John Sase - Aessence JohnGirdwood

February 7, 2018
Just FYI, this is a user-edited site sort of like Wikipedia and not run by any single person. Updates come from users like me! But, it looks like this release date has been updated. I stumbled on this release because I'm about to add another John Sase release to the database.

The Hastings Street Jazz Experience - Detroit Jazz Composers Ltd. JohnGirdwood

September 20, 2017
I agree with this comment and can say that my copy also sounds off just as MrGlasses describes. At first, I thought it was an issue with my sound system or turntable but it was not. There is definitely something "off" about this issue. There also seems to be no reason why this is a 2xLP as it should fit on one LP like the other versions (including original).

Diadem Records JohnGirdwood

July 28, 2017
I'm not sure how this differs from Diadem Productions, Inc.