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posted a comment on Linea Alba - Chill-O-Matic / Space Travel. 17 days ago
I was beginning to think I was the only one that picked up on the splitting image of Art of Stalking.
posted a comment on Digital Cartel - Spend The Night. 4 months ago
You want this EP for Love Notion. My God! What a track!!
posted a comment on DJ Tron - X4. about 1 year ago
Xero is on Crimes of the Mind EP as well.

I'm not sure if this one on X4 is different in any way.
posted a comment on V-Three - Resistance. about 1 year ago
You hit the nail on the head, If L-Vee did a Quantensprung remix this would def be it!
posted a comment on Speedy J - Something For Your Mind (Remix). over 2 years ago
Although I have not heard this one it appears on this EP without any Remix/Recorded Live In Berlin next to it. Possibly the original but I can't be sure.
posted a comment on Mezz - The Desert. over 3 years ago
Agreed. I bought my digital version on Beatport circa 2006. I've noticed back then BP had some tracks that were mistitled. Hopefully the one up in the video is also on the Sunkissed label, like you said a version by Noble/Hamel. I'm sure it'll pop up. ... See full review
posted a comment on Sven Van Hees - Planet Jupiter 6. over 3 years ago
Sorry to hear that my friend. I have had similar problems with other release's and the only thing I can think of is that it's bad pressing. Very frustrating indeed! I don't own this 12" myself yet but what track does this happen on?
posted a comment on Ozel AB - Crimes EP. over 3 years ago
Yeah you weren't kidding! This massive tune blew me away!
posted a comment on Various - Best Of Techno - Volume Three. over 3 years ago
There is also a cassette version as well for this.
posted a comment on T'N'I - Low Mass E.P.. over 3 years ago
Anecdote samples The Jets - Crush On You.
posted a comment on Daydreamer (8) - Happy Dreams. over 3 years ago
Does anyone know where the female vocals are sampled from?

EDIT: Female vocal sample from Disney's The Aristocats.
posted a comment on The Mystic Moods Orchestra - The Mystic Moods Of Love. over 3 years ago
Top right hand corner, where it says Marketplace, next to that it says 16 for sale the "16 For Sale".
posted a comment on Mix Factory - Take Me Away (Paradise). over 4 years ago
Snagged a copy in a clearence bin...50 cents.
posted a comment on Ravebusters - Mitrax (Rap Remix). over 4 years ago
Does anyone know where the vocals on 'Cosmopolitan' are sampled from? "What do you dream about?". "It's all I dream about".
posted a comment on Major Problem - Acid Queen. over 4 years ago
Acid Queen also appears on the [R]ejected tracks bonus CD that came with Praga Khan's 'Pragamatic' album.
posted a comment on François K* - FK-EP And Beyond. over 4 years ago
Was just thinking the same thing...No vinyl release of the Heilbronn/Delgado Horny Remix?
posted a review of Drivetrain - Desert Sky Remixes. over 4 years ago
I happened to be on the lookout for this release (Desert Moon to be exact) for a while. I heard it on a mix and was instantly captivated! I bought this immediately..

Desert Heat is a great track for setting the mood or bringing the mood back down. ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Extravagance E.P.. over 4 years ago
Does anyone know where the deep female vocal "Heeyyy" is sampled from?
posted a comment on Smart Systems - Tingler. over 4 years ago
Was this sampled by Venom on Total Recall? or vice versa?
posted a comment on Supertronic Co. - Invasion. over 4 years ago
Anyone know if Ladada uses samples from Fierce Ruling Diva - Rubb It In?
posted a review of Evil Fred - Get On. over 4 years ago
Just when I thought 'Get On' was gonna be the best tune on this release, I listen to 'Back Out'...WOW! Very simple and feelgood tune (Almost early 90's techno) still making you wanna dance your ass off! Rene is in a league of his own.
posted a comment on Anthony "Shake" Shakir* - Piper. over 5 years ago
When I listen to 'So Delivered' I can't help but think of Underground Resistance 'Timeline'. Detroit Detroit!
posted a comment on Flag - Four Tracker. over 5 years ago
FYI, Flag is Jamie Odelle who is Jimpster. You could probably get in touch with him through his facebook page, Freerange site/page etc. I wouldn't mind asking him about this monster tune myself! cheers!
posted a review of Isometric - Insert Coin EP. over 5 years ago
Quality dark tune, not to minimal and not to energetic. This has some outstanding spacy synths throughout the track and fits well in any progressive house/tech house mix or pure techno mix. 10/10.
posted a comment on Mezz - The Desert. over 5 years ago
Does anyone else have a copy where the Xzique remix is not accurate? If you listen to the vids the the right the Xzique mix is the tune that made me fall in love with this tune but thats not the one pressed on my copy. The Sphere mix is accurate ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Mind X* - Trance_Fixed. over 5 years ago
Agreed with spacebass. i wouldnt say this CD introduced me to the genre but it definitly got me to see that there was more out there than the Dutch stuff! (You know who Im talking about). This also introduced me to DJ Mind-X and all the Swiss artists and ... See full review
posted a comment on The Martian - Particle Shower / The Voice Of Grandmother. over 5 years ago
"The Voice of Grandmother", at least in my opinion, is almost a predecessor to UR's "Timeline" released 4 years later. Great stuff!
posted a comment on Mark Van Dale With Enrico. over 6 years ago
Anyone know the name of the track by Enrico where he samples the main string of 'Human Nature' by Michael Jackson? Its on the tip of my tongue and I'm not sure if it's a collaboration with Ton TB or Mark Van Dale...
posted a comment on X-Static (2) - X-Static EP. over 6 years ago
Quality. That is all!
posted a comment on Nookie. over 8 years ago
Does anyone know where Gavin is from?
posted a comment on DJ Tron - (Un)Lie-V.001. over 9 years ago
Track A-11 sounds almost identical to DJ Tron - Nekrosodomy from the Psychotic TriZt album, since Withdrawal Sunken, Anger and It's Time are played as well. But I guess it's a Skinny Puppy track...Either that or it's missing from the tracklist which I ... See full review