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Herr Ludwig - Fou
posted a review of Herr Ludwig - Fou. about 1 year ago
This is a typical example of a production making people beg to push new beat as fast as possible into oblivion. Nobody wanted to be associated with this kind of “new beat” anymore by the end of 1989. There is nothing “new” to start with, as this track... See full review
Brainwasher - L'Ange Gabriel
posted a review of Brainwasher - L'Ange Gabriel. about 1 year ago
Completely mental track hitting hard from the very first second with a phat buzz under a voice from the grave proclaiming Clive Barker’s Nightbreed “You are Cabal. No home is forever. You must rebuild what you've destroyed. You must find me. Heal me.... See full review
Various - The Essential Detroit Soul Collection
submitted Various - The Essential Detroit Soul Collection. over 4 years ago
Whispering Sons - Image
posted a review of Whispering Sons - Image. over 5 years ago
Whispering Sons is a reinterpretation of post punk and cold wave that sounds as if it has never been away.
Compared to their 2014 ditto named debut track, lead singer Fenne Kuppens has grown way more into the lyrics bringing them full of confidence... See full review
Charlotte De Witte - Trip
posted a comment on Charlotte De Witte - Trip. over 7 years ago
And if you want even more facts, that 1991 Innerlight one was itself a cover of Anne Clark's 1983 Sleeper in Metropolis
Unknown Artist - Untitled
submitted Unknown Artist - Untitled. over 7 years ago
John Murphy (2) - Anonymous Rejected Filmscore
submitted John Murphy (2) - Anonymous Rejected Filmscore. over 8 years ago
Uberdope - Lelijk
submitted Uberdope - Lelijk. over 11 years ago
Various - Nasty
submitted Various - Nasty. over 11 years ago
Mozart* : Edith Mathis, Karin Ott, Janet Perry, Francisco Araiza, Gottfried Hornik, José Van Dam, Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin, Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert Von Karajan - Die Zauberflöte (Querschnitt) • The Magic Flute (Highlights) • La Flute Enchantée (Extraits)
submitted Mozart* : Edith Mathis, Karin Ott, Janet Perry, Francisco Araiza, Gottfried Hornik, José Van Dam, Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin, Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert Von Karajan - Die Zauberflöte (Querschnitt) • The Magic Flute (Highlights) • La Flute Enchantée (Extraits). over 11 years ago
Aerial Service Area - Aerial Service Area
posted a review of Aerial Service Area - Aerial Service Area. over 14 years ago
An "Aerial Service Area" is of course an "Airport" and this album looks like a tribute to what is considered to be the first ambient album in its genre: "Music for Airports" from Brian Eno, way back in 1978. Because that particular Eno album had no... See full review
Tetsu Inoue - Object And Organic Code
posted a review of Tetsu Inoue - Object And Organic Code. over 16 years ago
Object and Organic code is one of Tetsu Inoue’s more difficult albums, but it is a very intriguing one. On a first quick listen the blips and bleeps seem omnipresent and leave you with a pretty synthetic taste, but the more you listen to it, the more... See full review
Yannis Kyriakides - Wordless
posted a review of Yannis Kyriakides - Wordless. over 16 years ago
Wordless is a collection of processed interviews from which all of the spoken words are cut, leaving only the emotions like laughter or sighs and an array of environmental noises. All this material is then rearranged in a structural, often rhythmic... See full review
International Peoples Gang - International Peoples Gang0006
posted a review of International Peoples Gang - International Peoples Gang0006. over 16 years ago
Em:t 006 blew my fuses after the first minute with an unearthly kind of electrofied ambient dub track called “This One” that was so evergoing and trancing with it’s mesmerizing hushed vocals that I played it three times on a row.
But it didn’t stop... See full review
French Theory - Lost On The Way To Destelbergen
posted a review of French Theory - Lost On The Way To Destelbergen. over 16 years ago
For some, the essence of new beat was the gloomy atmosphere, the slowly ever hitting repetitive beats, all crawling further at lo RPM, resulting in a trancey ambience far away from the poppy scene. This “Lost On The Way To Destelbergen” (Destelbergen... See full review
Foolish Mind Featuring Ellice - Self Control
posted a review of Foolish Mind Featuring Ellice - Self Control. over 16 years ago
One of these little gems that probably is still piled by the dozens in some dusty warehouse. Sure it’s a cover of that major hit “Self Control”, but so what, the latter also was a cover of RAF’s Italo version and nobody seemed to complain about that.... See full review
Cybotron - Clear
posted a review of Cybotron - Clear. over 16 years ago
Once and a while you tumble across a record that leaves you jaw dropping while mumbling what the fxxk! 'Clear' is the much acclaimed A side: phat sec electro with some vocoders advising you to clear your mind. Simply brilliant.
But then you flip the... See full review
The Splash Band - John Carpenter's Christine
posted a review of The Splash Band - John Carpenter's Christine. over 17 years ago
John Carpenter’s ‘Christine’ wasn’t exactly his most scary movie, but this adaptation of the OST is spot on. ‘Part 1’, with high revving engine, and ‘Part 2’, without the engine, are dark, mean pulsing tracks pushed into the Italo scene by prolific... See full review
This Mortal Coil - It'll End In Tears
posted a review of This Mortal Coil - It'll End In Tears. over 17 years ago
Writing about This Mortal Coil has something almost sacred, as if you had to describe the Mona Lisa. This Mortal Coil is not a band, but a collaboration of artists around 4AD producer Ivo Watts-Russell that seemed to have as only objective: create... See full review
Blamstrain - Disfold
posted a review of Blamstrain - Disfold. over 18 years ago
"Disfold" is a journey of muffled, dubbed ambient pieces, all aligned nicely on one underlying environmental track that carries the whole album further, like a train, evergoing and gently pulsing, almost progressive. The concept of the electric train... See full review
Bel Canto - Birds Of Passage
posted a review of Bel Canto - Birds Of Passage. over 18 years ago
Tracking down Geir Jenssens’s earlier work, I ran into this release from "Bel Canto", the band he was part of two decades ago. What a surprise! So recognisable "Biosphere" soundlayers carry the heavenly voice of "Anneli Drecker", mesmerizing you with... See full review
Dead Can Dance - DCD 2005 - 17th March - Belgium: Brussels
posted a review of Dead Can Dance - DCD 2005 - 17th March - Belgium: Brussels. over 18 years ago
The live performance in Brussels’ “Beauzart” was followed by this official live 2xCD recorded at the location. Not only are sound & accoustics exceptionally impressive (Beauzart is the theatre where the world famous Queen Elisabeth Concours takes... See full review
Króm - It All Makes Sense Now
posted a review of Króm - It All Makes Sense Now. over 18 years ago
A traditional ambient starter chills the path before pulsing gloomy cruisers roll in, flowing with 'The Whole Traffic', backed up with piano play, submerged ambient, Orbital breaks and controlled phat acidic breakcore. And then it ends gently just the... See full review
Various - em:t0004
posted a review of Various - em:t0004. over 19 years ago
Another Phoenix on revived em:t, this time exploring the darker side, with lo-hertz electro-sonars, autour-de-la-lune massive vacuum, amp sucking manoeuvres, lost dub, the time-stopping ‘Burning Buildings’, wandering choppers and meandering basslines,... See full review
Sasha - Airdrawndagger
posted a review of Sasha - Airdrawndagger. over 19 years ago
With Sasha being the Father and the Son of Progressive Trance you will not be surprised to hear that Progressive also makes the backbone of the album. But the man apparently also has a huge affinity for ambient and the combination of those two styles... See full review
Sustainer - Cuántico
posted a review of Sustainer - Cuántico. over 19 years ago
‘This is Dub Techno in pure Basic Channel style’. Indeed, that’s the point, Cuantico sounds like a cover band looping Basic Channel without adding a thing to the ’95 saga. It sounds truly good at first listen, very pleasant, and at the end you say,... See full review
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Rage Hard (+)
posted a review of Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Rage Hard (+). over 19 years ago
“Now our favourite: the funky guitar” was the only unique sentence I could remember when I first heard this version of Rage Hard. In fact, I would never hear this version again after that particular night, and the maxi I bought shortly after,... See full review
Biosphere - Autour De La Lune
posted a review of Biosphere - Autour De La Lune. over 20 years ago
The French organisation <I>l’Atelier de Création Radiophonique de France Culture</I> already ordered the terrific <I>Zyklop</I> album from Thomas Koner in 2002, and this time the honour went to <B>Biosphere</B> who also delivered a very minimal... See full review
Praxis - 1984
posted a review of Praxis - 1984. over 20 years ago

<B>1984</B> must be some kind of gimmick, because this is one huge adaptation of <I>The Art Of Noise</I>’s 1983 release <I>Beat Box</I>, including ultra sec drum computer, environmental noises, orchestral components and even the voice samples. New... See full review
Add N To (X) - Little Black Rocks In The Sun
posted a review of Add N To (X) - Little Black Rocks In The Sun. over 20 years ago
This one of those tracks that shortcuts your brain and directly affects the nervous system. Kind of a <I>Human League</I>’s <B>Being Boiled</B> getting sampled with a defibrillator. This <B>Little Black Rocks In The Sun</B> is thàt full of trashy... See full review
Donato Wharton - Trabanten
posted a review of Donato Wharton - Trabanten. over 20 years ago
What a beautiful and tragical album this is! You’re signing in for ambient microtech, slowly cruising at 33RPM, minimal yet complex, and loaded with dense emotion. Not a happy album though, not melancolic neither, but someway fatalistic, like watching... See full review
Icebreaker International & Manual - Into Forever
posted a review of Icebreaker International & Manual - Into Forever. over 20 years ago
Into Forever is an unearthly airy magnificent ambient release that throws you into deep space (yes I know that sounds plain stupid, but that’s how it is), although pulls you back into remote city life once and a while, especially by bringing some... See full review
Tim Hecker - Radio Amor
posted a review of Tim Hecker - Radio Amor. over 20 years ago
<B>Radio Amor</B> is an amazing ambient album in which <B>Tim Hecker</B> brings you an infinite soundscape of beautiful noise wherein an always distorted piano sings its song. The stunning thing is that all this noise and distortion manages to be so... See full review
Techno Animal - Radio Hades
posted a review of Techno Animal - Radio Hades. over 20 years ago
Ferocious industrial drum & bass, slowly hitting but always with full power, two man with a sledge hammer banging things into destruction, BANG BANGGG and another one after that: BANGGG!. Distorded metallic bass, bouncing on the factory floor, metal... See full review
An MLO Production* - Io
posted a review of An MLO Production* - Io. over 20 years ago
<B>Io</B> is a very reserved album that quietly awaits to be discovered, and will pass by unnoticed many times, unless you are ready to give it some of your time. This is a quality many Eno albums have and it makes <B>Io</B> such a beautiful grower,... See full review
Ulrich Schnauss - A Strangely Isolated Place
posted a review of Ulrich Schnauss - A Strangely Isolated Place. over 20 years ago
If there was a Eurovision Songfestival for electronica, Schnauss would win it without any doubt since he manages to please an awful lot to an awful lot of people on the first hearing. Being released on City Centre Offices, a label related to Morr... See full review
Heinrich At Hart - Heinrich At Hart
posted a review of Heinrich At Hart - Heinrich At Hart. over 20 years ago
Acid drum and bass … think that exists? <B>Heinrich At Hart</B> fires some excellent rounds of amp sucking - slowly yet steady going - D&B and adds some (albeit occasional) acid to the process. Even once and a while some ambient passages are fitted in... See full review
Bernd Friedmann - Leisure Zones / Erholungsgebiete
posted a review of Bernd Friedmann - Leisure Zones / Erholungsgebiete. over 20 years ago
This is something for people that dislike silence; you know, getting into the car and immediately turning on the radio, or taking breakfast with the telly on. No, I’m not making this up, the album even gives clear instructions – I quote – "in order... See full review
Chris Meloche - Distant Rituals
posted a review of Chris Meloche - Distant Rituals. over 20 years ago
<B>Chris Meloche</B> has a tendency to be repetitive, and that definitely is an understatement. In fact he takes a few short samples and then makes them mingle with each other like for hours. He already did that with <I>”Recurring Dreams Of The Urban... See full review
Peter Benisch - Soundtrack Saga
posted a review of Peter Benisch - Soundtrack Saga. over 20 years ago
Very accessible ambient that will please right away, especially since <B>Peter Benisch</B> is not afraid to use melody, and - most important -manages to get away with it. Cover lets you suspect chilly artic but, oh no, you’ll find brilliant orchestral... See full review
The Avalanches - Since I Left You
posted a review of The Avalanches - Since I Left You. over 20 years ago
It has been since <I>Bran Van 3000</I>’s ‘97 <I>Drinking In L.A.</I> I came across a record that brought you that a bit nostalgic private party mood, as if you were actually there. Pure emotion: a lot of environmental snippets, Goldfrapp style Bond &... See full review
Thomas Köner - Daikan
posted a review of Thomas Köner - Daikan. over 20 years ago
<B>Thomas Köner</B> is one of the very few able to take the droning ambient genre to unequalled heights. Although very minimal, <B>Daikan</B> feels dense and grabs your attention from the beginning till the end. A very thick, pretty apocalyptic - yet... See full review
Dave Clarke - Devil's Advocate
posted a review of Dave Clarke - Devil's Advocate. over 20 years ago
Although recognizable as a Dave Clarke album after exactly 1 second this is a different story as you might be used to. Trashy electro wave: an album loaded with anger against conformists ready to criticize every non-techno effort, dark as the night -... See full review
Speedranch Janskynoise* - Mi^grate
posted a review of Speedranch Janskynoise* - Mi^grate. over 20 years ago
You may be used to quite some noise, but this <B>Migrate</B> will certainly chase away girlfriend, kids, pets, and all other fainthearted lifeforms in reach of the speakers. This is however nicely crafted laconic terror - you know, like watching a B... See full review
Atom™ feat. Tea Time - XXX
posted a review of Atom™ feat. Tea Time - XXX. over 20 years ago
Lovely release loaded with raunchy Latin hip hop (by Tea Time), dirty phat beats, nevertheless full of funny conversations. <BR>
Interesting is the white inlay tray you are supposed to exchange once the item passed customs with a clear one so a... See full review
posted a review of Volume. over 20 years ago
I will always remember <B>Volume</B> for their enthusiasm and efforts they put in all their releases. They did not just make compilations like hundreds before them but seemed to be on a mission: teaching the world something by bringing them not only... See full review
Charles Webster - Remixed On The 24th Of July
posted a review of Charles Webster - Remixed On The 24th Of July. over 20 years ago

Release that adds nothing to the original and almost never manages to bring the soooo tangible velvet sound of the <B>Born On The 24th Of July</B>. The glittering loungy treatment of many tracks may sound nice but there’s not much more to it; it... See full review
Colder - Again
posted a review of Colder - Again. over 20 years ago
<B>Again</B> from <B>Colder</B> will be very much appreciated by all who were into 80’s goth rock and EBM since a lot of inspiration seems to come from that era: same drums and darkened guitar work as say Bauhaus, environmental Art of Noise intervals,... See full review
Michael Mayer - Immer
posted a review of Michael Mayer - Immer. over 20 years ago
<B>Immer</B> is <B>Michael Mayer's</B> album that got me hooked to KOMPAKT and remains one of the very best albums ever released on the label. Although minimal, it’s warmth and groove is so intense, so dense, so deep, you can almost touch it. Deadly... See full review
Various - Rough Trade Shops - 25 Years
posted a review of Various - Rough Trade Shops - 25 Years. over 20 years ago
This CD set reflects the “Zeitgeist” of a quarter of a century UK alternative music and feels more like a documentary rather then a well balanced compilation. Styles ranging from traditional reggae, industrial, punk, and electronica are compiled in... See full review