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posted a comment on Brown Sugar (9) - The Game Is Over / I'm Going Through Changes Now. 9 days ago
I think it will be the version featured on the Vince Montana CD "Philly Ear Kandy" from around 2000 - that take is 4:16
I have that CD and it is definitely longer.
submitted Aretha Franklin - No Podria Vivir Sin Ti (I Can't See Myself Leaving You). about 1 month ago
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posted a comment on Xavier Lynch - I Cried / Down At ACR. 4 months ago
Mine isn't an actual picture sleeve, but a single sided picture insert, the same size as a picture sleeve would be.
submitted Donna Summer - The Hostage. 7 months ago
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posted a comment on Leroy Hutson - All Because Of You. 11 months ago
Let's put it up again then, it's a valid source of proof that it exists, even though the photo isn't all that good.
submitted David Simmons (2) - All I Want To Do (Is Make A Little Love To You). 11 months ago
posted a comment on Leroy Hutson - All Because Of You. 11 months ago
There is a photo of the label on Soul Source - not a very good one though.
That's all I know about it.
submitted We The People (3) - We Done Threw It Away. 12 months ago
posted a comment on Arnold Blair - Finally Made It Home. about 1 year ago
Actually "Lucky fellow" did get a 7" release - in The Philippines
See this thread on Soul Source from April 2010
posted a comment on Jimmy James (2) - A Man Like Me / Survival. over 4 years ago
Released on promo 3 times, with the following release dates:

24/11 72


posted a comment on Bill Harris (5) - Am I Hot, Am I Cold. over 4 years ago
Note the promo copy is spelled "Am I hot, am I cold" - Are all promos like this and issues spelled "Am I cold, am I hot"?
posted a comment on George Jackson (3) - Things Are Getting Better. over 4 years ago
My promo copy of this has 'Macking on you' on both sides.
posted a comment on Main Ingredient* - Reggae Disco / Everything Man. over 5 years ago
Released in Jamaica and also France as well as the UK.
Never come across a US copy though but the Jamaican release could be mistaken for one if you didn't look closely.
posted a comment on Jean Shy - Roller Derby World / What Can I Do I'm So In Love With You. over 5 years ago
Promo copies of this 45 are same both sides of the 'A' side: 'Roller Derby World'
'What Can I Do I'm So In Love With You' is only on the stock copy.
posted a comment on Jimmy James & The Vagabonds - Loving You Is Easy. over 5 years ago
It has been noted that the labels on some or maybe all copies are on the wrong way round. Actually,it's not quite correct - on my copy, "Missing you" plays on the A1 track marked "Loving you is easy", which in turn plays on the B1 side.

A2 & B2 tracks ... See full review
posted a comment on Tyrone Davis / Eddie Holman - Can I Change My Mind / Hey There Lonely Girl. over 6 years ago
The Tyrone Davis recording of Can I change my mind is a different mix to the original Atlantic / Dakar record.