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posted a review of Oxia Vs The Hacker - GoodLife EP. 4 days ago
As a fan of The Hacker since around 2000, I'm ashamed to admit I have never heard The Last.

I think I always got it confused with Nothing Lasts (The Remixes).

Well, I just stumbled upon a copy of this Goodlife EP today and my word am I glad!

The Last is a dark, ... See full review
posted a review of Yves Deruyter - To The Rhythm. 4 days ago
M.I.K.E. once again proves best choice of remix.

He starts things off pretty minimal, indeed you could mix into the first half of the track without clashing.

But then, after the first drop, he introduces a throbbing electro bassline which really ... See full review
posted a comment on Black Sabbath. 5 days ago
Mate, you need to stop copying reviews from other people and passing them off as your own work.

It's not acceptable.
posted a review of Alice Deejay - The Lonely One. 11 days ago
One of those tracks that you can play in a Tech Trance (or even pumping Techno) set, and people will be guaranteed to come up and ask you what it is.

A solid, thumping rhythm with a dark acidic bassline growl away until the 2 minute mark. Then what can ... See full review
posted a review of Urban Hype - Sycopath. 12 days ago
Industrial Evolution is a straight '91 UK Techno track, with a tasty rasping riff and tight percussion.

It also has plenty of melodic flourishes, which were typically absent from contemporary Belgian releases of the same period. Not to suggest this is ... See full review
posted a review of Solitary Dancer - Dualism. 13 days ago
Pretty dark & sinister stuff on the a-side, kinda reminds me of Visonia and The Hacker. Plenty of atmosphere.

I prefer Emails 2 Myself (featuring Marie Davidson from Essaie Pas), though. It's got a great Shari Vari style synth line and a ... See full review
posted a comment on The Mackenzie - Brain Killer. 14 days ago
"The rest of the EP is an example of the kind of stuff that gives the police a reason to invade house parties, and why noise abatement orders got given to people having Barbeques. It sums up perfectly the kind of techno that the general public think ALL ... See full review
posted a comment on Best Record Italy. 15 days ago
@ SHODAN_2114: I understand. I am a massive fan of Dark Entries, but I have read reports that Spacer Woman is not the best pressing.

I hope to secure copy of that original 12" soon, to do a side-by-side comparison. It won't be cheap, but I'm ... See full review
posted a review of Z100 - Testa Don't Stop. 15 days ago
This track was massive in the UK. Northern English, Scottish & Northern Irish DJ's championed this tune and to this day it's fondly remembered.

It has a unique mixture of classy progressive with peak time club sound, so everyone could appreciate it. Not ... See full review
posted a comment on Best Record Italy. 16 days ago
Do they make a habit of using vinyl rips? I don't mind that practice if it's mentioned, but their reissue of Future State is clearly a vinyl rip and they do not mention it.

Or is that what you mean by "faithful", in that they simply record the original ... See full review
posted a comment on Hurricane (3) - Power To Jump. 18 days ago
Have you seen how much it's sold for in the past year mate? We're talking £50 for a NM copy.

That's called supply & demand, nothing to do with what you personally think it's worth.
posted a review of Aki - Tokio's. 19 days ago
Incredible that this track hasn't got a review!

This is absolute peak-time mid-80's Italo Disco. Every single thing you want or can think of is here.

A strong, solid rhythm. Massive, booming percussion. Slightly odd lyrics. Epic SFX. Memorable chorus. ... See full review
submitted Solitary Dancer - Solitary Dancer. 19 days ago
posted a review of Lee Marrow Feat. Charme - Try Me Out. 20 days ago
The Corona version is the one that got worldwide fame, but this original mix is pretty awesome too.

It's got a more clubby house vibe (less Eurodance), but it still rocks along very nicely.

The vocalist is very good indeed, and there's even some ravey ... See full review
posted a comment on Mr. Oizo - All Wet. 20 days ago
Wonderful album full of pleasant sounds to nod your head to.

I especially enjoy No Tony ("No pizza today, no English today") and Your Liver ("Give me your liver, and I'll give you my heart").

However, the version of Hand In The Fire sucks balls on this ... See full review
posted a review of Stratosferic Band - Splashdown. 22 days ago
Very cool Space Disco, which is "inspired by" Magic Fly.

...let's be honest, it's a complete ripoff.

Hey, it's Italian. What do you expect?
posted a review of Francesco Zappalà - No Way Out (Hard Core Remix). 22 days ago
Some pretty nice remixes here. The "Hard Core" Remix is a valiant attempt by the Media crew to replicate some of the UK rave sound, so there's actually some breakbeats and fake scratch effects.

Even still, the production is of course top notch. The main ... See full review
posted a review of P.W.M. - Are You Ready To Move. 22 days ago
Stick with the Church Mix for a cheese-free blast of oldschool hardcore techno. "Big fish little fish" rave riffs, tight percussion, an angry bassline and of course plenty of whistles!

The Techno Mix on the a-side is very similar, but with a more ... See full review
posted a review of Delkom - Superjack. 22 days ago
What a strange track. The first thing you notice is the most striking: No kick drum!

No, it doesn't come in halfway through. There is no kick drum.

Musically it's a quirky little House track, yet very German in style. Quite melodic too, but ... See full review
posted a review of Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth. 23 days ago
First of all, 5 Stars simply for having EVERY SINGLE MIX on one release. I don't think anything has been left off.

Next, 5 Stars for the simply beautiful new "Eyem Not So Evident" remix. I've got to be honest, I have no idea who this remixer is. ... See full review
posted a comment on Future State (2) - Future State. 23 days ago
It's nothing new. Have you seen the reviews for Archivio Fonografico Moderno?

You may as well just download the illegal mp3. In fact, sometimes I wonder if that's where some labels get their vinyl rips from...
posted a comment on Future State (2) - Future State. 23 days ago
markwzero: Yes it is a vinyl rip. When you put the stylus on this new reissue (before the music plays), it is nice and silent.

Then, one second before the track starts, you can hear a fadeup which includes vinyl surface noise.

Go on, put your ... See full review
posted a comment on Moogwai. 23 days ago
My personal top 5:

05. The Labrynth (Part One)
04. Poltergeist - Vicious Circles (Moogwai Remix)
03. Ayu - Unity (Moogwai Instrumental)
02. DuMonde - Tomorrow (Moogwai Remix)
01. Viola
posted a review of V-Three - Resistance. 23 days ago
Zuluu is a nice enough track, but you can't help but think it just sounds too similar to Oliver Lieb's Quantensprung (as well the early sound of Moogwai).

Of course it's a polished L-Vee production so we'll let it slide.
posted a comment on K.L.J. - Saddam. 26 days ago
This track seems to be a bit of a bizarre curiosity, mainly due to the cover art and chanted chorus.

I see people asking frequently about the lyrics (which I never found online) so I spent 20 minutes trying to decipher them.

This is by no means ... See full review
posted a review of Eddie Halliwell - Next Level Bosh!. 26 days ago
Available now as unmixed tracks alongside Eddie's mix on Junodownload.

I just wanted to grab the clean, digital copy of Hands Up. At last! A clean, digital copy (not a vinyl rip)!

Guess what?

It's compressed to FUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

Headphone users may ... See full review
posted a review of Gigi D'Agostino - Noise Maker Theme 2000. 26 days ago
The DJ Ahead remix hasn't dated well at all. It's got that turn-of-the-millennium cheesy commercial Hard Trance vibe, much like 666 & Brooklyn Bounce.

Thankfully the sublime '94 original is included on the b-side, which just demonstrates the difference in ... See full review
posted a review of Tom Wilson - Tom Wilson's Tartan Techno 2. 27 days ago
A bit of a misleading title, as only Q-Tex represent Scotland (on the first CD). Also, I haven't double checked but I'm sure a lot of the tracks on CD 1 were already released on previous Tom Wilson compilations.

Hey, at least CD 2 represents Scotland ... See full review
posted a review of A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd - Turbulence Remix. 27 days ago
Some proper evil oldschool here with the Revelations Dettro Mix.

Darkcore bizness.
posted a review of Dilemma (2) - Erase Your Mind. 27 days ago
Let's be honest, what could you pick off the shelf in 1990 that sounded ANYTHING like Erase Your Mind ?

Welcome to the 90's. We hope you enjoy your stay...
posted a review of The Deadkirks - Let's Make Some Fuckin' Noise. 28 days ago
Let's Make Some Fuckin' Noise is a dark, angry, dirty beast of a tune.

As the Pet Shop Boys said, this is definitely Music For Boys. No room for smooching or hand-holding here!

Just get ready to go spastik, wave your hands in the air like a loon, and ... See full review
posted a comment on Todd Terry. 28 days ago
Full respect to a guy from New York for helping to inspire European Techno.

Shit like A Day In The Life & Can You Feel It helped shape European rave music.

Innovator and legend.
posted a review of Army Of Lovers - Crucifixion (Paul Dakeyne Remixes). 28 days ago
Full-on hands in the air Rave anthem material!

Don't pay attention to the original, Paul Dakeyne basically takes some vocal samples and creates his own tune.

Definitely one for fans of Praga Khan, The Rhythmic State etc. Pure XTC guaranteed!

And hey, ... See full review
posted a review of The Ambassador - Communism Is Gone. 28 days ago
Communism Is Gone has got some bad rep, probably due to the whole "James Brown Is Dead" thing.

But in itself, it's a decent enough track. Sure, the riff is a little cheesy, but it mixes well with the bassline and there's plenty of imagination in the ... See full review
posted a comment on Daily Fauli - Fauli Til Dauli. 28 days ago
Word of mouth has it that 500 copies were pressed, of which very few sold.

God knows how many were destroyed.

What happened to that proposed Minimal Wave reissue?
posted a review of Terence Fixmer - Warm / Body Pressure. 29 days ago
Body Pressure is one hell of a brutal workout. It grabs you by the balls, and does not let go no matter how hard you scream.

Insane amounts of aggression builds up, teases you by pretending to let go, then increases even further.

Then the ... See full review
posted a review of R. Cioni* - In America. about 1 month ago
While the vocal mix is excellent, the instrumental is where you need to head to for some amazing early 80's Italo flavoured vibes.

A steady, commanding synth bassline rolls under some tasty guitar licks and a groovy mid-tempo rhythm, topped off with a ... See full review
posted a comment on Space Manoeuvres - Stage One. about 1 month ago
Thank god it sounds dated! I would hate for this classic to sound contemporary.

For that to happen, it would need to have a bog standard offbeat bassline, dubstep breakdown & guest rapper.
posted a comment on Silvia (3) - Silvia. about 1 month ago
Plenty of raw energy here, with lots of melody also on display.

Some of the tracks are a bit too leftfield for my taste (for example Stammtisch just irritates me), but there's definitely a little of something for everyone here.

Decent pressing, ... See full review
posted a review of 1ere Classe* - Poupée Flash. about 1 month ago
A classic example of a great song absolutely spoiled by the producers wanking off in the studio.

The 7" edit of Poupée Flash is a superb Synth-Pop song with funny lyrics and a strong pop sensibility.

This 12" mix is a shambles. "Crazy" editing at every ... See full review
posted a comment on Lasgo - Some Things. about 1 month ago
I respect your opinion Narsha, you write well, but for me Lasgo went downhill after Evi Goffin left the band.

The first two albums with her are lovely little Trance Pop gems, with highly memorable lyrics and melodies.

Once Jelle van Dael ... See full review
posted a review of 56k Feat. Bejay - Save A Prayer. about 1 month ago
The original mix is a nice enough commercial Trance remix of the Duran Duran ballad, but it does just verge a little over the edge into AATW style cheese.

As if to confirm this, there is even a remix by AATW stalwarts LMC. Less said about that remix the ... See full review
posted a comment on Vicious Pink - Take Me Now. about 1 month ago
Featuring possibly the most sexy lyrics ever written:

[i]When you look at me that way, there's nothing left to say
Am I getting through to you, do you know what I want to do?

You send shivers down my spine, can't you guess what's on my mind?
I want you ... See full review
posted a review of Data (2) - Ricocheted Love / In Blue-D.J.. about 1 month ago
The extended version of In Blue is very serviceable in a DJ mix. Don't worry about the fact that it segues into the "D.J" song, you have ample time to beatmix out before it starts proper.

In Blue is such a lovely song, it's got that special something ... See full review
posted a review of Cappuccino (2) - Cappuccino. about 1 month ago
Hell Dance With Me is the only decent track on this album, in my opinion.

The other 5 tracks have almost nothing in common with it. They're just generic high tempo, happy Disco cuts. They don't even feature the same singer that is on Hell Dance With ... See full review
posted a comment on Cappuccino (2) - Hell Dance With Me. about 1 month ago
A solid, tight underpinning along with a zippy 130bpm tempo, all under some sexy as f**k vocals.

Not much to complain about here, apart from the price. But then again, it's worth it.

Very classy, very groovy, very tempting.
posted a comment on Kas Product - Black & Noir (Mutant Experimental Synth Punk From France 1980-83). about 1 month ago
Great sound quality on this reissue, nice & sharp just like the original.

Includes one of the biggest hype stickers on the shrink that I've ever seen. If (like me) you try and keep hype stickers by unpeeling them and sticking them to plain inner ... See full review
posted a review of Ellen Shipley - Call Of The Wild. about 1 month ago
Nice enough Synth-driven New Wave, very much in a similar vein to Berlin, Kim Wilde etc.

While the songs Heart Out Of Time, Stranded & Call Of The Wild hold a certain charm, the rest of this LP tends to just drift on by without actually grabbing your ... See full review
submitted N-Trance - Paradise City. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Experimental Products - Glowing In The Dark. about 1 month ago
The reviews of the Play Paul remix below are a bit harsh.

It's got a driving, peak time Electroclash vibe. I could totally imagine it being played back in the mid-2000s alongside acts like Punx Soundcheck & Exchpoptrue.

It's also got a bit of a ... See full review