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I'm not a professional seller... (so i do my shipping and processing during the weekend)
and i just love music! and I really can't say which I love the most.
it seems i love allmost every genre! when its any good I just love it, especially in vinyl.
from disco to hardrock,
from soul to alternative,
from chanson to punk....

you can call me an addict: no day without music, no day without listening to any of the thousands and thousands of singles and lp's i have in my collection.

Any record I sell comes from my personal collection and thus has been listened to, often a lot, but it also means I know my records inside out and the description I provide is 99,9% accurate!

in order to help you make a decision about registered or non registered shipping i'll keep up some stats on this page.
registered shipping all countries: 31 send 29ok, 1 was sent back -without ever arriving at its destination- to me badly damaged. 1 claimed lost.
non registered:
australia: 11 sent, 5 ok, (most of the time 4 weeks to arrive!) 6 claimed lost!!!
Belgium: 104 sent, 102 ok, 2 claimed lost
Brazil: 1 sent, 1 claimed lost
Canada 5 sent (2 ok, 2 claimed lost and 1claimed badly damaged)
Croatia: 1 sent, 1 ok
chile: 1 sent, 1 ok
danmark: 6 sent, 6 ok
France: 58 sent, 45 ok, 13 claimed lost
Germany: 24 sent, 23 ok, 1 claimed lost
greece: 1 sent, 1 ok
indonesia: 1 sent, 1 ok
Italy: 3 sent, 2 ok, 1 claimed lost
israel: 1 sent, 1 ok
Japan: 19 sent, 19 ok
letvia: 1 sent, 1 ok
netherlands: 35 sent, 33 ok, 2 claimed lost
new zealand: 2 sent, 1 ok, 1 claimed lost
Norway 3 Sent, 3 ok,
Russia 5 sent (4 ok, but all them took a long time! 2 took more than a month, 1 claimed lost)
slovakye: 1 sent, 1 ok
Spain: 5 sent, 4 ok (1 claimed lost)
Suisse: 2 sent, 2 ok
UK: 23 sent, 22 ok, 1 claimend lost
ukraine: 1 sent, 1 ok
Us: 30 sent, 28 ok, 2 claimed lost

Recent Activity
submitted René Segers, L'orchestre De L'I.N.R.*, Edgar Doneux - Montana. about 17 hours ago
submitted Young Voices (2) - Bij Ondergaande Zon. 17 days ago
submitted El Cachorro De La Barca* - Granainas Y Media Granainas . 17 days ago
submitted Aaron Silver - Racing With The Fuzz. 24 days ago
submitted Fenna - Als Ik Groot Zal Zijn. 25 days ago
submitted Mark Manuel - Marianne Uit Vroeger Dagen. 25 days ago
submitted Jurby Gibson - Vaarwel Neon Boulevard. about 1 month ago
submitted Johnny Solo (2) - The Sheik Of Araby. about 1 month ago
submitted Lory Dan - Sauvons Notre Amour. about 1 month ago
submitted Willy Verbrugge - Huil Toch Niet. about 1 month ago
submitted Relation (3) - Cindy / Oh La Di Da. about 1 month ago
submitted Claude François - C'est La Même Chanson / Je Te Demande Pardon. about 1 month ago
submitted Francis Tobe - Blijf niet Langer Wenen. about 1 month ago
submitted Flittox - Aan De Bar. about 1 month ago
submitted Teenwolf (5) - I Like Music. 2 months ago
submitted Patrick van Dam - Geef Het Water Aan De Stier. 4 months ago
submitted Omar And The New Sound* - Ieder Is Blij. 4 months ago
submitted October Cherries - All Things Work Together (For Good To Them That Love God). 4 months ago
submitted Charlotte Julian - Léon. 5 months ago
submitted Springwater - Listen Everybody. 5 months ago
submitted Roy 'C'* - Shotgun Wedding. 5 months ago
submitted Tina Towers - The Heaven Of Love. 5 months ago
submitted The Hitmakers (5) - Tricky Dicky / Singing The Blues. 5 months ago
submitted Pierre-André Gil - J'Suis Malade Comme Un Chien. 5 months ago
submitted Andy Hann - Cu-Cu-Rru-Cu-Cu Paloma. 5 months ago
submitted Bob Honey - The One, The Only One. 5 months ago
submitted Frank Marzetty - Ca Va?. 5 months ago
submitted Joanna (33) - La Chanson De Varsovie. 5 months ago
submitted Luc Van Hoesselt - 't Is De Eerste Keer. 5 months ago
submitted De Woelers - Ik Spiek English. 5 months ago
submitted Frank Duval - Greatest Hits. 5 months ago
submitted Lucy Paule - Il A Plu Su Nos Vacances. 5 months ago
submitted Ingriani - Kom Je Vanavond. 5 months ago
submitted Zaote Hermenie, Whé En De Wéwwies - Jus Te Nève. 5 months ago
submitted Manuela (3) - Being Young. 5 months ago
submitted Catherine Laure - Dis, Pourquoi. 6 months ago
submitted Karla Bonoff - I Can't Hold On. 6 months ago
submitted Noella Huart - Naar De Maan. 6 months ago
submitted Joe Fagin - Younger Days. 6 months ago
submitted Valérie Béranger - Loin De Toi. 6 months ago
submitted Alice Toen, Titine Schijvens - De Gulzige Bij. 6 months ago
submitted Claudie Michel - Ton Music-Hall. 6 months ago
submitted Bill Shepherd - What A Diff'rince A Day Made. 6 months ago
submitted Different People - We Are Different People. 6 months ago
submitted Annick (3) - Zonder Zorgen Door Het Leven. 6 months ago
submitted Alain Thierry (5) - On A Le Moral. 6 months ago
submitted G.G. Candy - L'Arc En Ciel. 6 months ago
submitted Les Pitchounettes - La Tactique De L'Elastique. 6 months ago
submitted Marie-Anne (4) - Promets-Moi. 6 months ago
submitted Kessy (4) - Tu T'en Vas. 6 months ago