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posted a comment on The Hacker - Blade Runner. 3 days ago
Haha, it would appear so DJQD. However, if you see the other titles in the (rather small) €uro Records catalogue you will find nothing remotely reaching the prices commanded here.

Let me think, it's the Vangelis connection? Are these sellers hoping ... See full review
posted a comment on The Horrorist - Sex Machine. 3 days ago
Sex Machine

Like a time bomb on the scene, I'm not taking no for an answer.
I'm a sex machine, and I will have you on your knees.
I'm the sex machine, and I will have all of you.

Some people like to cry in bed. Well, come to me... so I can laugh ... See full review
posted a comment on Experimental Products. 4 days ago
frostycrates, how do you know this? Is there an online source?
posted a comment on The Hacker - Blade Runner. 4 days ago
Wind yer necks in, Italian sellers. This has never been sold (not in the 4 years since the page was created, plus no Popsike sales history), and yet you command at least 100 Euros?

It's a 25€ 12" (NM) at my guess. Hey, what do I know. Maybe you'll find ... See full review
posted a review of Oingo Boingo. 5 days ago
Oingo Boingo's first three albums are incredible bursts of energy, full of spitting vitriol from Danny alongside real tight musicians.

There's an amazing array of sounds present, but the main feeling is angular New Wave. It can range from downright Funk ... See full review
posted a review of Ris - Love-N-Music. 5 days ago
A lot of people know this track already, thanks to Happy Hour from Felix Da Housecat. He basically ripped the main melody.

This original is a bona fide Italo ... See full review
posted a review of Hot Cold - Love Is Like A Game. 5 days ago
Superb Italo Disco, which still retains the coolness of tracks like Love-N-Music while having the typically professional production of mid-80's productions.

Simply irresistible, with vocal hooks that will stick with you forever.
posted a review of Turquoise Days - Alternative Strategies. 8 days ago
Awesome material, but be warned that the audio quality varies. As mentioned in the notes, a lot of this is recorded from cassette.

To be fair, it's all very enjoyable. Ironically the demo mix of Blurred sounds fantastic, but other tracks do suffer ... See full review
posted a comment on John Foxx - Metamatic. 8 days ago
Nice review Crijevo.

Do you have any further information regarding Touch And Go & Mr. X?

Clearly someone copied someone. My gut instinct says that John Foxx demoed the track to the rest of Ultravox, who then went on to create Mr. X in his "honour". ... See full review
posted a comment on Orbital. 15 days ago
256Pi Don't waste your time mate, this user just copies incredibly outdated profiles from the Napster (!!!) website and posts them here as his own "reviews".
posted a comment on Serge Blenner - Magazin Frivole. 16 days ago
I don't understand the title track (A1).

Why does it sound so fucked up? Is it a joke? I thought I had a corrupted mp3 file, but it appears not as the rhythm is intact. It could be a great track, but it sounds like a very rough demo that the producer ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Hohokum ™ Soundtrack. 16 days ago
Michna - The Best Way Out Is Through sounds pretty good sped up to 126bpm.

Fits in perfectly with a quirky, glitchy tech / neo trance set (think James Holden, Nathan Fake etc).

Try it!
posted a comment on Indians In Moscow - Big Wheel. 16 days ago
Indians In Moscow (B2) is a simply mesmerising song, caught somewhere between minimal synth sensibilities and Siouxise & The Banshees feeling.

I can't help but get shivers up my spine every time I hear it.

posted a review of Donna Summer - Bad Girls. 16 days ago
A classic Disco LP on the whole, but coming from an Electronic background myself it's all about the last side.

Starting off with Our Love, you instantly know you are in for a full side of synth bliss from Moroder. This technology is offset by Donna's ... See full review
posted a review of PPK - ResuRection. 19 days ago
The Space Club mix is legendary, but check out the fantastic Wellenrausch remix.

A very smooth, driving take on the sound which still sounds fresh. Very cool.
posted a review of DJ Wag - The Darkness. 19 days ago
The Yazooza remix is weak, it sounds generic.

You need to flip over to Wag's original mix. Full-on Hard Trance power!

Punishing, demanding and very evil. Great use of the vocal, and an epic Kai Tracid style minor key riff.

Good buildup too, in that ... See full review
posted a comment on DB Boulevard - Point Of View. 20 days ago
The original mix is a lovely little filtered house tune, full of melody and wonderful synths. I still enjoy listening to it to this day.

Lange made a surprisingly good Trance remix, given the material he had to work with.

Ok, there isn't much left of ... See full review
posted a review of Dave Joy Presents Schattenmann - Amplifier. 24 days ago
As always, it's the G&M Project remix that delivers the goods.

Typically professional production, solid and classy.

While the original mix goes for a generic DJ Shog style Hard Trancer (which is in itself very serviceable), G&M Project just raise the ... See full review
posted a review of The Boy From Nowhere - High Life. 26 days ago
High Life is a dark, brooding Trance track with all the hallmarks which would define M.I.K.E. in the years that followed.

You can just tell his magic touch, even though this is a good 4 years before his breakthrough hits such as Universal ... See full review
posted a review of Ultra-Sonic - Annihilating Rhythm [Do You Love Your Hardcore?] The Remixes. 26 days ago
Absolute peak-time Hard Trance with the Warp Brothers remix!

These guys were mainly known for their remixes of Confusion (aka Phatt Bass) & Higher State Of Consciousness (aka We Will Survive), but on this remix of Annihilating Rhythm they really showed ... See full review
posted a comment on Ultra-Sonic - Obsession. 26 days ago
Of course it's fake crowd noise! Ultra-Sonic's early productions always used fake crowd samples, they were highly influenced by the likes of N-Joi (as were most Scottish bands around the early 90's).

You can even hear phasing where the samples ... See full review
posted a review of Jean Michel Jarre* - Oxygène 10. 27 days ago
The Sash Maxi version is a nice Mediterranean Progressive style track if you pitch it down to -4.

IMO it runs far too fast at normal speed (141 bpm). At 135 bpm the track really relaxes & breathes.
posted a review of Sash! Feat. Tina Cousins - Mysterious Times. 27 days ago
Probably the most credible release from the Sash team, it sounded classy upon release in '98 and it does still hold a definite degree of class (especially compared to the abominations they went on to create).

Tina Cousin's vocals are lovely, and the ... See full review
posted a review of Herr Satz - D.S.K. (Der Schweine Kommissar). 28 days ago
Basic track by track review:

1. The Riot mix is well named, with such a militaristic underpinning. Brutally unrelenting.
The main riff hits you like a smack in the face! It's definitely not for the faint-hearted.

2. The Kaputt mix is much more mellow. ... See full review
posted a review of 2 X-Treme - Der General (Bewegt Euch ...). 28 days ago
This kinda '92 German stuff really reminds me of old Amiga games.

Very sharp teutonic techno with an aggressive rave edge.

The vocals & samples used in the "Bewegt Euch..." mix are a little OTT (to say the least), but the main beef of the track ... See full review
posted a comment on Acen - Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion!) (Remix I) / Close Your Eyes (The Sequel) (Remix II). about 1 month ago
Well matt_bassline, my copy arrived. Identical matrix info as listed above, and complete with Beatles sample.

I am certain that the butchered version is basically only on the 75 Minutes album, as well as some compilations.

I wager that every copy ... See full review
posted a comment on Alden Tyrell Featuring Nancy Fortune - La Voix (Remixes). about 1 month ago
Throbbing Moroder vibes on the Isolators remix. Nancy Fortune's dry, insinuating tone is such a contrast to the warmness you get from the music. Like chalk & cheese, but it works!

Plenty here to please fans of The Hacker, and that early 2000's Grenoble ... See full review
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada. about 1 month ago
Dude, at least write your own opinion instead of a copy & paste from almost 20 years ago.
posted a comment on Acen - Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion!) (Remix I) / Close Your Eyes (The Sequel) (Remix II). about 1 month ago
Yeah matt_bassline, I've just ordered a copy so we'll wait and see what I get. I will cross-reference the matrix info as well as confirming I've got the Beatles sample.

To be honest, I'm beginning to think the whole "(Optikonfision!)!!" thing is ... See full review
posted a comment on Kai Tracid - Conscious. about 1 month ago
Let's be honest, when you DJ with this 12" you must be crystal clear in your consciousness.

Hell on earth to work with, given the reverse playing format, but the track is definitely worth it.

Kai Tracid at his best.
posted a comment on Alex Fergusson - Stay With Me Tonight. 2 months ago
That little synth at the end of Stay With Me Tonight, so teasing! It sounds like there was more to this track, but then faded out.

Maybe Daniel Miller has an unedited version? Who knows.

The b-side is a nice instrumental, kinda like a pure synth-pop ... See full review
posted a comment on Tiga - You Gonna Want Me. 2 months ago
Nah mate, he was inspired by Infiltrate 202 by Altern 8. Didn't you read spiers69's comment below?

By the way, did you actually suggest that Tiga has never heard of Candi Staton?

posted a review of Data (2) - Elegant Machinery. 2 months ago
It's a nice enough pop album, but veers dangerously close to MOR in a lot of places.

Of course, being 1985 it has all the "tech-tech-technology" bells & whistles in the production (which can sound so cheesy) too.

It kinda sounds like a standard pop LP ... See full review
posted a review of Tiga - Always. 2 months ago
Sublime Acid House with a razor sharp edge.

Whoever Tiga works with on a track, be it Jesper Dahlbäck, Soulwax, Jori Hulkkonen or (in this case) Paranoid London, you can always just tell the Tiga touch.


On the b-side is a remix by Moffa & ... See full review
posted a review of The Days - Herz Aus Stahl. 2 months ago
Outstanding Synth-driven NDW pop.

We start of with the title track Herz Aus Stahl (Heart Of Steel), and it provides the perfect introduction.

Zippy rhythm, sparkling synths, sharp guitars, New Wave female vocals (in German of course).

Schizophren ... See full review
posted a comment on John Carpenter - Assault On Precinct 13. 2 months ago
No problems on the a-side with my copy.

Some rather irritating surface noise on the right channel along with quite a few pops & clicks on the b-side though.
posted a review of Various - Music From Belgium. 2 months ago
Absolute Body Control's Final Report is an absolute beast.

Coming across something like breakcore vs. minimal synth (at 33rpm), it's truly unique.

The vocal samples are executed superbly. The production is sharp, to the point. The vibe is synthetic, ... See full review
posted a comment on Essential Logic - Music Is A Better Noise. 2 months ago
Music Is A Better Noise is a sublime mixture of punk attitude & disco groove.

Lora's vocals go from demanding & aggressive to uplifting & angelic.

It's a superb track.
posted a review of Kirlian Camera - Edges. 2 months ago
The b-side is less of a dub and more a mix of random ideas, thrown together at the same tempo.

It sounds like Angelo messing around on his synths, which is actually pretty cool.

But don't expect an instrumental of the a-side!
posted a review of Praga Khan & Jade 4 U* - A Spoonful Of Miracle. 2 months ago
You have not lived until you have heard the cover version of I Will Survive.

I mean, who hasn't wanted to hear one of the all-time Disco anthems in an aggressive Rave style?

Hmm, yeah.

Top marks for the mix of Injected With A Poison though, a ... See full review
posted a comment on Keen K / Infinity Night - Split Dimension 1. 2 months ago
These Radio Cosmos records can be bought online at

I bought this and Split Dimension 2 for 11 Euros each.

Mint condition.

Don't pay the inflated prices you may see here.
posted a review of Virtual Reality (10) - Make Some Noise. 2 months ago
Yeah, totally underrated track.

Full-on Anasthasia / Frequency riffs over dangerous breaks, along with a dark atmosphere.

Mix 2 (the b-side) is a straight 4/4 Techno version of the a-side, but also with a more polished production.

Both mixes are ... See full review
posted a review of ADULT. - Hand To Phone. 2 months ago
I wish they had made a picture sleeve for this. The label artwork is fantastic, it really encapsulates the Electroclash era.

Very much like the New Romantics in the early '80s, where aesthetics were paramount.

What about the music? Who cares.

...I'm ... See full review
posted a review of The Object - La La Dee. 2 months ago
Judging the sleeve alone, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was some '91 Piano cheese.

Quite the opposite, it's a clever little Techno stomper. Yeah, it's got that Crystal Waters sample, but this is totally aggressive.

The main riff is your typical ... See full review
posted a review of Condor. 2 months ago
Outstanding work from Stephan Bodzin for this Condor project.

You don't have much to search for, just 4 singles and a small amount of remixes (mainly for Aurora), but the quality is exceptionally high.

Highlights? Well all four singles are pretty ... See full review
posted a review of Various - From Bromley With Love. 2 months ago
This could do with a 2xLP reissue. Do the original master tapes even still exist? No point making a reissue from the vinyl, 9 tracks per side so dynamics squeezed to death.

So many great tracks here, plenty to enjoy for fans of Minimal Synth / Synth Pop ... See full review
posted a review of Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks. 2 months ago
After originally wanting this back around the end of October, I was told that the copies were all sold and that I'd have to wait until the start of December for the repress.

Well, I guess they got the repress done a bit sooner than expected because my ... See full review
posted a review of HH* - ICE EP. 2 months ago
Absolute classic Trance that still holds up today. Deep, spacey ambience brings you into an atmospheric drop, and a sublime melody carries you along the way.

Unlike the typical "hands in the air" approach around this time, this track grows and evolves ... See full review
submitted The Long Blondes - Five Ways To End It / Fulwood Babylon. 3 months ago
posted a comment on The Human League - A Very British Synthesizer Group. 3 months ago
Any owners wish to comment on the quality of the DVD? 45 video tracks seems like quite a lot, are there any compression artifact issues?