My real first foray into the musical realms was when I acquired a copy of a cassette compilation called Oxygen Denial back in college. I enjoyed the tape so much that I wrote all of the bands and imagine my surprise when some of them sent me back free music. I immediately felt the need to pay them back by writing reviews of the material and placing them online. Mind you this was back in 1992 when the Internet was still stuck using Gopher, Archie and FTP to get around.

This music review process morphed itself into a mailing list, USEnet postings, FTP site and eventually a web-zine in 1994 under the title Sonic Boom. It ran until 1999 when I finally acquired both writers block and total burn out from thousands of album reviews and hundreds of band interviews.

Somewhere along the way, I had started my own record label; Doppler Effect. We put out ten albums in five years between 1997 & 2003 before closing doors due to a excessive financial black hole. I several years DJing at KPSU with a weekly one-two hour format AM program called Wired For Sound. I dabbled with a cable access video programmer in the Portland, OR metro area called Trinity By Night. I promoted shows, I toured with band as a roadie, I traveled to Europe to take part in large musical festivals. Basically, I did just about everything you could do in music, except write it.

As of 2003, I stopped doing everything except being audience member and a regular purchaser of music. Part of this was financial based and the rest was the desire to let someone else have a chance at the process for once. Now that this site is around, I suddenly find myself spending every waking moment doing data entry from my extensive back catalogue of purchases and promos from bands across the world. I think that the addiction is back, so who knows where I will go from here.

As of April, 2018 I had stepped away from being a Moderator after a decade of spending an hour a day voting on edits. While I will still contribute a new release from time to time, I expect to more or less stop checking on on Discogs as part of my daily routine.

Recent Activity

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Dogtablet - Pearldrop Blue
submitted Dogtablet - Pearldrop Blue. over 3 years ago
Pig - Pain Is God
submitted Pig - Pain Is God. over 3 years ago
Killing Floor - Rare Tracks And Remixes
submitted Killing Floor - Rare Tracks And Remixes. over 4 years ago
Killing Floor - Divide By Zero
submitted Killing Floor - Divide By Zero. over 4 years ago
Killing Floor - /dev/null
submitted Killing Floor - /dev/null. over 4 years ago
Rotersand - How Do You Feel Today
submitted Rotersand - How Do You Feel Today. over 4 years ago
Dogtablet - Feathers & Skin
submitted Dogtablet - Feathers & Skin. over 4 years ago
Deathline International - Breaking
submitted Deathline International - Breaking. over 4 years ago
Test Dept* - Disturbance Disordered
submitted Test Dept* - Disturbance Disordered. over 4 years ago
Die Krupps - Vision 2020 Vision
submitted Die Krupps - Vision 2020 Vision. over 4 years ago
Rhys Fulber - Ostalgia
submitted Rhys Fulber - Ostalgia. over 5 years ago
Kanga - Eternal Daughter
submitted Kanga - Eternal Daughter. over 5 years ago
Numb - Mortal Geometry
submitted Numb - Mortal Geometry. over 5 years ago
TV HWY -  Starship Interiors
submitted TV HWY - Starship Interiors . over 5 years ago
Covenant - Fieldworks Exkursion EP
submitted Covenant - Fieldworks Exkursion EP. over 5 years ago
Aesthetic Perfection - Into The Black
submitted Aesthetic Perfection - Into The Black. over 5 years ago
Dogtablet -  Outlaws & Strays
submitted Dogtablet - Outlaws & Strays . over 5 years ago
Dogtablet - Double Thirty
submitted Dogtablet - Double Thirty . over 5 years ago
Front Line Assembly - Wake Up The Coma
submitted Front Line Assembly - Wake Up The Coma. over 5 years ago
In Strict Confidence - Hate2Love
submitted In Strict Confidence - Hate2Love. over 6 years ago
VNV Nation - Noire
submitted VNV Nation - Noire. over 6 years ago
Helix (18) - Twin
submitted Helix (18) - Twin. over 6 years ago
Lead Into Gold - The Sun Behind The Sun
submitted Lead Into Gold - The Sun Behind The Sun. over 6 years ago
Front Line Assembly - WarMech
submitted Front Line Assembly - WarMech. over 6 years ago
Rabia Sorda - The World Ends Today
submitted Rabia Sorda - The World Ends Today. over 6 years ago
Pig - Risen
submitted Pig - Risen. over 6 years ago
Death Line Int'l* - Spin Zone
submitted Death Line Int'l* - Spin Zone. over 6 years ago
Haujobb - Alive
submitted Haujobb - Alive. over 6 years ago
Rhys Fulber - Realism
submitted Rhys Fulber - Realism . over 7 years ago
Marc Heal - The Hum
submitted Marc Heal - The Hum. over 7 years ago
Covenant - The Blinding Dark
submitted Covenant - The Blinding Dark. over 8 years ago
Rotersand - Capitalism TM
submitted Rotersand - Capitalism TM. over 8 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 8 years ago
Covenant - Sound Mirrors
submitted Covenant - Sound Mirrors. over 8 years ago
Dead When I Found Her - All The Way Down
submitted Dead When I Found Her - All The Way Down. over 9 years ago
Die Krupps - V - Metal Machine Music
submitted Die Krupps - V - Metal Machine Music. over 9 years ago
Haujobb - Blendwerk
submitted Haujobb - Blendwerk. over 9 years ago
Cocksure (2) - Corporate_Sting
submitted Cocksure (2) - Corporate_Sting. over 9 years ago
Aesthetic Perfection - Imperfect
submitted Aesthetic Perfection - Imperfect. over 9 years ago
Thy Fearful Symmetry - From A Blue Room
submitted Thy Fearful Symmetry - From A Blue Room. over 10 years ago
Everything Goes Cold - Blackout The Sun
submitted Everything Goes Cold - Blackout The Sun. over 10 years ago
submitted 3TEETH - 3TEETH. over 10 years ago
Front Line Assembly - Echoes
submitted Front Line Assembly - Echoes. over 10 years ago
Faderhead - Atoms & Emptiness
submitted Faderhead - Atoms & Emptiness. over 10 years ago
Seabound - Speak In Storms
submitted Seabound - Speak In Storms. over 10 years ago
Aesthetic Perfection - 'Til Death
submitted Aesthetic Perfection - 'Til Death. over 10 years ago
Seabound - No Sleep Demon V2.0
submitted Seabound - No Sleep Demon V2.0. over 10 years ago
Seabound - Beyond Flatline
submitted Seabound - Beyond Flatline. over 10 years ago
Seabound - Double-Crosser
submitted Seabound - Double-Crosser. over 10 years ago
Seabound - Come Forward - Live In Berlin
submitted Seabound - Come Forward - Live In Berlin. over 10 years ago