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Mac Davis - It's Hard To Be Humble
submitted Mac Davis - It's Hard To Be Humble. about 8 hours ago
Final Cut - I Told You Not To Stop
posted a review of Final Cut - I Told You Not To Stop. 3 days ago
The original (LP version) of I Told You Not To Stop is incredible for a 1989 production. While you could say it's "just" Industrial, it's also clearly proto Hardcore Techno. The only other track that can claim being this early yet this hard is... See full review
The Human League - Empire State Human
posted a review of The Human League - Empire State Human. 3 days ago
Empire State Human is of course a classic, but take another listen to Introducing.

It's rather incredible, with harsh industrial overtones and a tempo / feeling not unlike early 90s breakbeat hardcore (even maybe DnB).

People tend to forget (or just... See full review
Angela Schumann - Hassliebe
posted a review of Angela Schumann - Hassliebe. 3 days ago
@ Vlad1982

It's from 1990, what did you expect? An equivalent of "Dare"?

You've completely misunderstood my comparison. If you want to go there, then how about a 1990 equivalent to Violator.
Gay Cat Park - Synthetic Woman
posted a review of Gay Cat Park - Synthetic Woman. 3 days ago
Some very interesting pieces here, much more varied than the Italo Disco staple I'm A Vocoder provides.

The quality of writing is consistently strong, verging close to Synth Pop / New Wave. There are touches of Alexander Robotnick on the catchy Mister Do Re Mi,... See full review
Original Mirrors - Original Mirrors
posted a review of Original Mirrors - Original Mirrors. 7 days ago
No need for a reissue when you can still pick up a NM original very cheap.

I'd actually rather see a reissue of their CD compilation Heartbeat: The Best Of Original Mirrors. Doesn't even have to be physical format, just slap the wav files on Beatport or something. As long as... See full review
D.J. Miko* - What's Up
posted a review of D.J. Miko* - What's Up. 9 days ago
Haha I just watched the Top Of The Pops performance and thought, "the sound of this woman does not match her look".

Hey, that's typical for Eurodance.
Orbital - Radiccio
posted a review of Orbital - Radiccio. 10 days ago
Ok if you say so. I will forget everything I have ever enjoyed and start listening only to what you like.
Telex - Haven't We Met Somewhere Before?
posted a review of Telex - Haven't We Met Somewhere Before?. 10 days ago
Aside from the excellent music, mention must be made about the sleeve for this release.

I like Telex but am not a hardcore fan so did not know about this release, so when I first picked this 12" up I thought it was an early 90s Techno / Electronic... See full review
Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain
posted a review of Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain. 10 days ago
So basically this sounds identical to the original black vinyl copy but there are issues due to it being pressed on fancy gold vinyl?

Or is it something a good VPI clean would sort out?
Gary Numan - Music For Chameleons
posted a review of Gary Numan - Music For Chameleons. 10 days ago
I've always had a soft spot for Music For Chameleons, it's a very strong track from possibly the last album (I, Assassin) that I really liked.

Such a luscious, warm sound that is in contrast to his earlier cold stylings, but still with those killer... See full review
A Flock Of Seagulls - Talking (Remix)
posted a review of A Flock Of Seagulls - Talking (Remix). 10 days ago
I've read that this is an unfinished mix by Bill Nelson, and upon buying this 12" it definitely sounds like it.

The snares are heavily muddled, they almost sound like a sub-64kbps mp3 (yes in 1983). The synths are buried.

In fact the entire mix is... See full review
Pop Will Eat Itself - Cure For Sanity
posted a comment on Pop Will Eat Itself - Cure For Sanity. 11 days ago
Absolutely. The one thing I always remember about PWEI is the Designers Republic artwork, much more than the music.

It's not bad music at all, but yeah those iconic sleeve designs definitely promise more than what is delivered.
Haardcore - Toxic
posted a review of Haardcore - Toxic. 12 days ago
I had Toxic on Terrordrome IV - Supersonic Guerilla (Hardcore Underground Warfare) and always thought it was one of the hardest tracks on it. There's not much to it (it's the kind of track that could be played live) but it's insane.

I couldn't stand listening to such a sound for a whole set, but thrown into... See full review
Haardcore - Hakken
posted a review of Haardcore - Hakken. 12 days ago
I've always liked the abrasiveness of Ore Slope, but yeah I totally get what you mean about the "emptiness".

But just the name "Ore Slope" is so fitting, it really puts you in the right frame of mind. Like an industrial machine drilling through ton... See full review
Various - Terrordrome IV - Supersonic Guerilla (Hardcore Underground Warfare)
posted a review of Various - Terrordrome IV - Supersonic Guerilla (Hardcore Underground Warfare). 12 days ago
I read it like this:

[i]Three years ago time shifted, and the dark dimension was swept over us like a dark cloud of nuclear fallout.
Thousands came in, and no-one left. They simply couldn't resist the sound of darkness.

In the separate world of the... See full review
Funki Porcini - Carwreck EP
posted a review of Funki Porcini - Carwreck EP. 13 days ago
It's a Spectrum (or Commodore 64) program for sure. It's a short program so I guess it's graphics of some sort. Someone needs to record it to tape and give it a go!

This really reminds me of Aphex Twin when he put those graphics into ∆Mᵢ⁻¹=−α ∑... See full review
Various - Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol. 1
posted a review of Various - Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol. 1. 18 days ago
"Maybe in order to mask surface noise from the source medium?"

Exactly. It's a lazy & easy way to brush ticks under the carpet, but it destroys the dynamics in the process.

I don't have a copy of the Psychic Youth 7", but if I did and it had minor... See full review
Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf
posted a review of Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf. 18 days ago
I'm guessing this is the Night Version / Live Version like the other 12" issues?
Republica - Speed Ballads
posted a review of Republica - Speed Ballads. 18 days ago
@ Degejot:

I was not meaning to say this could have been an investment (to be honest Republica are the last band you want to "invest" in). I was saying that MOV clearly pressed too many copies, so you will see the prices go down.

I paid $60 which... See full review
To My Boy - Aktion!
submitted To My Boy - Aktion!. 18 days ago
posted a review of Neo Cortex - Storm Of Light. 19 days ago
Cheesy? For sure. But this an irresistible slice of commercial pop trance, at a time (2005) when the scene was definitely on its last legs (Electro House quickly taking the place of Pop Trance for the masses).

I could easily imagine this tune on... See full review
Martin Matiske - Stars & Galaxy
posted a review of Martin Matiske - Stars & Galaxy. 20 days ago
Quality music for sure, but am I just unlucky or do a lot of these Gigolo presses sound a little off?

I'm talking about sibilance on hi-hats mainly, but also very "hot" compression. Maybe Hell liked them that way, I don't know.
Vincent De Moor - Flowtation 2007
posted a review of Vincent De Moor - Flowtation 2007. 20 days ago
Two excellent remixes of de Moor's anthem, both paying maximum respect to the original.

Roy Gates takes first place above Signum, and upon listening to it you can hear why. He basically keeps the original sound but updates it a decade. It's still the... See full review
Vincent De Moor - Flowtation
posted a review of Vincent De Moor - Flowtation. 20 days ago
Haha yeah I remember that radio edit of Carte Blanche. Some pompous guy saying "CARTE... BLANCHE"

Hilarious! But at least it wasn't added to the 12" mix. But there were some notable exceptions, Armin's Communication had a very sexy lady almost... See full review
Marscruiser Feat. Kendra Foster - Not Alone Tonight
posted a review of Marscruiser Feat. Kendra Foster - Not Alone Tonight. 20 days ago
The "CO7" remix (whoever that is) is a very nice throwback to late 90s Euphoric Trance.

Especially the second breakdown is superb, reminding me of Dejure - Sanctuary. I even get a small taste of Castles In The Sky, just to cement those turn-of-the-millennium... See full review
Stefano Di Carlo - Progressive Generation Vol 1 (Tribute To Mauro Tannino)
posted a review of Stefano Di Carlo - Progressive Generation Vol 1 (Tribute To Mauro Tannino). 24 days ago
Are these poor quality vinyl rips (like the current Bandcamp files)?
posted a review that has since been deleted. 26 days ago
Mr. Oz (2) - Green Line
posted a review of Mr. Oz (2) - Green Line. 28 days ago
Green Line is formulaic Dream House, but flip over for the rather more interesting Magic Flowers.

A cute little guitar lick takes the track along to the breakdown, where you're greeted with those oh-so-mid 90s pizzicato strings. Sure, it's nothing... See full review
Various - Promo Mix 137
posted a review of Various - Promo Mix 137. 29 days ago
The current asking prices for this 12" are well over the sales history.

We're talking €80 at least for a decent copy of something that sold €25 (max) in the past 4 years.

I managed to grab a copy a few months ago for €16 (as you can see in the sales... See full review
Republica - Speed Ballads
posted a review of Republica - Speed Ballads. 29 days ago
I think MOV may have overestimated the demand for this title.

Much the same as their reissues of the debut (1500 copies of red, 1500 copies of blue), I can't see this edition of 1000 ever becoming a "collectors item" with a value to represent the... See full review
Republica - Speed Ballads
posted a review of Republica - Speed Ballads. 29 days ago
Looking forward to hearing my copy. Personally I can't see how this vinyl issue will sound any better than a 1998 mastered-for-CD release, but hey it's awesome as you say to have Republicas albums on vinyl.
Rainbow Spirit Feat. Sangeet* - Aquarian Spirit / Sirius Shuttle
posted a review of Rainbow Spirit Feat. Sangeet* - Aquarian Spirit / Sirius Shuttle. about 1 month ago
I came here after being tipped off about Aqua Line Spirt from Astral Projection being a remix, but after listening to Aquarian Spirt then Sirius Shuttle I've gotta say that it's the latter that made me put this in my wantlist.

In fact, Sirius Shuttle... See full review
Paparazzi (5) - Paparazzi
posted a review of Paparazzi (5) - Paparazzi. about 1 month ago
The lead vocalist is female, but she is not credited (or even mentioned at all). I have never seen such a thing.

Does anyone know the reason for this?
Rythm Twins - Inside Your Soul
posted a review of Rythm Twins - Inside Your Soul. about 1 month ago
A nice track, very much "of the time" (late 80s digital production) but the song stands tall.

Indeed there's a lot to compare with the Tori Amos debut Y Kant Tori Read. Imagine this as a long lost b-side to that material.
Kate Bush - The Dreaming
posted a review of Kate Bush - The Dreaming. about 1 month ago
May I ask what turntable you are using? I have never encountered "excessive skipping" on any LP, except for one that appeared to have been gouged with a blade deliberately.
Magazine - Shot By Both Sides
posted a review of Magazine - Shot By Both Sides. about 1 month ago
I wouldn't say underrated, Shot By Both Sides is a Post Punk anthem. Loads of people know this song, even people who aren't really into Punk / Post Punk.

It's the one track everyone thinks of when asked "What else did members of the Buzzcocks do".
Mandy* - Don't You Want Me Baby
posted a review of Mandy* - Don't You Want Me Baby. about 1 month ago
A PWL remix of Don't You Want Me from 1989. Pretty much does what it says on the tin.
The Human League - Credo
posted a review of The Human League - Credo. about 1 month ago
Thank you for this info, it would explain a lot about the rarity of this LP.

I always wondered why a Wall Of Sound pressing (of a big 80s pop group) would be so "limited". Even by 2011 standards I would expect at least 500 copies were pressed. Seems... See full review
Sunday Club - Paladian Dawn
posted a review of Sunday Club - Paladian Dawn. about 1 month ago
I've always enjoyed Sunday Club remixes but never bothered to come here to Discogs to actually check them out. Well, imagine my shock when I first heard Paladian Dawn!

Oh wow. As a massive fan of Friends, Lovers & Family you can imagine my face. Pure ecstasy! As has... See full review
System F - Out Of The Blue
posted a review of System F - Out Of The Blue. about 1 month ago
If you don't like the snare (which I think is one of the cool defining features of this tune), you could always use the 5AM mix.

Picotto's remix is crap, in my opinion. Just lazy.
Andain - Summer Calling / Beautiful Things
posted a review of Andain - Summer Calling / Beautiful Things. about 1 month ago
Not the first release on this label to omit the "proper" mix (see the review on Quantum Leap).

My guess is that whoever is in charge of this label skims through lists of "classic tracks" and just picks whatever the original mix is, or picks one at... See full review
Madonna - Confessions On A Dance Floor
posted a review of Madonna - Confessions On A Dance Floor. about 1 month ago
The vinyl issues are unmixed because they were designed for DJs to play (this was originally released back in 2005 when DJs still used vinyl).

So in effect it IS all about Disco as this is a Disco record for Disco DJs to use ;)
Look Mum No Computer - Handbook On How To Stay Alive
submitted Look Mum No Computer - Handbook On How To Stay Alive. about 1 month ago
Hefner (2) - The Hefner Brain
posted a review of Hefner (2) - The Hefner Brain. about 1 month ago
If I remember correctly, the band got some flak for turning to synths on this release. But it was a brave move for a band seen as traditionally "Indie", especially in the very early 2000s before the Indie / Electro scenes really went to bed... See full review
Planet Perfecto - Not Over Yet '99
posted a review of Planet Perfecto - Not Over Yet '99. about 1 month ago
Incredible that this is still so cheap. The Breeder remix is THE best version, hands down. Fully respectful of the original while bringing a smooth, understated class.

As has been mentioned in other reviews, this is one of the only ways to find the... See full review
Various - Future Love Songs
posted a review of Various - Future Love Songs. about 1 month ago
A nice compilation overall, as a fan of The Long Blondes I got a copy when it was released but I mainly remember it for the mental Vichy Government track Elvis & The Beatles.

Bunch of nutters!
Altın Gün - Aşk
posted a review of Altın Gün - Aşk. about 1 month ago
Haha yeah that inner sleeve is something unique for sure. My sealed copy of the red / yellow issue came with the paper sleeve seam split, and for once I wasn't bothered!

Definitely one to keep for authenticity, but yeah replace it with a better one ASAP :P See full review
Operator (2) - Element
posted a review of Operator (2) - Element. about 1 month ago
Not awful by any means, but it just gets buried under so many more interesting tracks from the period.

It's got solid production and the sounds used are pretty standard for Belgian Techno, but it's nothing you haven't heard 50 times before.

Just one... See full review
Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)
posted a review of Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me (No, No, No). about 1 month ago
Yeah your BPM counter is doubling the actual tempo, this usually happens with heavy basslines.

Funny as it may seem, tracks like this mix perfectly with Drum n Bass ;)