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posted a comment on The Prodigy - Music For The Voodoo Crew. about 8 hours ago
Does anyone know if the version of Death Of The Prodigy Dancers here is a non-live version?! It definitely exists as I just heard Jay Cunning play it recently on his Kool London radio show
posted a comment on Stevie Hyper D.. 7 days ago
I wasn't a huge fan of MCs, and am still not as a general rule; but I think that Stevie was an important and REALLY good MC that pushed the passion of the art-form and his passion for the music into his MC-ing package. Ray Keith talked about him, his... See full review
posted a comment on Utomica - Rok A Bye. 12 days ago
hehe, cool Fizz, cheers bro - I have since come across it on a few sets, Doc Scott studio set from late 1992 (Tape For Sarah?!), Sy & Fabio at various gigs. Just love it :)
posted a comment on Raving Overdose Productions. 23 days ago
This small Spanish label has certainly captured the essence of Breakbeat Hardcore Rave at its peak (circa 1991-1992/93-ish) to date, firing 2 releases, bringing together all the best elements of the music; scorching riffs and stab melodies and mad... See full review
posted a comment on Desired State - Planet 13 / Antagoniser. 24 days ago
so these 2 tunes were both previously unreleased 1992 productions..?!?!
posted a comment on Mad House Records. about 1 month ago
A much smaller, yet consistent Breakbeat Hardcore/early Jungle label with lots of exciting and enjoyable releases. I can't think of any that are duds, not even close. My fav probably the Dreader Than Dread EP. Excellent stuff :)
posted a comment on Psycho Kinetic - Rock Your Body. about 1 month ago
Brilliant, pounding fusion of Gabba Hardcore, Hard Trance & Breakbeat Hardcore with fresh and energetic riffs and sounds and a fluid arrangement; flowing through builds and drops with skill and ease...not quite a departure from the typical '95... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Mystic* - All That She Wants. 2 months ago
"Let's Drink About It" is possibly best described as Happy Gabba; ridiculously fast and pummeling with typical kickdrums and hats etc and a lovely uplifting nutty tone, but what I wasn't expecting was the wildly infectious keys dropping at the 1 min... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Feel So Real / Walking On Sunshine. 2 months ago
I had this version, the blue one. But I don't know what I did with it, I either sold it or swapped it with someone....I really like both tunes, even though Walking On Sunshine is a bit cheesier, just a smidge. I used to mix both of them in my bedroom... See full review
posted a comment on Various - A New Breed Of Ravers. 3 months ago
A very strange approach for sure. Shame as it deserves a better packaging
posted a comment on The Untouchables (19) - N'Joi This. 3 months ago
It would probably just be tagged as Breakbeat Hardcore. That's the best fit, and the most accurate. Despite it's uplifting nature it doesn't really compare to the true 'Happy Hardcore' of say early to mid 1994, like stuff on Kniteforce or early Hectic... See full review
posted a comment on Terra Incognita - Panik!!. 3 months ago
A great release!!

All 4 tracks are heavy-hitting slammers, encompassing the underground sound of Hardcore - heavy riffs, hammering breakbeats and basslines thudding along at your mind like psycho trains!

My favourite (although it's hard to... See full review
posted a comment on New Force - Shockin' To Da Max EP. 3 months ago
This is one tough, dark bastard of a release!! It is fiendishly, hellaciously; salaciously enjoyable! And if you don't like that, you can f*** right off!! That's kind of what this release encompasses lol! Ferocious on all fronts
posted a comment on Jack Horner - Jack Horner EP. 3 months ago
Huh, never saw this comment reply, apologies. I just meant the artist moniker "Jack Horner". I never added the Horner, tis' all :D
posted a comment on Ramos - Diehard - 23rd June 1995. 4 months ago
It's just a single tape as far as I know :)
posted a comment on Pure Daze - Open Your Eyes. 5 months ago
thanks pru_piper, I'll keep my eyes out. I think I stumbled across it on a DJ Slipmatt set from early-ish 93 the other day, can't remember where though
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Pressure E.P.. 5 months ago
DJ Sy opened with the AA Side on his Quest 'Out of the Darkness into the Light Part II' set here:


Think it's a really decent track myself, probably a bit harsh to label it 'very very ordinary', but... See full review
posted a comment on D.M.T. / CAZ (2) - Heat / Angle Rusty. 5 months ago
It's a shame your experience was so negative, so many scalpers out to just make money; even back then. Deserved to have been paid properly for the time & efforts gone into making the tracks especially when they sold. I also really enjoyed those... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Chewy - Rock This Place / Starjump. 5 months ago
very sad that DJ Chewy died in a car crash shortly after this first release was done, don't know how the units sold, but fairly likely if he impressed enough to get on Slipmatt's label initially, he would have followed up with more releases. But we'll... See full review
posted a comment on Various - A New Breed Of Ravers. 6 months ago
So the CD version had 4 addition tracks, the last 4 (13-16), is that correct?! Looks like they were excluded from the vinyl pressing, the best thing for Leroy to have done was press this as 2 separate 8 track double packs, 2 on each side. I think the... See full review
posted a comment on D.J. Caroline* - Diamond Dimension E.P.. 6 months ago
Fantastic release, worth purchasing just for A1 alone, an amazing fusion of Techno, House & Trance synths & rhythms and Hardcore-esque dragging breaks. Incredibly original, musically engaging and uplifting without a drop of cheese! And what's... See full review
posted a comment on Bogwoppa Records. 6 months ago
Was the first release BOGWOPPA 02 on this label?!?! There doesn't appear to be an 01? Weird.

Anyway, excellent label providing a range of nutty, off-kilter Hardcore madness!
posted a comment on Pangalactic - Na-Na. 6 months ago
Can anyone please spare me audio of the Rave Mix on this, or if not - can you confirm one way or another if this clip in this video at the start is said track, would be very much appreciated. Thank you... See full review
posted a comment on The Lonely People* - Eleanor Rigby. 7 months ago
Shame the YouTube video has been removed of the Eleanor Rigby track - it's an absolutely guilty pleasure of mine! It leans well more towards the commercial/novelty end of the spectrum making good use of chunky samples from the Beatles classic, but... See full review
posted a comment on Pete S (2) - A Movement Based On Vision. 8 months ago
Great stuff from the man like Pete S delving into his kitbag of gorgeous pad-like melodies and stabs and producing some bonafide fantastic present-day Hardcore and Jungle-influenced Rave. I enjoy all 5 tracks, but track 1 A Movement Based On Vision is... See full review
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Xylem Tube E.P.. 8 months ago
What happens when Techno meets pre-Boards Of Canada. Exceptionally original music encompassing so many different moods and emotional landscapes. The dark sounds of 'Dodeccaheedron' for instance, are unforgivably haunting. Amazing music
posted a comment on Paranoia X - Party Programm. 9 months ago
Absolutely incredible music by DJ Hooligan.....Spring Feelings just about floored me upon hearing it for the first time. Probably the weakest tune is Tequilla and even that's not a bad tune. Astounding release through and through; pulsating,... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Happy Hardcore. 9 months ago
Someone has sent me a rip of this, and as far as I can tell Jimmy J & Cru-L-T's "Take Me Away" is the original, not a remix. Can anyone please confirm?!
posted a comment on Various - Happy Hardcore Fever. 9 months ago
I think they're just being overly pedantic. The 'correction' is that Mickey Skeedale wasn't credited as being an accompanying artist, along with the Seven Ways one, not that the tune itself was wrong - unlike the Sub State one, which is a completely... See full review
posted a comment on D-Shake - Jam On The Moon. 10 months ago
I think I've only ever heard Carl Cox play it, I can't recall anyone else...one of those ones that would be totally forgotten about if it wasn't for "music nerds" like us!! ;)
posted a comment on Sublove* - Underground E.P.. 11 months ago
Masterful 4 track affair....but what is the vocal sample used in Change My Ways, does anyone know it?! It's not credited or mentioned in the notes here. Also the guitar sample at the beginning, sort of sounds Queen-ish era. Such a unique vibe and... See full review
posted a review of Euphony - Drum Nature. 12 months ago
Marc Smith's remix of "Feeling" is a forgotten treasure of the bouncy Happy Hardcore movement; it's a joy to listen to from start to finish, it has a wicked riff as its first drop, but nothing too out the ordinary in terms of sound/arrangement - but... See full review
posted a comment on Zulu Records (2). 12 months ago
Did Helen Taylor own and run this label?! She's the only artist credited with making the 3 tunes and what superb production they are! One of the few female producers (DJ?) in the Scene at this time making tunes that wasn't widely known perhaps, like... See full review
posted a comment on D.M.T. / CAZ (2) - Heat / Angle Rusty. about 1 year ago
Heat was played by Krome & Time, July 1992 here:


As per tracklisting, me IDing it at 43:00 mins - heavy darkness, I'm not much for "Angel Rush" ;), but Heat is a bad -ass... See full review
posted a comment on Time Warp - Zoo Loops. about 1 year ago
The track entitled "The Owls Are Not What They Seem" is one of a myriad musical tracks/artists etc that references or tips the hat/nods the head to David Lynch's "Twin Peaks", where Agent Dale Cooper is told that very line (possibly by the log lady, I... See full review
posted a comment on Thrillseekers* - The Blitz E.P.. about 1 year ago
'Blitz' is one of my fav tracks from the 1992 period; it's one of those lost gems that people would have heard but rarely knew the name of....back in '92 when I was 15/16 I would hear stuff like this on tapes only and it would blow my tiny... See full review
posted a comment on Tronikhouse - Straight Outta Hell (Simon "Bassline" Smith Remix). about 1 year ago
pretty sure Bukem had a copy too; doubt they would have all shared one dubplate ;)

Probably got about 5 -10 pressed, as I'm sure there's one or too others that dropped it (??)
posted a review of DJ Distroi & Boy KZ* - Satan / Free Me. about 1 year ago
How anyone can rate this 1 star is beyond me, excellent pulsating Hardcore on both sides, I love Free Me with its octane blend of uplifting piano/vocals and euphoric, ripsaw-edged riffs that threaten to cut through your wandering mind! Wicked af! ;)
posted a comment on Wax Doctor / Dr. S. Gachet - Red October Part Two. about 1 year ago
I'm just listening to this on YouTube and it's proper getting me juiced! What a buzz, underground Hardcore at its most immense!!!
posted a comment on Atomix Featuring Marine Boy - S.T.K. (Eternal). about 1 year ago
S.T.K. (Eternal) a vastly under-appreciated tune in this era of anthems and so-called classics......thoroughly enjoyable underground romp!
posted a comment on Violator (2) - Romper Stomper EP. about 1 year ago
On the compilation "The Ultimate Happy Hardcore", the track 'Romper Stomper' is an entirely different track to the one on this release. Can anyone clear it up?... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Hardcore Junglistic Fever Vol. 1. about 1 year ago
on my CD version the Burial is just the original, not the "exclusive" VIP mix, which it is on the cassette I had; but only as 2 slightly variable mixes by Kenny Ken (great for car fodder though).

Seems this release and its tunes differs from format... See full review
posted a review of Norty But Nice - Do You Want It / Give It To Me Baby. about 1 year ago
The A side is a top tune - in all fairness probably a tad underrated, particularly the stab sequence, but tucked away on the B side is the scene stealer for me - as evidenced by the sheer weight of numbers; I barely recall Do You Want Me getting as... See full review
posted a comment on Apotheosis - O Fortuna. about 1 year ago
FUN TRIVIA" for those that know: "The Music Maker!!" ;)
posted a review of D-Shake - Jam On The Moon. about 1 year ago
N.U.F.O. (Hardcore Mix) is perhaps the single most underrated Hardcore tune of the 91-93 era, it blends Techno synth riffs and crunchy amen style breaks with dramatic melodic drops like no other.....I don't think I've heard this get the exposure it... See full review
posted a comment on The Badman Presents N.D.X. - Come With Me. about 1 year ago
Superb on all fronts! Legendary music that set the Hardcore blueprint for the UK to come and sampled by later Hardcore outfits like Ellis Dee and Syko & Mak!
posted a review of Shake Inc. - Adrenalin OD. about 1 year ago
Wonderful chaotic Breakbeat Hardcore with many Techno influences permeating the production; ominous and at full throttle, this has a take-no-prisoners approach and just never relents from each tune's beginnings......beastly stuff :)
posted a comment on Shaft (2) - Monkey. about 1 year ago
Is it the Rubarb and Custard remix on the main release, or a completely different track?!?! Intrigued....

EDIT: is it this?!

posted a review of Sequencial - Cycades. about 1 year ago
I feel like "Escape From Noise" is one of the greatest B Side Techno compositions I have ever heard (only just discovered sadly! I almost feel embarrassed it's taken over 28 years!! Shikes!). As a stand alone A Side it would do any release justice.... See full review
posted a review of R.D.1* - Total Eclipse E.P.. about 1 year ago
Exceptional Hard Trance/Acid/Techno release of its time with alternating warm, organic melodies/synths with darker riffs and presentations and pulsating, pounding beats & snaking hi-hats etc......absorbing and addictive. High grade stuff!!!