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posted a comment on Friends Of Matthew - Out There. about 19 hours ago
Thanks for the info mate, I had no idea the original Lange remix was 8 minutes until you linked to that Australian CD!

It makes me wonder if this 12" has the full-length Lange remix too: Out There
posted a review of Smudge & Smith - Near Me. about 20 hours ago
Given the amount of massive wantlists regarding '99 era Trance, it's strange to see this release having so few.

Of course I'm talking about the Lange remix here. He takes the original melody (from Vangelis) and merges it effortlessly with the airy vocal ... See full review
posted a review of The Droyds - Take Me I'm Yours / Girls On Pills. about 20 hours ago
The Droyds were quite well known in the early 2000 UK Electroclash scene.

They remixed Ladytron's "Seventeen" most famously, as well as a banging remix of Proper Filthy Naughty's "Fascination". But here on this 7", you get a taste of their own ... See full review
posted a comment on The Tucker A&M Perry Foundation - Tucker A&M Perry Foundation. about 21 hours ago
Suburban Lawns crossed with Tim Blake, with a large infusion of Gong.

It's rather unique, and while not exactly easy on the ears in parts is quite enjoyable overall.
posted a review of Margot Meets The Melody Maker - Torch. 3 days ago
Bloody hell, I can listen to every mix on this 12" and enjoy them all equally.

Outstanding production standards, and a wholly respectable bow to the Soft Cell anthem.

5 stars without doubt.
posted a comment on Soft Cell - Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing. 3 days ago
Haha totally! Cindy introduced Marc to E in the early 80's (imagine that!), and hence the album is "Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing".

Well, that phrase sounds familiar nowadays eh!

Plus, her raps are outstanding. So powerful and so sexy. Damn.

Soft Cell ... See full review
posted a review of Ferry Corsten & Shelley Harland - Holding On. 3 days ago
To be honest, the Above & Beyond remix totally owns Ferry's Flashover remix here.

It's pure Trance, but with a little hint of the Activa sound (that driving Tech Trance vibe).

In contrast, Ferry's remix is rather languid. I'd have put the Above & ... See full review
posted a review of Dance Nation - You Take Me Away. 3 days ago
Yeah the Blair Bitch remix really saves this 12". It's hardly outstanding, but by removing the majority of the cheesy vocals it brings it back to some form of respectability.

A pretty solid Tiesto style Trance track, nothing you haven't heard before but ... See full review
posted a comment on Ellen Allien - Stadtkind (Remixes). 3 days ago
The Turner remix is indeed excellent, but the vinyl is pressed very hot.

You're gonna have to turn your gain down quite a bit more than usual playing this 12", but it doesn't seem to distort too much.

posted a review of Camp Actor - Ultra Fashion. 3 days ago
Ultra Fashion takes its cue from C64 chiptune music, with a gritty distorted bass riff. That sounds awesome on paper, and it is, until they start fucking around with it.

Anti Fashion is a much more straightforward Electro / Electroclash style track. ... See full review
posted a review of Duran Duran - Save A Prayer. 3 days ago
Save A Prayer is of course a classic 80's synth pop ballad. But do not forget to flip the record over to the b-side...

Hold Back The Rain.

Pure, unadulterated Duran Duran at their fast paced New Wave best! So well produced (of course), but also so ... See full review
posted a comment on The Human League - Octopus. 3 days ago
Ok I'm gonna say something really weird, but stick with me here...

I have quite a few mid 90's EastWest / Warner CDs. Most of them have a very distinctive smell in the booklets.

It's kinda metallic, a bit like chrome (Type II) cassettes. I have the ... See full review
posted a review of The Human League - Credo. 5 days ago
Without doubt the best Human League LP since Dare.

The singles are pure pop, and the album tracks are sparkling. Think of it as a combination of the classic early 80's Dare era mixed with the very pleasing Octopus LP from '95.

The production from ... See full review
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada. 5 days ago
Really? You can't hear it at 2:38 on the "To Another Universe" track?

Yes, a little bit for 10 seconds. A similar bass synth sound. Is that it?
posted a comment on Ultravox - Love's Great Adventure (Extended Version). 5 days ago
The extended version of Love's Great Adventure is thankfully not "crazy" edited like a lot of 80's pop tracks were.

Basically the first two minutes are instrumental, leading up teasingly to the original song. If you are a beatmix DJ, it's perfect. You ... See full review
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada. 6 days ago
Sounds like Gong to me. I don't hear any Boards Of Canada in that Brainticket LP.

As far as Tangerine Dream goes, I don't really get the association either. Their early stuff (Zeit, Phaedra, Alpha Centauri etc) were epic soundscapes. And after that ... See full review
posted a comment on Blancmange. 6 days ago
Is this another of your cut & paste reviews, Rich?

Culture Club "electro"? WTF?

I'd remove all this crap mate and keep doing your own personal Trance reviews. They're great, you don't need this shite on your profile.
posted a comment on Kirlian Camera - It Doesn't Matter, Now. 7 days ago
Hi, are you talking about the LP cover with the girl and curly hair ? Well .. imo this sleeve image is better taste

We all have our own taste, but I believe the original LP cover is excellent. The image of gothic architecture ... See full review
posted a comment on Pink Industry - Low Technology. 7 days ago
Creaking Doors is a masterpiece of Darkwave, highly recommended for fans of bands such as Kirlian Camera.
posted a comment on Fragma - Toca Me. 7 days ago
You'll have to explain mate, how does Discogs encourage ripping people off?

As far as I can see, it's the sellers pricing things high and buyers paying the prices. Therefore supply & demand. The wantlists on these items proves it.

Basically, people ... See full review
posted a comment on Armin* - Communication. 7 days ago
Yeah I see what you mean. The same thing that Nebula did (and indeed Positiva to a certain extent, remember their green second 12"s).

Still, that whole 20 minute regulation was a pain in the arse for all UK bedroom DJs who weren't part of a DJ pool.

It ... See full review
posted a comment on Essence (2) - The Promise. 7 days ago
I bought this brand new as a 19 year old, and played it in amongst other tracks by labels such as Xtravaganza & Hooj.

To be honest I had no idea that Innocent was a sub-division of Virgin until you pointed it out, and that's me aged 41.

Even back as a ... See full review
posted a comment on Pink Military - Do Animals Believe In God?. 9 days ago
It's an excellent album, but quite difficult to digest.

The first side is all quality Siouxsie style New Wave, catchy songs. Then you flip it over and it goes all weird.

It's a bit like having fish & chips for dinner and nettles stewed in oyster juice ... See full review
posted a comment on Antares (3) - Ride On A Meteorite. 9 days ago
Lyrics (Rap in Bold):


Take a ride
Take a ride, take a ride
Take a ride on a meteorite

I'm jamming on the moon 
Groovin' to Jam & Spoon 
I want to breathe so free 
Dreams of reality 
I wanna take you high 
Me floating in ... See full review
posted a comment on Slugbug - Shoe-Eatin' Time. 9 days ago
I was expecting track 12 (Type IV) to be a song discussing the Volkswagen 411/412 series of family cars (no, you've probably never heard of them or seen them).

Sadly not. Lyrically, all you get is diddly-dee diddly-dee.

Quite offensive to the legacy of ... See full review
submitted Slugbug - Shoe-Eatin' Time. 9 days ago
posted a comment on Discodroids - Interspace. 12 days ago
My guess is that the person who typed the label info thought "Ferry" was a typo so they changed it to "Terry".

Nobody in the UK thinks Ferry is a man's name, so they probably thought the info sent to them was a typo.

A typo due to an assumed typo, if ... See full review
posted a comment on Ferry Corsten - Early Works & Remix Projects. 12 days ago
I remember buying this back in 2000, fully expecting an album of System F / Gouryella style supersaw Trance.

"Gutted" would be the word, especially after laying down around 15 quid.

They couldn't even include Interspace FFS!
posted a comment on Q-Tex - Equator EP. 12 days ago
If anything, I think they might be them animal-liberation type people.

Mate, take another look at the sleeve. There's a dead body on the ground.

I've always wondered about this sleeve. It's more like the kinda sleeve you ... See full review
posted a review of Q-Tex - Let The Love. 12 days ago
Forget all the remixes here and stick with Scott's original mix (Side C, the only way you'll find it on vinyl).

An absolute joy of a song, melodically flawless and Gillian Tennant in top form as always. More happy than the Power Of Love but not quite as ... See full review
posted a comment on Fragma - Toca Me. 12 days ago
Bloody hell! There was a time not so long ago that you'd find all these Positiva records in charity shops / cash converters.

Every DJ had at least 20 of them, and they sold in the bucketloads. Now it seems they command quite a few quid if they're in NM ... See full review
posted a review of N-Trance - Electronic Pleasure. 12 days ago
The original mix is a very melodic Eurodance track, with a little more of a Trance touch than "Turn Up The Power" had.

Excellent production and fantastic vocals (especially from the ever reliable Ricardo Da Force, RIP).

The Tokyo mix is a breakbeat ... See full review
posted a comment on A.I.D.A. - Far And Away / Merit. 12 days ago
I dunno, I think the supersaw really helps Merit stand out. It'd be pretty forgettable without it.

Hey, each to their own :)
submitted Ithaca - A Game For All Who Know. 13 days ago
posted a comment on Metallica - Ride The Lightning. 13 days ago
Yeah I would say $400 for a truly NM/NM copy.
posted a review of Bam Bam* - Get Wild!. 13 days ago
Awesome Belgian Techno style track, which would be a solid 5-star release if it was not for the rather annoying "aow aow aow aow aow aow aow aow" sample.

It's like having a rave with your dog barking at you all the way through.

Hey, we've got software ... See full review
posted a comment on Mass Effect - Alphascan. 13 days ago
It's definitely not the same euphoric sound as his work under Push, Plastic Boy, Absolute etc but Mike has always produced more dark, deep stuff too.

It's kinda funny, as most people (such as yourself and me also) prefer his big tunes, but those who ... See full review
posted a comment on Cetu Javu. 13 days ago
Seriously, if you ever hear an '80s song that you think must be by Depeche Mode, but not quite as good, and like the lead singer has a cold, it's probably by Cetu Javu.

Haha! Oh man, that is spot on. I love their track "Situations" ... See full review
posted a comment on Gigi D'Agostino - Sweetly. 15 days ago
50€? This is probably worth 400€ at least!

9 copies were pressed!
posted a comment on Cetu Javu - Situations. 15 days ago
It's a fantastic song, but much like Camouflage they took more than just a slight inspiration from Depeche Mode.

It's not a criticism, a lot of German bands were highly inspired by Depeche Mode and most wrote great music, but it's funny to hear so much DM ... See full review
posted a comment on Dalek I Love You* - Heartbeat. 15 days ago
Astronauts Have Landed On The Moon is the real winner here. It really feels like it should have been the a-side, rather than Heartbeat.
posted a comment on a-ha - The Sun Always Shines On T.V.. 15 days ago
There is a short "bonus beat" on the b-side of my copy (after the instrumental and before Driftwood).

It's even banded as a separate track.

Does anyone else have a copy like this?
posted a comment on Voyager (9) - City Of Night. 16 days ago
Wow. Gigi's mix is a Mediterranean Progressive masterclass.

Taking the original Rational Youth melody, he transforms it into an irresistible club track still resplendent in euphoria!

This 12" is hard to find, but damn it's worth the price. Grande Gigi!
posted a comment on Sunburst - Eyeball. 16 days ago
I'm only after this for the full-length Pulser remix. That whole 20-minute UK single regulation was so crippling for DJ's.

Unless you were in the DJ pool, you were given the commercial release edited / fadeout versions.

And yeah, it's funny to have ... See full review
posted a review of Turntable Terror - Break. 18 days ago
For those into oldschool Hardcore Rave, stick with the Technological Mix.

The Surprise mix goes soft, and the Swingbeat mix is hip hop.

Scream is an ok b-side, but nothing special.
posted a comment on Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid. 18 days ago
Great sound quality on this reissue, and possibly the best way to get the awesome Smart Systems remix on vinyl.
posted a review of Michiel Van Der Kuy. 19 days ago
An absolute legend of electronic Dutch music in the 80's right through to the millennium.

He was there at the start of the Spacesynth sound (Laserdance), he progressed with ease to 90's Techno Rave (LA Style) and then moved into Trance with the likes of ... See full review
posted a review of Psychic Interface - Tribal Stomp (Cherokee Nation) / Dancin' In The Night. 19 days ago
Dancin' In The Night is the definite winner here. Pure mid-80's Italo Disco (I know it's German, deal with it).

Every ingredient of a classic Italo track is present. A thick, pumping bassline. Crisp, tight percussion. Sharp riffs, and a lush main ... See full review
posted a comment on UnionJack* - There Will Be No Armageddon. 19 days ago
I thought the vocal sample on Toucan ("What's goin' on, man") was taken from the 1986 movie Aliens?
posted a comment on Space System - Energy. 20 days ago
Each to their own mate, this is a class tune IMO.

By the way, Dream House refers to a short-lived sub-style of Trance (around 1995-1996). The biggest track was Robert Miles - Children.