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posted a review of Virtual Reality (10) - Make Some Noise. 1 day ago
Yeah, totally underrated track.

Full-on Anasthasia / Frequency riffs over dangerous breaks, along with a dark atmosphere.

Mix 2 (the b-side) is a straight 4/4 Techno version of the a-side, but also with a more polished production.

Both mixes are ... See full review
posted a review of ADULT. - Hand To Phone. 2 days ago
I wish they had made a picture sleeve for this. The label artwork is fantastic, it really encapsulates the Electroclash era.

Very much like the New Romantics in the early '80s, where aesthetics were paramount.

What about the music? Who cares.

...I'm ... See full review
posted a review of The Object - La La Dee. 2 days ago
Judging the sleeve alone, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was some '91 Piano cheese.

Quite the opposite, it's a clever little Techno stomper. Yeah, it's got that Crystal Waters sample, but this is totally aggressive.

The main riff is your typical ... See full review
posted a review of Condor. 3 days ago
Outstanding work from Stephan Bodzin for this Condor project.

You don't have much to search for, just 4 singles and a small amount of remixes (mainly for Aurora), but the quality is exceptionally high.

Highlights? Well all four singles are pretty ... See full review
posted a review of Various - From Bromley With Love. 5 days ago
This could do with a 2xLP reissue. Do the original master tapes even still exist? No point making a reissue from the vinyl, 9 tracks per side so dynamics squeezed to death.

So many great tracks here, plenty to enjoy for fans of Minimal Synth / Synth Pop ... See full review
posted a review of Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks. 5 days ago
After originally wanting this back around the end of October, I was told that the copies were all sold and that I'd have to wait until the start of December for the repress.

Well, I guess they got the repress done a bit sooner than expected because my ... See full review
posted a review of HH* - ICE EP. 6 days ago
Absolute classic Trance that still holds up today. Deep, spacey ambience brings you into an atmospheric drop, and a sublime melody carries you along the way.

Unlike the typical "hands in the air" approach around this time, this track grows and evolves ... See full review
submitted The Long Blondes - Fulwood Babylon / Five Ways To End It. 6 days ago
posted a comment on The Human League - A Very British Synthesizer Group. 7 days ago
Any owners wish to comment on the quality of the DVD? 45 video tracks seems like quite a lot, are there any compression artifact issues?
submitted The Human League - A Very British Synthesizer Group. 10 days ago
posted a comment on Wishdokta - Evil Surrounds Us. 11 days ago
Proper 'ardkore business from the golden age of UK rave.

Heavy sub-bass, cheeky samples, in-yer-face Belgian Techno riffs, tight breakbeats, u know the score!
posted a comment on Siouxsie And The Banshees* - The Scream. 11 days ago
A very harsh "remaster", actually quite difficult to listen to (especially on headphones).

Stick with the original LP (convert it to digital yourself if you need it on the go), or if you want a clean digital version you could try an earlier CD ... See full review
posted a comment on Future State (2) - Future State. 11 days ago
Lordtiton: "Everybody cares about new remixes, remakes and edits adding extra value to the original which makes the italo fans happy."

Well, not everybody. In fact, I would go further and suggest that the majority of Italo fans don't want any ... See full review
posted a comment on Mozaic - Nothing In The World. 20 days ago
As usual, Motiv 8 brings the ONLY mix worth playing. The 90's Bobby O?
posted a comment on Public Art - River. 20 days ago
Very catchy & cool Eurodance track with similarities with Culture Beat (obviously).

Highly recommended.
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix). 20 days ago
What? Check your system, this orange press sounds perfect to me.
posted a review of Yves Deruyter - Back To Earth. 20 days ago
Surprising that there's been no reviews of this after 16 years.

The Rave mix is, as the title suggests, an aggressive onslaught (but not to the point of overload).

Some very unique percussive elements bring the track into an evil rasper of a bassline. ... See full review
posted a review of Arctic Quest - Raygun. 20 days ago
Under My Skin is the winner here, with a mesmerizing melody and smooth production. It's not going to set any dancefloor alight, but it's 100% respectable and is a great example of decent early 2000-era Trance.

If only Mesh had of been asked to do a ... See full review
posted a review of Queen - Princes Of The Universe. 23 days ago
Quite possibly one of the most epic songs of all time.
posted a review of Team Deep - Morninglight. 23 days ago
Morninglight is indeed a superb track. When I first heard it I was 100% convinced that it was a M.I.K.E. production, but of course I was wrong!

I'm not sure if Mike was heavily influenced by this track or not, but I don't know many actual Dierickx ... See full review
posted a review of U96 - Das Boot 2001. 23 days ago
The Cosmic Gate remix certainly has their classic sound of this period, but they sadly do not use the melody in the main sections. They opt for a more rough remix, concentrated on a basic rave riff rather than the actual Das Boot melody (which is only ... See full review
posted a review of Chase - Music Is My Life. 25 days ago
A quality Progressive House classic from '93, which clearly borrows some influence from Don't You Want Me.

Hey, it's Italian. It's what they did back then. Music Is My Life is a superb track, regardless of the shameless plagiarism.
posted a comment on Vincent De Moor. 25 days ago
I think Vincent is just spending some time recharging his batteries, and hopefully he will return soon with some proper trance just like Shamu, Green Heaven, Sunflowers, Flowtation, Fly Away, Night Express 2000...

Too many to mention.

If he is tired of ... See full review
posted a review of Aurora - Hear You Calling. 25 days ago
Steve Helstrip's En Motion remix is one of those forgotten gems of the '99 Golden Age Of Trance™.

Pure hands-in-the-air euphoria, with a thumping PvD style production.

Also check Truth, it's pretty much the same thing but without the singing (for ... See full review
submitted Gener 8 - Love Power. 25 days ago
posted a comment on LFO (2). 25 days ago
While it's totally true that Paul Hardcastle had first claim to "LFO" with his 1988 album The Acid Mixes Vol. 1, it strikes me as less than a coincidence that he decided to resurrect the name two years later with some bleep techno (after the success of ... See full review
posted a review of Blow - Cutter. 26 days ago
Pure 'ardkore from Altern 8, nasty breaks and even nastier riffs. They even throw in the Anasthasia / Frequency stab halfway through!

Sounds like it was produced on an Amiga 500+ around the back of a Stafford chippy at lunchtime, and all the better for ... See full review
posted a comment on Cindy Ecstasy. 28 days ago
Hey onelittle, perhaps you can clear something up for me regarding Cindy.

Everyone seems to say she was a New York club kid, yet on record she has a pure London-centric accent. No hint of American tinge whatsoever.

So what's up with that?
posted a review of Cindy Ecstasy. 28 days ago
Cindy had such a unique voice. Serious, commanding, sexy yet also capable of delicacy.

Her work with Soft Cell is legendary, but also check out her awesome single Shake It Right (produced by Cabaret Voltaire).

I have no idea what happened to her after that ... See full review
posted a comment on Altern 8 - Full-On Mask Hysteria (Remastered Edition). 29 days ago
Sorry to hear that windowlicker79. You would think that Bleep would have more appropriate packaging.

Although, I think this is somewhat typical of ordering directly (instead of from sellers on Discogs & eBay).

No feedback system, so no real need to ... See full review
posted a comment on SSQ - Playback. about 1 month ago
What's up with the version of Walkman On on this reissue?

It's got distinctly different synths. Definitely not the same mix as featured on the original LP (both Enigma & EMI versions).

Calling our resident SSQ expert ShampooCell, can you shed some ... See full review
posted a comment on Brand Image - Are You Loving?. about 1 month ago
@ puffketeer, yes I noticed that too.

It makes you wonder, did Dark Entries do the unthinkable and use a CD rip instead of sourcing the original tapes?

Calling heroinface, any info on this matter?
posted a comment on Musix - Do Ya See The Light. about 1 month ago
Just found out about this one, you're totally right. 100% classic M.I.K.E. sound.

Just a pity they put the vocal version on the a-side. My god (no pun intended) it is awful.

"Cybertrance" (what I like to call Mike's style) does not sit well with some ... See full review
posted a review of Steve Baker - Welcome To The 21st Century. about 1 month ago
The A-side Extended mix has rather amateurish production values, but it comes across as cute rather than poor. Where this mix really fails is in excitement.

It tries to go down the epic 10-minute journey route (popularised by Taucher at the ... See full review
posted a comment on Hélicon* - You ... See. about 1 month ago
Yes, the labels are reversed on my copy too! Seems like a pretty common "problem".
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II. about 1 month ago
"Repressing a triple LP isn't exactly a cheap thing to do, not mentioning the artwork, jackets etc."

Warp did it with Geogaddi, and I would imagine there is enough interest & demand for a legit SAW II repress to warrant a similar reissue.

It's bound ... See full review
posted a comment on Crossover. about 1 month ago
Fans of Kirlian Camera have a lot to enjoy here, at least from Space Death onwards.

While Mark's lead vocals are cool, when Vanessa takes lead the music takes on another dimension.

Sublime dark vibes.
posted a review of November Group - Persistent Memories. about 1 month ago
Heart Of A Champion is a classy track with plenty of electronic New Wave zip, along the lines of The Pool.

Sadly the other tracks fall short, sounding just on the verge of the transition into mid-80's bombast.
posted a review of The Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Reactor. about 1 month ago
The cover screams angular New Wave, the band themselves dress in zany gas mask suits, their name sounds cool, but sadly not is all what it seems.

The male vocal tracks sound like a typical 70's rock band trying to squeeze into the credibility of New ... See full review
posted a comment on Radiohead. about 1 month ago
"I must have missed that memo where hating on Radiohead was cool..."

Consider yourself lucky. The sort of elitists who snub any artist who is actually successful, and who only listen to music that you have definitely never heard of. Sometimes because ... See full review
posted a comment on Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat. about 1 month ago
Probably because it's rare (well, hard to find) in NM/NM condition. Most copies I see in the wild are VG/VG at best.

Seems to be one of those tracks bought in droves by wannabe (bedroom) DJs, who took literally no care of them. Anyone who took care of ... See full review
posted a comment on Mr. Oizo - The Church. about 1 month ago
It's one hell of an album, as short as it is.

I for one don't care that it's so short, or that it's pressed on two 12"s.

The tracks are all fantastic, and the 45rpm pressing sounds incredible.

Hey, get up off your lard asses and flip the ... See full review
posted a comment on T99 / 3 Phase Featuring Dr. Motte - T99 / Klang. about 1 month ago
My god, the Anasthasia remix is bordering on Gabber!

Not a bad remix at all, I like the new stab.

Hardcore will never die!
posted a comment on Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool. about 1 month ago
Mine arrived today (Canada). No damage, the packaging stood up very well.

No issues with the glue, sure the outer edges are a bit sticky but the pages are not affected at all.

Some glue residue on CD2, but hey nothing some lighter fluid can't take care ... See full review
posted a comment on Trancemaster. about 1 month ago
While they did have the habit of including radio edits and edited 12" versions (much like Reactivate), Trancemaster should still be given 100% respect for the tracks that they helped spread to a wider audience.

From the early 90's up to around 2000, ... See full review
posted a comment on Altern 8 - Full-On Mask Hysteria (Remastered Edition). about 1 month ago
Just received mine from Bandcamp. I quote directly from the Bandcamp page:

"Ships in heavyweight card mailer with stiffener protection cards."

My arse! It was shipped in a typical flimsy UK mailer with one paltry stiffener. Hence, the sleeve is heavily ... See full review
posted a comment on Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?. about 1 month ago
"If you're looking for dancefloor friendly versions of this song, I'd advise you to go for the Subsonic Legacy and Red Jerry Mixes."

Well, that depends on your dancefloor mate! The Ferry Corsten remix is legendary, but hey if you want to dismiss it and ... See full review
posted a comment on Odd Nosdam - Sisters Remix EP. about 1 month ago
Black vinyl plays superb. No issues. Surely the clear vinyl version is the same?
posted a comment on Vangelis - Rosetta. about 1 month ago
A very interesting combination of his more recent work (heavily orchestral in feel) with much of his earlier purely electronic leanings.

There are plenty of nods to his past material here, which Vangelis fans will instantly pick up on.

On first listen ... See full review
posted a comment on Push - Interference. about 1 month ago
Superb remix by Sean Tyas, utilising his driving sound while keeping the essence of Push.

Such a shame this never got a proper physical release, it's very deserving of a single 45rpm slab of vinyl.