Stevie Wonder - Songs In The Key Of Life JohnGirdwood

March 31, 2019
My copy of Vol 1 has a somewhat unique "error" in that I have this tape as-is mirroring this entry, but the sticker (that matches this entry) is stuck overtop a similar sticker indicating "T13-340-ET" on the tape front/spine. Only noticed as the "real" sticker began to peel after losing some stickiness of the glue. Again, my copy is this version with no edits or corrections, but I found it interesting it has a "correct" sticker overtop what appears to be an initial sticker error.

John Sase - Aessence JohnGirdwood

February 7, 2018
Just FYI, this is a user-edited site sort of like Wikipedia and not run by any single person. Updates come from users like me! But, it looks like this release date has been updated. I stumbled on this release because I'm about to add another John Sase release to the database.

Diadem Records JohnGirdwood

July 28, 2017
I'm not sure how this differs from Diadem Productions, Inc.