Jenova 7

Jenova 7 is nom de plume of Michael J. Sirois, trip-hop artist, filmmaker and screenwriter from Boston, MA. He is a member of the Dusted Wax Kingdom label. His genres include downtempo, trip-hop, abstract hip-hop, jazz and lo-fi. Follow Jenova 7 on SoundCloud.

His first album "Jenova 7 - Soul For Sale" was independently released October 5, 2010. The 23 track album was influenced by trip-hop, old school hip-hop, jazz and psychedelic rock.

Jenova 7 joined Dusted Wax Kingdom in late 2011, nearly a year after his debut album. "Jenova 7 - Dusted Jazz Volume One" was released October 19, 2011. The 5 track EP featured a dark, raw and cinematic style ranging from nightmarish to dreamlike in sound while staying true to jazz form.

The follow-up "Jenova 7 - Dusted Jazz Volume Two" was released February 15, 2012. The album featured Hugo Kant on "Inner Space" and Mr. Moods on "Introspect".

He collaborated with fellow Dusted Wax Kingdom artist Esbe on a Nujabes tribute track. Esbe & Jenova 7 - Haiku: A Tribute To Nujabes was released on February 26, 2012, which marked the 2nd anniversary of the legendary producer's death.

He is currently working on a collaborative album with fellow Dusted Wax Kingdom artist Mr. Moods.
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