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posted a comment on Signal Aout 42 - Immortal Collection 1983 - 1995. about 2 hours ago
Is the version of Dead Is Calling here unique to this release?

It's not the Contrast version and it's not the single version.
posted a comment on Liaisons D.* - Heart Beat. 5 days ago
"New Beat is boring, Acid House is dead. This is... Trance Dance"

Damn right!

The Belgians were at the forefront of dance music in the late 80's & early 90's. You just need to watch the TSOB (The Sound Of Belgium) movie to understand this.

They ... See full review
posted a review of Gigi D'Agostino & Daniele Gas - Creative Nature Vol. 2. 5 days ago
I'm a fan of melodic music, and I really love the Italian sound of '94-'95 that was tagged Mediterranean Progressive.

It had a fresh, new sound. Kinda halfway between progressive house and trance.

The Panic Mouse tracks here, as well as Meravillia, ... See full review
posted a review of Luxor - Superstitious. 7 days ago
Superstitious is one of my all-time favourite Trance tracks.

The melody is dark & enveloping, with plenty of middle eastern feeling to add to the mystery. Such an enchanting sound.

The tempo is pretty fast, so you can't mix this into your '99 anthems. ... See full review
posted a review of Lello B. Presents Black Out Vol. 4* - Sound Of Venus. 7 days ago
Excellent Mediterranean Progressive, very much in line with Gigi D'Agostino around 1994.

Sublime melodies, tight drive.
posted a comment on Peppermint Lounge - Perfect High. 7 days ago
Here is a short, edited A/B test of the Dark Entries reissue vs the original 12":

Dark Entries reissue:

Original WOM 12":

I think they're pretty similar. ... See full review
posted a comment on Lhasa - The Attic. 7 days ago
Hello lhasa67, will the reissue be from the original master tape / DAT?
posted a comment on VNV Nation - Empires. 11 days ago
Heads up, vinyl reissue incoming!

Issued on clear vinyl & black vinyl.
submitted Various - Filthy Little Angels Tour CD. 11 days ago
posted a comment on Various - SNX. 12 days ago
Metropakt - Neuen Strassen.

What a track. Tight, sharp Electro with cold hard vocals. In French, German and Japanese.

It's got a definite EBM vibe too, that militaristic feeling.

Definitely something for fans of Liaisons Dangereuses & Front 242.
posted a comment on Various - Pop!Justice: 100% Solid Pop Music. 15 days ago
Does anyone know if Sophie Ellis-Bextor's "Dear Jimmy" is available unmixed?
posted a comment on M.N.O. - God Of Abraham (Remix). 17 days ago
Yes, the Live In Holland September '91 "performance" is made questionable by the totally false crowd noise.

Then again, it was a done thing back then. I remember n-joi & ultra-sonic doing the same thing.
posted a comment on Lords Of Acid - Take Control. 17 days ago
Let's Get High is an outstanding Belgian Techno anthem.

Full-on MNO in da house!
posted a comment on Helen Reddy - Imagination. 19 days ago

I should have known that, I actually have Connecting Flight. Listening to Imagination from the album now.

So good.
posted a review of Signal Aout 42 - I Want To Push. 20 days ago
Ok, let's get it out of the way right from the start.

The "lyrics" in this tune are embarrassing.

"Your pussy is nice and wet".


Ok, back to the music...

This is pretty forward thinking stuff for '90. The Haunted Mix has a definite flavour of ... See full review
posted a review of Nacht Und Nebel - Movoco Synthaca. 20 days ago
Movoco Synthaca, what a track!

Coming across something like a mutation of cold, angular New Wave mixed with old Rock n' Roll attitude, it is a strangely disturbing track yet you are compelled to dance.

The lyrics are oblique, and quite scary in ... See full review
posted a comment on Now That's What I Call Music! (UK). 21 days ago
Take a look through these volumes, and try to find the latest one where you know / remember at least 75% of the artists featured.

That is the moment where you stopped being young, and became a grumpy middle-aged old fart.

Me? Volume 82.
posted a comment on The Horrorist - One Night In N.Y.C.. 23 days ago
One Night In N.Y.C. is Oliver's calling card, a classic stamp of his sound.

Such dark story telling, yet still compelling.

Like Soft Cell on brown acid.
posted a comment on Cyclopede - Bad Motherfucker. 23 days ago
No reviews for this. Astonishing.

"Bad Motherfucker" is one of the absolute classics of the prime gabber scene. I can't think of many other tracks that had such an influence on me (big shoutout to ... See full review
posted a comment on Rob Hubbard. 24 days ago
My personal top 3 tunes:

3. One Man & His Droid

I've never played the game! I know it from the Space Invaders minigame before Ghostbusters. Such memories...

[i]"Just when you thought it was safe to make a cup of tea... it's... ... See full review
posted a comment on Oh • Bonic* - Cybex / LZH.01 / Energize / Thermal Tech. 27 days ago
Exactly, mate! The really early 90's US rave was basically a combination of UK breakbeat & Belgian Techno, but with a unique US production standard.

Obviously more polished than the typical UK DIY bedroom aesthetic, and actually more polished than the ... See full review
posted a comment on Q-Tex - The Power Of Love. 27 days ago
Funny that Scott said that it was a error with the master recording, because the glitch sound only happens on the CD single.

On the 12", it's not there.
posted a review of Miss Yetti / David Dummy And Sierra Sam* / Stamba / G-Punkt - Hits Selection 4. 27 days ago
Pop Circus is, as the name suggests, very quirky. I get that Space Factory liked throwing curve balls every so often, but to be honest the track just kinda annoys me. Thankfully the other three tracks more than make up for it.

Transfer Interruption is a ... See full review
posted a comment on Angela Werner - Video. 28 days ago
Does anyone know how the 12" mix of Video sounds?

Is it just extended (more instrumental parts) or is it a different mix?
posted a review of JK Walker* - My Future. 29 days ago
Outstanding remix by Marcos.

Tough, serious, professional Trance (UK style).

The intro has a distinct Tech Trance vibe, which was of course popular in 2004/5. Grating, industrial slabs instead of melodic refrains.

Then, just like coming up to breathe ... See full review
posted a review of Wippenberg. 29 days ago
This guy had a knack of staying up with what was fresh.

From the belting hard acid trance of Neurodancer, to his euphoric trance stage (see Light A Rainbow) to his minimal stuff, he's been quality.

Pity he's kinda dropped off the map recently. He's a great ... See full review
posted a comment on Mr Oizo* Featuring Charli XCX - Hand In The Fire. 29 days ago
This single version of Hand In The Fire easily outshines the album version. Everyone knows that.

But don't forget to play the b-side tracks!

"Being Flat" is yet another amazing jump into twisted, trippy rave. What a breakdown it has, just like being ... See full review
posted a comment on System Of A Down. about 1 month ago
Great review, TabloidWeasel!

SOAD are an amazing band. I agree, the "Nu Metal" term does not strictly apply to them.

They were caught up in the zeitgeist, but they're nothing like Nu Metal.

Serj's vocals are intelligent, Daron's riffs can be ... See full review
posted a comment on Ferry Corsten. about 1 month ago
Good call on Binary Finary, the Matt Darey & Paul van Dyk remixes were massive in '98. Of course there was even a Gouryella remix of 1998 (released in '99) so you could even say Ferry had a hand there too haha!

..even still, I think the Paul van Dyk ... See full review
posted a comment on Minimal Wave. about 1 month ago
Have Minimal Wave stopped? Seems like they're real quiet recently. I know they still release Techno under Cititrax but I always enjoyed their rare 80's repress material.
posted a comment on Mr Oizo* - Lambs Anger. about 1 month ago
Can any owners of this original 2008 pressing confirm that the first LP is free from sibilance?

My copy of the 2015 reissue (Lambs Anger), and that of another owner, contain unbearable sibilance throughout all of the vocal tracks (and even some of the ... See full review
posted a comment on Matt Berry (3) - Night Terrors (Clark Remix). about 1 month ago
Less than 3 hours to sell out on Bleep and less than 3 minutes to list here on Discogs for triple the price by scalpers.
posted a comment on Mr Oizo* - Lambs Anger. about 1 month ago
Yes! Some very harsh sibilance on the right channel. Oh dear, looks like the entire run is affected. Just on the first record though.

I wonder if the original 2008 pressing had the same issues?
posted a review of Various - Trancemaster 3 - Eternal Oceanic. about 1 month ago
"The Land Of Toys Remix" of Stellar Supreme (by Cosmic Baby) is only available on this series of Trancemaster. No 12" release, no b-side, nothing.

It's a fast tempo Trance track with razor sharp production (no surprise there considering the talent of ... See full review
posted a review of Soviet - We Are Eyes, We Are Builders. about 1 month ago
It's been a few years since I bought a Medical release, and I'm glad to say upfront that their work on this sought-after album is excellent.

I had some issues with Medical in the past (their insistence on using gimmicky coloured vinyl, overly processed ... See full review
posted a comment on The Prodigy - Experience (Expanded: Remixes & B-Sides). about 1 month ago
@ Simon_Dragnes Yeah, I explained my error in the other reply.
posted a review of Plexus - Raw Mission. about 1 month ago
The Cactus Is Saved!

My god, what a Belgian Techno mind warper!

Head straight to B3. Mentasm riffs swarm you like killer bees, acid strikes you at it's pleasure.

This is the sound of Belgium!
posted a review of Radiorama - Aliens. about 1 month ago
A great hands-in-the-air mid 80's Italo track, but I do question the sleeve artwork.

Was it really necessary to use the aliens from Aliens, and then basically copy & paste the "ALIENS" text?

My god! It looks like an official tie-in.

Bloody Italians :P
posted a review of Fix & Fertig (2) - Wie Der Lichte Tag. about 1 month ago
I have received my copy. No, this is not an Amazon review.

The sound quality is crisp, clear, defined, perfect.

I had never expected to hear this old tape in such amazing quality.

Plus, the sleeve is a work of art in itself. I'm pretty sure this was ... See full review
posted a review of Yves Deruyter - Factor-Y. about 1 month ago
Factor-Y has all the hallmarks of a M.I.K.E. track as expected, but you can also hear the ideas of Yves.

It's a much more spacious (empty feeling) track for a start, and there are those quirky sounds so typical of Deruyter.

The main melody is only used ... See full review
posted a comment on 1st Bass - Slam Me Down. about 1 month ago
Definitely sounds like Luke Slater (think The Pounder).

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posted a comment on Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Remixes). about 1 month ago
Montana's remix is a filthy Tech Trance take on the Megavoices mix (the one everyone knows from '99).

He cuts it up & dices it into very sharp pieces. This leads into the break, where we get...

No, it's not Binary Finary's 1998. It's ... See full review
posted a review of Illuminatae - Tremora Del Terra. about 1 month ago
Tremora Del Terra, it's one of those tracks. Once you hear it, you never forget it.

Fantastic production, and intense tension.
posted a review of Virtualmismo - Mismoplastico. about 1 month ago
The Corvin Dalek remix is ok, but really just to be used as warm up material. It's a chunky Prog / Electro House hybrid, very decent but you drift by it.

On the b-side, the original 1992 mixes are featured.

B1 is the Virtual Mix. It is a legendary ... See full review
posted a review of Plastic Boy - Twixt. about 1 month ago
I'm amazed that Twixt hasn't had a review yet, even though every Trancehead from the late '90s knows it by heart.

It's just so typically M.I.K.E. in sound, and that strong production is backed up with one hell of a melody.

It seems that Mike kept some ... See full review
posted a review of Radikal Records. about 1 month ago
Just to echo the previous comment, I do find that the 90's vinyl pressings from Radikal can be quite poor.

Most (if not all) of the Radikal pressings I have are from '91-'95, and in general they suffer from pops, ticks & sometimes distortion.

It's ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Peppermint Lounge - Perfect High. about 1 month ago
Haha, nice to read their review of the song on the DE page.

I kinda feel special :P
posted a comment on Parker & Clind - Generator. about 1 month ago
It's the Trance Club mix that you want.

The first half of the track builds up steadily, but with a speedy vibe full of Acid.

Before you know it, everything drops.

No time to reflect here, the most euphoric of melodies soon pops up and sweeps you away ... See full review
posted a comment on Messiah - Thunderdome. about 1 month ago
Awesome! I have no idea about the Toronto rave scene, but it's great to know that the Spicelab remix was big.

It's such an amazing track. Big props to Oliver Lieb!