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posted a comment on Reflekt Featuring Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved. about 10 hours ago
DJKrissiB, I've seen a massive jump in the prices of standard issue Positiva 12" over the past 5 or so years.

Stuff that you would have found in Cash Converters for 2 quid now going for £30+. My guess is that it's the younger generation, snapping... See full review
posted a comment on D-Zone Records. about 10 hours ago
finestillusion Agreed regarding the D-Zone Bandcamp files.

I have bought Work It Out and Jet Star, and they sound incredible. It's my guess that they're taken from original DAT, and moreso are not compressed.

Just pure, original sound.
posted a review of Genetic Sequence - Time / Photographic. 2 days ago
Pretty nice Drum n Bass / Electro(clash) crossover stuff.

Photographic is a cover version of the very first commercially released Depeche Mode track (the original version is pretty much at Drum n Bass tempo anyway), and Time is a self-written... See full review
submitted F/O/A/D - Work It Out / Repper. 3 days ago
posted a review of Guido Beat - Mind. 4 days ago

Zero Gradi Mix: Mediterranean Progressive version, with simple repeating riff. Gets aggressive at the end.

F.R.E.S.A. Mix: Hard version, with coarse “siren” sound running throughout the track. Simple off-beat... See full review
posted a review of Einstein Doctor Deejay* - Back From Galactika. 5 days ago
The Automatik Mix is a really nice Italodance / Mediterranean Progressive track, without doubt the best version. Think along the lines of Datura.

Sadly it retains the chipmunk vocal, which destroys it totally. You can't play this and expect to retain... See full review
posted a comment on Various / Gigi D'Agostino - Le Voyage '96 Compilation. 5 days ago
Wow ok, I don't know how I didn't see that when researching.

But you mean Promo Mix 137, not 201?
posted a review of The Hacker (2) - Blade Runner. 6 days ago
A solid, chunky Progressive House take on the legendary End Credits from Blade Runner.

Will work well in a Progressive Trance set with ease also, it's got that effortless cool that comes with such a classy melody.

I'm not really sure why the prices... See full review
posted a comment on The Digital Blonde - The Europa EP. 7 days ago
Do you know if John 00 Fleming had a hand in the production of Electra?

The meat of the track is so familiar to his productions around this time (Lost In Emotion etc).

I do know that Ricky & John have a history of working together (00.db) but... See full review
posted a review of Philippe Renaux - We Wish You A Cosmic Christmas. 7 days ago
Yeah, «Noël Cosmique» is a great late 70's Space Synth track, very much in keeping with the sound of Space Art (2) (think Onyx).

It gets a bit Jazz Wanky at the end which is a shame, but it's still pretty cool.

The other tracks still have that luscious... See full review
posted a review of Cute Boys - Deep Doop. 8 days ago
The Progressive mix is the definite winner here.

Taking its cue from The Age Of Love (the bassline is basically the same idea), it layers swathes of ethereal pads and spooky refrains on top.

It's almost a precursor to the kind of music Orkidea was... See full review
posted a review of Nancy Fortune - The Secret Life Of Nancy Fortune. 16 days ago
"Them" is clearly the standout track, and is A1 for good reason. The main selling point is a dry, rolling bassline. Mororder style, but very understated. A big, rasping riff enters around the 2:40 mark but then the track inexplicably fades 30 seconds... See full review
posted a comment on Berlin - Count Three & Pray. 20 days ago
Sadly the anticipated Rubellan Remasters 2021 expanded remaster CD is not going ahead.

From Scott:

"This has been one of the most requested titles, and really disappoints because I didn't expect there to be a problem since I reissued their two previous... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Napalm Rave Vol. III. 21 days ago
Typical late 90's dark Gabber, verging on Speedcore (but nothing here is really that fast or extreme, contrary to the reviews below).

The quality of production varies, but it's definitely worth picking up for the Kill Your Mother tracks (but be warned if you... See full review
posted a review of Nicolas Chenard - From Outer Space. 23 days ago

A1 (Parallelism): One of the best tracks from this superb artist. Taking cues from the The Hacker & Vitalic as well as nods to legends such as Moroder, Chenard manages to make retro tinged Space Disco that... See full review
posted a comment on Blancmange - That's Love, That It Is. 26 days ago
Is it instrumental, or does it have the female Indian vocal?
posted a comment on Equazion - Cyberflux E.P.. 27 days ago
Yeah obviously Scott Brown sampled DJ's Unite. That was released way before this.

But he did make it into one of the all-time Bouncy Techno anthems in Scotland (see the '94 mix), so full respect.
posted a review of SYD (2) - Le Jazz De Jupiter. 28 days ago
Discomanic is the winner for me. There was some kind of warm magic circulating the air in the early 2000's scene.

Post-Electroclash funky Electro House / Hi-NRG vibes, encapsulated mainly by French acts (see also Grenoble based artists such as Kiko &... See full review
posted a comment on Ultra-Sonic - The Pulse. 28 days ago
The Pulse is a very decent track, but most of us want this 12" for the legendary Awesome.

It's raw, it's rough, and it's definitely not clever. Proper oldschool rave on a shoestring, with obligatory crowd sample in effect.

But for those who know... See full review
posted a comment on Gigi D'Agostino - Sweetly. 28 days ago
100€? This is probably worth 400€ at least!

9 copies were pressed!
posted a comment on Armin van Buuren - Communication Part 3. about 1 month ago
I have to agree that the Coldware Cold remix is outstanding, maybe even the best.

But you really need to pay due respect to the original mix. I remember back in 1999, we had received Out Of The Blue, then Gouryella, then Carte Blanche.

2000 came... See full review
posted a review of Mr. Kemi & Amox - Me So Horny!. about 1 month ago
If you overlook the cheesy title track there's actually a decent selection of Electro / Techno here.

Will definitely appeal to fans of David Carretta.
posted a review of Client - It's Not Over. about 1 month ago
The Kinky Roland dub is an upbeat version with a great rolling bassline and crisp production.

I don't really think much of the other mixes.

I guess the Dana Gerth remix will appeal to Deep House / Minimal fans, and the Alex Kiss & Show-B remix is... See full review
posted a comment on Paul van Dyk Feat. Second Sun - Crush. about 1 month ago
I know your comment is nearly a decade old but that version is on most vinyl releases and is called ‘pvd original mix’ look for that version if you want the mix from ‘trance energy 2003’

No, it's this one:... See full review
posted a comment on Magic Box - If You.... about 1 month ago
Pity the instrumental wasn't released on vinyl. No offence to the vocalist, but he does turn the track into a "boyband pop song".

The instrumental is a cute little ray of sunshine in itself, such a bouncy bassline and bittersweet melody. I can't help... See full review
posted a review of Suede - Filmstar. about 1 month ago
First class single from the excellent Suede.

Definite hints of T-Rex and Glam Rock in general, along with a little Psych vibe.
posted a review of Sylvia* - Automatic Lover. about 1 month ago
Nice cover version of the Dee D Jackson anthem. The vocals are sweet, but not really as powerful as Dee D Jackson. I don't think Sylvia really cared about this song to be honest.

The really interesting thing here is the throbbing bassline, which is... See full review
posted a comment on Dee D Jackson* - Automatic Lover. about 1 month ago

posted a comment on Annie - American Cars (Richard X Edit). about 1 month ago
Sublime re-edit from Annie's long term collaborator Richard X. Subtle touches to the original, producing the perfect pop as always.

I purchased the WAV file from Junodownload (standard 16 bit). I see that the track is available in 24 bit too from... See full review
posted a comment on Anticappella - 2√231 / Move Your Body. about 1 month ago
Sadly not, I don't think I ever sent the cards away (I kept them attached to the insert).
posted a review of Radiohead - Paranoid Android. about 1 month ago
Melatonin does what it says on the tin. A warm blanket, familiar to us all.

Pure beauty, enough to make you forget everything.

Back to the womb.
posted a comment on Jean-Pierre Decerf - Space Oddities 1975 - 1979. about 1 month ago
I bought the digital version of this and the tracks are sourced from vinyl rips.

They've been cleaned up for sure, but you can still spot the odd tick and sibilance is evident on the vocals.

It would be nice if labels would state this on releases.
posted a review of AIR ♦ Baricco* - City Reading. about 1 month ago
It'd be nice for this to be reissued, but also including an instrumental version.

I tried to enjoy the album as it is, but found it very straining to concentrate on the music with the constant talking.

And yeah, I know the point was to listen to the... See full review
posted a comment on Altın Gün - Yol. about 1 month ago
I can understand why fans of the first two albums find this third LP hard to digest, but I would ask them to reconsider it with fresh ears.

While the Psych underpinnings of the first two albums are largely dismissed on Yol, there is still an absolute... See full review
posted a comment on Daniel Avery - Drone Logic. about 1 month ago
I've just bought the CD version of this album and had to read the reviews. Seems you lot are pretty divided on this one.

After a few listens, I can see both sides of the argument. While it is excellently produced (and does indeed have a very cool... See full review
posted a comment on Tapps - Burnin' With Fire / My Forbidden Lover (Remix). about 1 month ago
Burnin' With Fire is an outstanding slice of Hi-NRG, with a sexy yet strong main vocal and superb production.

The main hook reminds me somewhat of Debbie Harry's '85 hit "Feel The Spin", it's got that nod to Freestyle too.

I'm not so sure about My... See full review
posted a comment on Crossover - Fantasmo. about 1 month ago
Bloody hell, you're not wrong. I just picked up a copy of this and it brings a whole new level to the "loudness war"!

Compressed to fuck! It actually hurts my ears.
posted a review of Massimo Marino* - First Prohibition. about 1 month ago
The original mix is a superb piece of late 90's Trance, very similar in style to the late great Marino Stephano. He's not mentioned in the credits of this release, but I gather he and Massimo were brothers so I cannot help but think they worked... See full review
submitted Various - The Party Gold Collection: Twist And Shout. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on P J Harvey* - Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea. about 1 month ago
Picked my copy up today. No complaints whatsoever.

A rich, dynamic stage with a very balanced overall sound. I don't hear any inner groove distortion on "The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore" or "We Float".

Zero surface noise noted. Clean as a... See full review
posted a comment on Team Deep - Morninglight. 2 months ago
You're quite right, but this basic minor key structure is used in hundreds of songs (from Trance to Metal).

It's very simple, and very effective.
posted a review of Various - Deconcentration Now Begun.... 2 months ago
The long tracks here are very good Dark Ambient / Experimental pieces, with definite nods to early Tangerine Dream and even Delia Derbyshire. Will definitely appeal to fans of Aphex Twin's SAW II too.
posted a comment on Various - In Trance We Trust Collector's Edition 1. 2 months ago
It says that CD 1 is unmixed, but why are most tracks shorter than their original versions?

Have they been chopped up to fit 13 tracks onto one CD?

I don't see any point in buying this at all to be honest.
submitted Linda Ronstadt With Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra* - For Sentimental Reasons. 2 months ago
submitted Real Thing* - 100 Minutes Of Real Thing. 2 months ago
posted a review of Nico Band - Let It Show. 2 months ago
Some very mixed reviews below regarding the sound quality of this 2019 reissue.

I've just received a copy, and gave it a listen.

The original mix has ultra defined mid & hi range. The vocals & percussion shine (perhaps a little too much, the vocal... See full review
posted a comment on EQ (21) - The EP. 2 months ago
Does anyone know how this pressing sounds compared to the FX Records (UK) original?

Basically does anyone have both copies and can do an A/B test?
submitted Ronny & The Daytonas - Landlocked - The Best Of Ronny & The Daytonas. 2 months ago
submitted The Rainmakers (2) - Tornado. 2 months ago
submitted Rossy - Island Of Ghosts. 2 months ago