptions provide a clue as to which collection the record is from. The descriptions from the mercenary collection tend to be visual descriptions while those from the personal collection tend not to have much in the way of description at all, unless specifically noted otherwise, they are in damn nice condition and often listed as VG+ despite being spotless simply because I know I have played them dozens of times. And yes, if you keep'em clean, spend (in today's money) at least $150 on the cartridge, inspect the stylus regularly for dust, damage, or wear and then clean or replace the stylus as needed the vinyl can last nearly indefinitely. Oh, and don't let idiots touch your records.

I am relatively new at this and made a couple of rookie mistakes -- not removing the vinyl from a sleeve for one. The other was more of a learning process. I did, and still do to a lesser extent, grade the vinyl more harshly than the cover. In my mind, the ultimate purpose of the cover is to protect what really matters -- the music. So I had two gripes about the cover grading -- both resolved to the buyer's satisfaction. More importantly -- I learn from my mistakes.

You'll notice that some of my records are listed as "Reduced 10 (or 20)%." This isn't some sales hyping manipulation. I look at records with the same grading, read provided comments and tend to price my offering at a mid-high level, not outrageous in either direction. Who doesn't want to get as much as possible?

My plan, disrupted by the real job was to reduce the price 10% after 30 days and reduce the price 20% after another 30 days. I fell behind, but was recently able to catch up, thus a bunch of records with the same listing date. There are some exceptions; the first are those that I've listed for $2.00 or less. What's the point? The second are recordings that are by significant artists but very hard to find: R.E.M.'s Hib-Tone's "Radio Free Europe" is an example or the absolutely unpriceable like Chuck Wow's "Shelf-Life," a soundsheet mounted on a steel plate! So far, the only copy for sale is the one I used to make the Discog entry.

So, I do tend to go on, so I'll stop now. If you have questions about any of my offerings, please feel free to contact me.

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